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©SHRM 2007 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRM Student Membership Benefits Student Programs.

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1 ©SHRM 2007 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRM Student Membership Benefits Student Programs

2 ©SHRM 20072 Who We Are Russ Knight, SPHR– President-Elect YCC SHRM (First Sun Solutions) Paula Harvey, SPHR, GPHR – 2008 NC State Conference Chair 2008-2009 YCC SHRM College Relations Director (K&P Consulting)

3 ©SHRM 20073 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge What is SHRM Student membership benefits Who can help you succeed Overview SHRM Student Membership Benefits

4 ©SHRM 20074 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Founded in 1948 World’s largest professional association dedicated to human resource management (HRM) Serves the needs of the HR professional by providing the most essential and comprehensive set of resources available Committed to advancing the human resource profession and the capabilities of all HR professionals to ensure that HR is an essential and effective partner in developing and executing organizational strategy More than 230,000 individual members in over 100 countries Over 575 affiliated local professional chapters What is SHRM? SHRM Student Membership Benefits

5 ©SHRM 20075 60 th Anniversary Recognition of the 60th anniversary via scripts, messaging and signage at all seven SHRM conferences and panel meetings in 2008. Regular e-mail messages to SHRM members and employees about historic dates and anniversary information. Congressional resolution and statements congratulating SHRM on its 60th anniversary. Brief video on the history of SHRM to be shown at 2008 Annual Conference and made available to SHRM members via our Web site.

6 ©SHRM 20076 SHRM Professional Membership

7 ©SHRM 20077 SHRM Student Membership

8 ©SHRM 20078 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRM’s Student Program was created in 1965 to promote interaction between students and HR practitioners Includes more than 430 affiliated student chapters at colleges and universities throughout the United States and its territories More than 13,000 student members are a part of SHRM SHRM Student Programs SHRM Student Membership Benefits

9 ©SHRM 20079 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Professional membership dues are $160 per year Student membership dues are just $35 per year Benefits of Student Membership SHRM Student Membership Benefits Student Membership is subsidized by the Society. To qualify for the student rate, an individual must be enrolled in an HR or related degree- seeking program, taking at least six credits per semester (or an equivalency). All student membership applicants must submit a copy of their current course schedule with their application as verification of their student status.

10 ©SHRM 200710 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge HR Jobs > Search for HR job openings > Manage your applications and resumes > Sign up for personalized e-mail alerts >  Internships > Resources for participating in an internship program > Online listing of HR internships available nationwide >  HR Career Guide > Career planning tool > Provides a customized career path for members >  Career Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits

11 ©SHRM 200711 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge E-Mentoring > Gain knowledge and guidance from HR practitioners > Designed to give mentors and protégés maximum flexibility >  Regional Student Conferences > Held annually each spring > Free to student members > Provide students with networking opportunities > Includes educational sessions related to HR and finding a job >  Career Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits

12 ©SHRM 200712 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge HRGames Academic Competition > Exciting way to motivate and prepare students for the PHR exam > One-day series of Jeopardy-style matches, between teams of up to three undergraduate students from various universities > Questions are divided into categories similar to those used in the PHR certification exam > Winning teams at the state level earn the right to compete at the regional competitions > Regional champions each receive $500 scholarships and funding to attend the SHRM Annual Conference >  Career Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits

13 ©SHRM 200713 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRM Annual Conference > More than 150 educational sessions > One-day student conference > Over 15,000 HR professionals and 300 students attend > Held yearly in June > Student members receive a nearly 80% discount to attend >  SHRM Member Directory > Search for HR professionals by a variety of criteria > Students are provided search-only access >  Education and Networking Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits

14 ©SHRM 200714 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Webcasts and Podcasts > SHRM hosts more than 40 hour-long webcasts yearly > Each offers insightful commentary and facts on current HR issues > Archives are also available online >  HR Talk > Online bulletin boards featuring active discussions of HRM topics > SHRM Student Union board available just for students to connect with other students as well as HR practitioners >  Education and Networking Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits

15 ©SHRM 200715 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge PHR and GPHR Certification > Offered by the HR Certification Institute (HRCI), SHRM’s credentialing affiliate > Demonstrates a student’s commitment to and knowledge of the field of human resources > Upon passing the exam, students have five years to receive two years of exempt-level HR work experience Upon meeting this requirement, they become fully certified >  Education and Networking Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits Students are eligible to sit for the PHR and GPHR exams within one year of their graduation date. Students pay a deferred exam registration rate. A portion of the fee is collected upon registering for the exam, and the balance is collected when the experience requirement has been met.

16 ©SHRM 200716 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge HR Magazine > 12 monthly issues > Award-winning magazine offering a thorough analysis of major HR topics and trends > Available in online and print formats >  HR Week > Weekly e-newsletter highlighting the latest HR news and information >  Publications SHRM Student Membership Benefits

17 ©SHRM 200717 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Echoes e-Newsletter > Electronic publication featuring news relevant to students and student chapters > Published eight times per year >  Publications SHRM Student Membership Benefits Echoes is available online to all SHRM members and is emailed to current student members from September – December and February – May Echoes contains information on a variety of topics including: Successful Student Chapter Practices Scholarship Recipients PHR/GPHR Certification Upcoming Student Events Career Tips

18 ©SHRM 200718 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Staffing Management > Quarterly magazine focusing on trends and best practices in recruitment and retention Workplace Visions > Quarterly reports highlighting emerging issues and their implications for the workplace SHRM Legal Report > Quarterly newsletter providing in-depth analysis of current legal issues affecting HRM Available online free to all members >  Publications SHRM Student Membership Benefits

19 ©SHRM 200719 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRM Online > The premiere HR website with daily news updates, job listings, and resources > Great resource for coursework, research, and class projects >  HR Tools, Templates and Resources > Save time by using SHRM’s online resources and databases, which include: White papers Sample employment policies Competitive HR practices Sample job descriptions HR forms databases And much more! >  HR Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits A white paper is an authoritative, informative report on an issue that is written and vetted by subject matter experts.

20 ©SHRM 200720 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRMStore > Discounted prices on HRM/general management publications > SHRM logo accessories also available >  SHRM Foundation Scholarships > Three annual SHRM Foundation scholarships Graduate scholarship (one available/ $5,000) Undergraduate scholarship (two available/ $2,500) > Application deadline: October 17, 2007 >  HR Resources SHRM Student Membership Benefits

21 ©SHRM 200721 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Convert from Student to Professional Membership > Graduating students can convert their membership status at a special rate > Details are sent to all student members based on the graduation date provided on their application form >  Membership Conversion Offer SHRM Student Membership Benefits

22 ©SHRM 200722 About YCC SHRM The York County Chapter of SHRM is an affiliate chapter of the National Society for Human Resource Management and an affiliate chapter of the South Carolina State Council for SHRM at or South Carolina SHRM State Council www.shrm.orgwww.scshrm.orgSouth Carolina SHRM State Council York County Chapter of SHRM serves HR professionals in the area. Our chapter focuses on developing, informing, and supporting HR professionals through innovative programs and monthly meetings. Our chapter seeks to grow through providing a friendly atmosphere in which everyone feels like they are part of a community of professionals striving to be the best at what they do. We thank you for your interest in our chapter and look forward to making your acquaintance at a monthly meeting.

23 ©SHRM 2007 YCC SHRM Student Chapter Sponsorship Winthrop University SHRM 23

24 ©SHRM 200724 YCC SHRM Support College Relations board advocate (Paula Harvey) State Council College Relations advocate (TBN) Annual student scholarship awards (student chapters and sons & daughters) Financial support for travel to regional games, etc. Internships, mentors, program support Two students can attend YCC SHRM meetings for free per month

25 ©SHRM 200725 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Among the many benefits of participating in a SHRM Student Chapter: > Interesting HR or career-focused speakers > Job shadowing opportunities > Internships > Mentoring > Site visits > Scholarships > HRGames teams > Link to local SHRM professional chapter > Participation in local professional chapter events Benefits of Student Chapter Participation SHRM Student Membership Benefits

26 ©SHRM 200726 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge The following are available to assist your student chapter, both volunteer and on SHRM-staff: > Student Chapter Advisor > Student Chapter Liaison/ Chapter College Relations Director > State College Relations Director > SHRM Student Programs Key Contacts for Student Chapters SHRM Student Membership Benefits

27 ©SHRM 200727 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge The student chapter advisor: > Is primary contact for the chapter > Provides continuity from year-to-year > Partners with sponsoring professional chapter and chapter liaison > Submits Student Chapter Information Form online by September 30 each year > Advocates for student chapter on campus as needed > Maintains SHRM membership > Assists students in merit award process > Provides leadership development to student chapter officers > Offers guidance to student chapter as needed Student Chapter Advisor SHRM Student Membership Benefits

28 ©SHRM 200728 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge The student chapter liaison (in some cases also known as the chapter college relations director): > Works with sponsored student chapters at local learning institutions > Assists student chapter advisor in getting students involved with professionals at the local level > Promotes communication between student and professional chapters > Attends student chapter meetings as necessary > Facilitates student chapter activities and encourages student participation Student Chapter Liaison SHRM Student Membership Benefits

29 ©SHRM 200729 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge The state college relations director: > Serves as liaison between student chapters within the state and the state council > Is a communication link between student chapters, chapter liaisons, the state council and SHRM Student Programs > Encourages chapter participation in the merit award program, regional student conferences and HRGames > Coordinates student activities and involvement at the state conference > Works with advisors and local chapters to ensure student participation in local professional meetings > Advocates on behalf of student members at the local and state levels as needed State College Relations Director SHRM Student Membership Benefits

30 ©SHRM 200730 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge SHRM Student Programs staff: > Provide administrative tools > Advise key volunteers about student chapter operations > Encourage student involvement beyond on-campus activities > Communicates goals and policies relative to student chapters and membership > Act as liaisons between student chapters and college relations volunteers > Serve as communications link > Promote student involvement at local, state, and national levels SHRM Student Programs SHRM Student Membership Benefits

31 ©SHRM 200731 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge To join SHRM as a student: > Complete an online application form at entJoin.aspx entJoin.aspx > Complete a form and fax or mail it: 0456_Student_Membership_Application-Fillable.pdf 0456_Student_Membership_Application-Fillable.pdf How to Join SHRM Student Membership Benefits

32 ©SHRM 200732 Sharpen Your Competitive Edge Contact SHRM Student Programs > phone: 1-800-283-SHRM x6084 or x6405 > email: > For More Information SHRM Student Membership Benefits

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