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Give trust, and you'll get double in return. What is Soft Skills?  Soft Skills are the words, phrases, and methods that govern interactions with customers.

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1 Give trust, and you'll get double in return

2 What is Soft Skills?  Soft Skills are the words, phrases, and methods that govern interactions with customers in order to maintain a calm, constructive mindset while moving the interaction towards a resolution.

3 Always Remember - CARE  Our Customers are people with emotions and feelings, and therefore deserve courteous, attentive, and empathetic treatment. Customers must be treated properly and with respect at all times, even when they are angry or frustrated with EA or its products

4 Four A’s of Soft skills  These are used throughout the Customer Service industry to ensure that clients have their issues resolved and feel appreciated during the resolution process

5 Four A’s of Soft Skills

6 Appreciation  Appreciation is simply expressing thanks to the customer for any inconvenience they endure from either the product itself or the process towards a resolution of an issue. Customers should be thanked for such things as contacting EA, being placed in queue for a long time, or waiting for a reply to a question

7 Learn & Use  Thanking a customer in an initial response Thank you for contacting EA customer service department Thank you for taking out time to submit a petition Thank you for your patience and understanding  In a scenario where the customer has already contacted us Thank you for contacting us again  Customer replies with information that he was asked for Thank you for providing us the valuable information Thank you for providing us your billing information

8 Learn & Use  Customer replies with more information to make us understand his issue It’s fantastic because of your valuable information I am able to understand your issue and now I would be able to resolve your issue I appreciate you for providing me with valuable information. These have greatly helped me to know the cause of your issue

9 Work out Exercise Thank you for your response. Please find below the information requested. NAME: Lorna Angela Robotham EMAIL ( GAME REG. 46S2-FVZV-R5UT-PN39-JFAB A/C Name Mrs Lorna Robotham ZIP CODE London England SE9 3SG I hope that thisis of some assistance to you. Regards Lorna Robotham

10 Work out Exercise Had internet issues and cannot get into pogo games as previously. Sugarplum11 password addison

11 Acknowledgement  Acknowledgment is the process of letting the customer know that they are being understood. Phrases such as “I understand” can give the customer the feeling they are being listened to and understood.

12 Learn & Use  A simple way of acknowledging a customer is by restatement of their issue I understand that you are experiencing difficulty in editing your Pogo mini While researching the trouble editing your Pogo mini, I found that you can edit your Pogo mini by following the below steps Editing your Pogo mini can be done by

13 Don’ts  A restatement of the issue should only be used in the first response to the ticket. On later responses, we should not restate the issue except in the following situations: The restatement by the previous agent was incorrect A second issue has come up during the course of the ticket, or a response was made to an information request, and has not been acknowledged

14 Work out Exercise Thanks for your answer, just one more question regarding the Sims 3 and its activation limit: I've seen in the launcher an option to unathorise the game from my computer. Does this mean that if I use this option before doing a major hardware change or when I buy a new computer, when I install the game again it doesn't count as I already spent an activation?

15 Work out Exercise Just a question: I'm interested in purchasing The Sims 3 from the EA Store. EA announced that DRM will not be applied to the boxed DVD version, but I guess it will at the downloaded one. So my question is: What kind of DRM will be applied? 3 installs limitation or something like that?

16 Work Out Exercise why are only some people getting the 1,000 tokens playing First Class Solitaire...I can't even get then once. Please advise, Mandy

17 Assuring  Assuring customers that EA will make every effort to resolve their issues, or at the very least progress towards a resolution, is vital to the process of customer service. This intent of this Soft Skill is to let the customer know that their concerns will be addressed.

18 Learn & Use  Assuring customers can be done through statements such as Once you provide us the below details we should be able to give you a new serial code to download the items After we receive your order information; we will be able to cancel your order This will most likely resolve your issue. I have seen these issues before and this fix has worked for many other people.

19 Work Out Exercise I have been downloading for 6 days straight and have only downloaded 1.5 gigs out of the 5.6. Come on, this is getting ridiculous. Please let me have my money back so I can buy the game in a store.

20 Work Out Exercise Unable to download classic blue car (Customer was requested to provide the below information so that they could be given a new serial code) Thank you for responding. Here is the information you requested. Full Name: Theronne Edwina Davis Email: Registration Code: C9QY-ZWKP-4PVF-LUJ4-QMWK Alternate Email: DoB: August 26th, 1981 Zip Code: 80916

21 Active Reading  Active Reading is perhaps the most integral part of solid customer service. It’s important

22 Active Reading Problem Solving

23 Customer is always right – Is this correct

24 Understanding Vs Agreement  It is very important to remember that not every statement a customer makes will be correct, so agreeing with every statement is not in the best interest of the EA representative.  When interacting with customers it is essential that the difference between understanding and agreement is clear

25 Learn & Use  Understanding – Correct For the example below, assume that a customer made the statement that they were overcharged (when they were not) “I understand it may look like you were overcharged for this service but in actuality…” Customer says that he selected another item but some other item was added to their profile “It looks like you accidently purchased the wrong item by clicking on the..” This shows understanding but does not agree with incorrect statement made by the customer

26 Work Out Exercise hello,I have played first class solitaire 4x since April 1st and only once did I receive the free tokens. I have made sure there is 24 hours between playing. The below response was given to the customer Hello, Thank you for your patience. We have received your question regarding the special token giveaway on First Class Solitaire. As stated at the top of the First Class Solitaire page, players participating between April 1st and April 30th will receive 1000 tokens weekly, not daily.  Can you add some value to the above response?

27 It’s your confidence that makes your customer feel comfortable

28 Confidence vs. Arrogance  If EA representatives do not display confidence in themselves, then customers will sense this insecurity and not feel comfortable taking the advice offered.  It is often impossible to walk customers through all options or problems they may encounter; it remains the responsibility of the EA representative to select the top options and then convey confidence in this fix.

29 Learn & Use  It is vital, however, that this confidence does not turn into arrogance.  Confident Statement This will most likely resolve your issue. I have seen these symptoms before and this fix has worked for many other people.  Arrogant Statement (Don’ts) I’m 100% sure this issue will work; you don’t need to keep asking us. Everyone else used this and it was fine, just trust me.

30 Work out Exercise I am having trouble with my account. I am trying to download the free town from the Sims 3 but it says that my serial number is invalid. I may have one than one account. How do I clear all my accounts and start again

31 “One of the great gift of human beings is that we have the power of empathy.”

32 Empathy & Sympathy  There is an integral difference between these two expressions of emotion, which can seem very subtle but can impact an interaction to a great extent.  Empathy can be described as the identification with and understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives.  Sympathy, however, is a feeling or an expression of pity or sorrow for the distress of another.

33 Learn & Use – Don’ts  Sympathy – Improper The following expressions are sympathetic and also carry a connotation of negativity and pity, which can offend or alienate a customer: “Your situation seems miserable, you are totally stuck” “I’m glad that never happened to me when I was playing” “I’ve never heard of anyone making that mistake before, but I will see what I can do to fix it”

34 Learn & Use  Empathy - Proper  The following statements convey an expression of empathy, and help to make the customer feel included in the resolution process rather than excluded: “ I’ve been in that situation, and I think this solution that I used will work in your instance as well” “I can understand how frustrating that is, since I have encountered similar ones in the past” “That is a problem several people encountered, so I’m fairly certain that this fix I am giving you will clear it up, since it has worked in the other cases”

35 “Too many cook spoil the broth”

36 Appropriate usage - Empathy A customer should be shown empathy when:  The customer experiences a loss of any kind, including but not limited to, items, game play time, or any other situation where the account of the customer is affected with some kind of loss  Customer experiences a technical issue and is unable to play the game  Unable to access his account  Experiences a bug

37 Appropriate Usage - Empathy  Customer’s account is Overcharged  The customer is harassed, abused, or otherwise mistreated by other customers. This includes any situation, regardless if the offender is violating our Rules of Conduct or not  The customer is experiencing anything else not included above that is detrimental to their game play

38 Learn & Use  Some of the sentences that can be used in these situations are: We are really sorry to hear about this happening to you….. I am sorry if this caused you any trouble…. I understand how frustrating that can be I can understand why you’d be upset about this…. I understand how very upsetting this could be….. I understand how frustrating this is…… I see how this could be an issue for you or I see how this could bother you

39 Learn & Use I completely understand how you feel I understand how this could be confusing….. I can understand how irritating that can be….


41 Absolute Statements  Making absolute statements is a dangerous action, because if the customer later experiences something that they were told would not occur, they will lose confidence in EA as a company  Once a customer’s trust is lost, it can be difficult or even impossible to regain.

42 Absolute Statements  We should never promise or guarantee a resolution,  But they should always promise to attempt to resolve the issue and focus all of their efforts towards the resolution

43 Learn & Use  Words to Avoid Always, never, cannot, impossible, guaranteed, all the time, in no way  Acceptable words Often, occasionally, rarely, sometimes, for the most part, in some cases

44 “Gratitude preserves old friendships, and procures new.”

45 Expressing Gratitude for Patience  One of the most important appreciations that a representative of EA can display is to show gratitude for a customer’s time spent dealing with an issue.  This applies to being waited for an email response. Expressing gratitude for patience will make customers feel appreciated, and also indicate that as a company EA values their time.

46 Expressing Gratitude for Patience  Thank you for your patience and understanding  We appreciate your patience while your issue is being investigated  Thanks for your patience and co-operation  Your patience is highly appreciated…  We appreciate your patience while this issue was resolved for you  Thank you for your patience while we look in to your issue.

47 “If you do not take care of your customer someone else will”

48 Customer satisfaction  There will be times when EA cannot meet the customer’s expectations due to the nature of the product, because customers can sometimes have unreasonable requests or desires  However, by using Soft Skills to handle communications, EA representatives can prevent the customer from becoming dissatisfied with the product or company in general.  In customer service, the customer must occasionally be told “no”, but it is important that this be done in a kind and courteous manner.

49 Thank you!!! Questionnaires

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