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Words for Production 15. outrage [`a5t&redZ] n. [U] intense anger, shock, or indignity 憤怒,憤 慨 The governments decision to close the road caused outrage.

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2 Words for Production 15. outrage [`a5t&redZ] n. [U] intense anger, shock, or indignity 憤怒,憤 慨 The governments decision to close the road caused outrage among the local residents. 詞類變化

3 outrage [`a5t&redZ] vt. 激怒,使憤慨 The announcement of a 10% pay cut has outraged the workers at the factory.

4 Words for Production 16. agonized [`8G1naIzd] adj. showing or feeling great pain 感到極 為痛苦的 The agonized look on his face tells how much he is suffering from the injury. 詞類變化 * suffer from 因 … 而受苦

5 agony [`8G1nI] n. [U][C] 極度痛苦 Survivors of the war have gone through the extreme agony of loss and fear.

6 Words for Production 17. slashing [`sl8SI9] adj. severe and violent 狂烈的,猛烈的 The film critic’s slashing criticisms seemed to outrage the director. 詞類變化

7 slash [sl8S] vt. 揮砍;割破 Finding no one around, the naughty boy slashed a seat cover on the bus.

8 Words for Production 18. furor [`fj5rOr] n. [C] ( usu. sing. ) sudden and intense anger 狂怒 The news that the baseball star will play for another team has caused a great furor among his fans.

9 Words for Production 19. subside [s1b`saId] vi. to become quieter, less strong or violent 減弱, 平息 The smile on the man’s face shows that his anger has subsided.

10 Words for Production 20. hollow [`hAlo] adj. making a low sound as if made by hitting an empty container; having a hole or empty space inside ( 聲音 ) 空洞的,沉悶的; 中空的,空心的 There in the woods came a hollow echo of gunshot. The tree might look huge, but it is hollow inside.

11 Words for Production 21. rattle [`r8tL] n. [C] a series of sharp and short sounds like some objects hitting each other repeatedly 嘎嘎聲 The car broke down after a rattle in the engine. 詞類變化 * break down 拋錨

12 rattle [`r8tL] vi. 嘎嘎作響,發出咯 嗒咯嗒聲 She slammed the kitchen door so hard that the dishes in the cupboard rattled.

13 Words for Production 22. indescribable [&IndI`skraIb1bL] adj. so unusual or extreme that it is impossible to describe 難以形容的,無法言喻的 The news that his family was safe and sound brought him indescribable joy. * safe and sound 安全的

14 Words for Production 23. embrace [Im`bres] n. [C] an act of taking someone into the arms as a sign of love or friendship 擁抱 The father kissed his boy and held him in a tender embrace. 詞類變化

15 embrace [Im`bres] vt. 擁抱 Russians usually embrace each other with a kiss on the cheeks when they greet family members or close friends. * close friend 密友

16 Words for Production 24. erupt [I`r^pt] vi. to suddenly express strong emotions, especially by shouting out loud; to break out suddenly and violently ( 以喊叫 ) 表 達突如其來的強烈情緒;爆發 * break out 爆發

17 Words for Production 24. erupt The whole country erupted in joy when the national basketball team scored the final point and won the Olympic gold medal. A war immediately erupted between the two countries after the final attempt for peace failed. 詞類變化

18 eruption [I`r^pS1n] n. [C][U] 爆發 It has been many years since the volcano last underwent a violent eruption.

19 Words for Production 25. chaotic [ke`AtIk] adj. in a state of disorder 混亂的,無秩序的 The classroom turned chaotic after the fight erupted between the two boys. 詞類變化

20 chaos [`keAs] n. [U] [C] 混亂,無秩序 Without a proper supply of electricity, the city will be in unimaginable chaos and darkness.

21 Words for Production 26. unashamedly [&^n1`SemdlI] adv. without feeling embarrassed or guilty 不覺難為情地 The two lovers unashamedly hugged and kissed each other in the middle of the street. 詞類變化

22 ashamed [1`Semd] adj. 感到羞愧的 They felt incredibly ashamed of themselves for behaving rudely in public. * feel ashamed of 感到羞恥 * in public = publicly 公開地

23 shame [Sem] n. [U] 羞愧,羞恥 Her face turned red for feeling shame at having told a lie. * tell a lie 說謊

24 Words for Production 27. flawless [`flOlIs] adj. perfect; free of errors 完美的,無暇疵的 His artistry as a novelist is almost flawless; there isn’t much room for criticism. 詞類變化 * flawless = perfect

25 flaw [flO] n. [C] 缺點,瑕疵 Uncontrollable jealousy is a character flaw that often destroys a marriage.

26 Words for Production 28. tattered [`t8t2d] adj. (of clothes) old and torn 破爛的,衣衫襤褸的 Children in tattered clothes rushed to tourists and begged for money.

27 Words for Production 29. mustache [`m^st8S] n. [C] the hair that grows above the upper lip 髭 According to a witness, the robber had long hair and a drooping mustache. * according to 根據

28 Words for Production 30. frame [frem] vt. to make a border around or an edge to something 勾勒 出 ( 臉型 ) ;加框 Black hair and beard framed the man’s bony face, making him look even thinner. I will have the photo of my parents framed so I can put it on my desk.

29 Words for Production 31. strip [strIp] vt. to remove; to take off coverings or clothes 卸去,脫去 The boys stripped off their shirts and lay on the beach. * strip off = take off = remove

30 Words for Production 32. humanity [hju`m8n1tI] n. [U] the quality of being kind, thoughtful, and sympathetic toward people or animals 人道,仁慈 The spirit of humanity is desperately needed in countries where people are plagued with war. 詞類變化

31 humane [hju`men] adj. 人道的,仁 慈的 The humane way of dealing with a suffering horse is to kill it quickly.

32 Words for Production 33. defy [dI`faI] vt. to show no fear or respect for; to be or act against 蔑視 ;抵抗,不屈服 The man openly defied the SARS- related policy and refused to let the medical staff at the airport take his temperature. * take one’s temperature 量體溫

33 3. pick up to find out or notice 發現,注意到 The dog picked up the smell of a stranger and started barking. Idioms and Phrases

34 4. steal out into to move quietly and secretly into ( 聲音 ) 悄悄傳到;偷偷溜進去 / 出來 The boy stole out into the kitchen for some cookies when his mother was taking a nap. Idioms and Phrases * take a nap 睡午覺

35 5. grow into to gradually become 漸漸演變為 … A cold, if neglected, can grow into a serious illness like pneumonia. Idioms and Phrases

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