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The Organic Edge to Living CLEAN, LEAN & HEALTHY!

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1 The Organic Edge to Living CLEAN, LEAN & HEALTHY!
ORGANIC PERFORMANCE The Organic Edge to Living CLEAN, LEAN & HEALTHY! Jeff Boris, B.PHE, CPTN-CPT.M Holistic Fitness Trainer, Nutrition & Health Research Educator

2 Organic Performance Objectives
Defining “Organic Performance” Is Organic Food really Healthier? What you should know about Organic Standards Organic Tips: When to Eat Organic Filling the Organic Gap: Synthetic Supplements vs. Whole-Food Nutrients The Relationship of Toxicity with Health & Fitness The Truth About Cleansing

An Apple IS an Apple…or is it?

4 ORGANIC PERFORMANCE The commitment to heal the planet and support our body’s potential begins with the commitment to “go green & clean” within! Every day you have the power to make better choices that are in natural alignment with the body’s real needs. This is the gateway to what our ancestors already knew and lived! However, the state of our environment is now such that we must go beyond the basics of ancient wisdom, taking extra measures that our ancestors did not need BUT our bodies need now within the current context of our environment and lifestyles.

Lifestyle Epidemic vs. Disease Epidemic Holistic Model of Fitness (multi-dimensional) K.I.S.S. Nutrition (non-philosophy based, contextual, environmental influences) Cellular Regeneration Gene Switches: Envirogenomics & Nutrigenomics Taking the Exercise-Nutrition Connection Seriously The 7 Precursors of Aging The Environmentally Conscious Body: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle & Renew Within Nutritional Scope of Practice

6 Our Real Epidemic LIFESTYLE! We don’t have an epidemic of cancer
We don’t have an epidemic of heart disease We don’t have an epidemic of Alzheimer’s disease We don’t have an epidemic of diabetes We don’t have an epidemic of obesity Although these have reached epidemic proportions, the newest research demonstrates they are all part of a deeper common root cause… LIFESTYLE!

We Have an Epidemic of… INACTIVITY “By the time a man who doesn’t exercise is 70 years old, he isn’t much stronger than a child of eight and is far less flexible.” NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY Annually, people under the age of 30 and people over the age of 30 die during exercise or shortly thereafter due to a nutritional deficiency (Centre for Disease Control, Atlanta Georgia). ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY “Chemicals have replaced bacteria and viruses as the main threat to health. The diseases we are beginning to see as the major causes of death in the latter part of (the 1900's) and into the 21st century are diseases of chemical origin.” Dr. Dick Irwin, Toxicologist, Texas A&M University

MINDSET Sports Goals Makeover/Physique Transformation Goals Quality of Life Goals NUTRITION RECOVERY EVOLUTION AESTHETIC Boris Holistic Fitness Model HEALTH FUNCTIONAL ENVIRONMENT EXE CISE D N A

9 K.I.S.S. NUTRITION SEEKING ANSWERS HAS LED US FURTHER AND FURTHER AWAY FROM LIVING THE SIMPLE TRUTH… 1. Common sense dictates what your body needs. 2. Straying from nutrition fundamentals creates imbalances that interferes with common sense. 3. Environmental factors that include toxic exposure, technology and social conditioning alters nutrition fundamentals, interfering with human physiology and influencing behaviour. 4. The “Truth” always remains constant…however, the questions we must ask and their answers vary according to a) the context of our external and internal environment, and b) what we think we know. 5. No book or nutrition expert can tell you what is best for your body better than your own body (your “inner guru”).

The nutritional state of your body is dependent on 5 things: Our Food Choices The Nutritional Content of the food we eat The ability of our bodies to Assimilate nutrients Environmental Influences which give rise to extra nutrients being needed, or interfere with absorption and/or uptake of certain groups of nutrients Individual Differences (genetic variability) 4x4… times = 6 zero’s / inch, 19.2 miles long

FALSE NEGATIVE: Something that has been labeled “bad” for you without consideration given to correctable body imbalances and/or differences in food processing. (Dairy allergies - organic vs. inorganic, pasteurized vs. raw, low-fat vs. natural, cultured/fermented sources) FALSE POSITIVE: Something that has either a) been labeled “good” for you without consideration given to individual differences in your metabolic processes (i.e. coffee), or b) triggers a transient positive reaction in your body which may be temporary or has become a permanent adaptation of the body (i.e. Inability to eat breakfast).

1. Cells are the smallest functional unit of Life 2. Healthy Cells = Healthy Organs = Healthy Organ Systems = Healthy Body 3. Cellular Metabolism & Cellular Regeneration is directly related to the functions of Cleansing and Replenishing To insert this slide into your presentation Save this template as a presentation (.ppt file) on your computer. Open the presentation that will contain the image slide. On the Slides tab, place your insertion point after the slide that will precede the image slide. (Make sure you don't select a slide. Your insertion point should be between the slides.) On the Insert menu, click Slides from Files. In the Slide Finder dialog box, click the Find Presentation tab. Click Browse, locate and select the presentation that contains the image slide, and then click Open. In the Slides from Files dialog box, select the image slide. Select the Keep source formatting check box. If you do not select this check box, the copied slide will inherit the design of the slide that precedes it in the presentation. Click Insert. Click Close. 4. DYS-FUNCTION at this level is at the root cause of DIS-EASE

13 We’re capable of reversing DIS-EASE and the “AGING PROCESS”!
YOUR DAILY MAKEOVER 50,000 of the cells in your body will die and be replaced with new cells, all while you have been reading this sentence! The human body makes about 2 million red blood cells every second. Humans shed and re-grow outer skin cells about every 27 days almost 1,000 new skins in a lifetime. Every five days you get a new stomach lining. You get a new liver every two months. A new skeleton every 3 months. Every year, 98% of the atoms in your body are replaced. Within 7 years nearly every cell in the body has been renewed! The human body continuously self-repairs, and our body is recreating itself constantly! We’re capable of reversing DIS-EASE and the “AGING PROCESS”!

GENE SWITCHES NUTRIGENOMICS: The science of how specific nutrients alter gene expression in ways that result in functional deficits OR benefits where they surface as increased susceptibility to disease OR health. “ENVIROGENOMICS”: Exposure to environmental chemicals alter gene expression in ways that result in functional deficits where they surface as increased susceptibility to disease. (Heindel, J. Cellular, Organs, and Systems Pathobiology Branch, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH)


EXERCISE triggers multiple metabolic changes to bring about the positive chronic adaptations exercise is so well known for. In the hypermetabolic states that accompany the stress of exercise, nutrients participate in the metabolism of energy and energy stores, hormone synthesis and endocrine function, and the production and proper functioning of many different types of cell components. Immunocompetence is critical during and following the acute stress of exercise, since it is the body's means of regenerating damaged tissue and fighting infectious agents. Minerals, vitamins and amino acids are particularly important in this context because of their role in maintaining immune function. A deficit of nutrients may result in poor recovery, suboptimal adaptation, and worse, impaired immune responses or serious injury…

John M Berardi, August 19th, 2009 ( (“Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin”, TIME MAGAZINE, John Cloud.) “Conclusively, even well-designed exercise interventions, in the absence of a nutritional intervention, can lead to highly disappointing results.” Study #1 - University of Texas: 12 weeks of exercise; 3 strength sessions/week, 2 interval sessions/week. Only1.5lbs of fat lost. Study #2 - University of Oklahoma: 10 weeks of exercise; 3 endurance sessions/week, 2 strength sessions/week. Only 1.5lbs of fat lost. “In each study, should the participants have hired personal trainers, they would have spent between $3500 and $4500 in personal training and gym fees. They would have spent between 50 and 60 hours doing gut-busting training sessions. And they would have lost a mere 1.5lbs of body fat for their efforts.” “So, trainers, it’s time to recognize, without a nutritional intervention, exercise alone does kinda suck. Years and years of research have been leading to this conclusion. Many of us, because we’re too indoctrinated, have simply chosen to ignore this research.”

18 7 PRECURSORS OF AGING “Rejuvenation may be far more achievable than stopping aging.”
METABOLIC PROCESSES INTERMEDIARIES (precursors) AGE-RELATED PATHOLOGIES Respiration (oxidation) Carbohydrate metabolism (glycation) Cell turnover  (mutations, telomere shortening, disregulation,     stem cell depletion) Etc.... Toxic Buildup (1) Intracellular (2) Extracellular Mutations (3) Chromosomal (4) Mitochondrial (5) Protein Crosslinks Cell Death (6) Good Cells Die (7) Bad Cells Don't Alzheimer's, Dementia, Atherosclerosis, Arteriosclerosis, Cancers, Stroke, Type 2 Diabetes, Hormone decline, Menopause Immune decline, Pneumonia, Osteoarthritis, Blindness, Hearing Loss, Renal Failure, Hypertension, Vascular Disease, Cardiac Weakness, Cardiac Failure, Etc.... Aubrey de Grey, leading anti-aging researcher, University of Cambridge




22 My Role as a Holistic Fitness Trainer in Nutrition
Will basic nutritional advice fulfill my clients’ goals? Are my clients practicing non-conventional nutritional approaches on their own? Where are they getting their information? A. REFER B. SEEK PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT To WHO? Will clients follow through? Respect applications and boundaries of knowledge.

23 My Role as a Holistic Fitness Trainer in Nutrition
DON’T’s Do NOT make health claims Do NOT “prescribe” PERKS: Collaborative Partnerships, Free Marketing Exposure, Free Samples, “Insider Education”, Referrals DO’s EDUCATE: Research the facts. Share results. (Intellectual Distribution) COACH & MONITOR - Adhere to standardized guidelines for supplements; Automatically covered by Product Liability Insurance - Collaborate with healthcare professionals, formulators, etc. - Rely on the “experts” to do their jobs and I Close the Gap

1. A CLEANER LIFESTYLE: reduce sources of toxins 2. A CLEANER DIET - Reduce sources of processed/refined foods - Emphasize increased amounts of raw, organic whole foods - Increase water (quantity, quality, assimilation) 3. SUPER FOODS - Organic, undenatured, ultra-low lactose whey protein - Chia seed (Salba) - Organic, virgin coconut oil - Organic Aloe Vera - Adaptogens (maca, goji, ashwaghanda, schizandra, etc.) 4. SUPER NUTRIENTS - Trace Minerals, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, EFA’s + Omega 7 5. CRON & MODIFIED “LIFESTYLE-BASED” NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING - Supporting the body’s natural detox processes through nutrition and exercise - Nutrigenomics; Cellular Cleansing, Replenishing & Regeneration

25 My Organic Journey “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein
Unconscious Natural Beginnings, Early Role Models, Small Farm Living Toxic in TO (diet, environment, meds) A Results Gap & Exercise Stress Nutritional Awakening #1 (Replenished) Nutritional Awakening #2 (Cleansed) Working Behind the Scenes: The Organic Truth Exposed – Nutritional Supplements vs. Supplemental Foods

26 September 26, 2000 My Nutritional Awakening
My Organic Journey “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein 6/10 - Nutritional 8/10 - Immune 5/10 - Free Radicals 5/10 - Bacteria September 26, My Nutritional Awakening - 20lbs BF +18lbs LBM 18 weeks MAY 1999 SEPT 1999 Results Gap & Exercise Stress Nutritional Awakening #1 (Replenished)

27 My Organic Journey “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein
TRANSFORMATION #1 (18 weeks) 2 workouts/day (30-60min) 6 days/week Missed workouts = 0 Daily nutritional analysis (every day) TRANSFORMATION #2 (12 weeks) 1 workout/day 3-5 days/week Missed workouts = 1-3/week No nutritional analysis (“body talk”) - 10lbs BF +10lbs LBM 12 weeks APRIL 2007 JUNE 2007 Nutritional Awakening #2 (Cleansed) Natural Health Products Industry Exposed

28 My Organic Journey “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein
CUMULATIVE BENEFITS “GOOD, BETTER, BEST…” New Personal Best Performances Ability to Build & Maintain Muscle with Less Exercise, Fewer Calories, Less Protein Better Sleep (The Sleep Tracker) Accelerated Recovery, Decreased DOMS Greater Stamina & Strength Increased Energy Sharper Mental Acuity & Focus Increased Body Awareness Elimination of Cravings, Greater Appreciation of Healthy Food Increased Overall Sense of Well-Being

29 My Organic Journey – Client Results “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein
“I'm happy to say I'm pleased with the was just the sort of kickstart I was hoping for. At the start of the (30-day) cleanse I weighed 177lbs and yesterday I weighed in at 159lbs! Most importantly, I kicked some bad eating habits and of course the results lifted my motivation for exercise.” – Jeff M. “I have been doing the program for around 15 days now - have lost 15 pounds and 14 inches! I feel much more energized and have noticed I have more focus at work (even through the 2-3 o'clock slump) I would definitely recommend the program to anyone!” – Jenny D. “So far everyone has had great results!! One friend who is already in amazing shape reported that she still lost a few pounds, and has much clearer skin since doing her cleanse. Another friend lost 5 lbs in the first 4 days. I ran a 5 km run with my husband on the weekend to help him increase his time and he dropped 3 minutes from his last run, and it was also faster than my 5km time by 30 seconds!!” – Mindy G.

30 My Organic Journey – Client Results “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein
“Since early childhood, I’ve had, among other health challenges, severe stomach troubles. Without getting graphic, if you can name it, I suffered from it. There are a lot of foods out there that you eat not because you feel better, but you ‘know they’re good for you.’ What I DIDN’T expect by a long shot was the dramatic improvement in my GI health. My stomach normalized, my digestion eased, and I was in far less discomfort afterwards. For once, my stomach is healthy!” – Shaun Bernstein “Just to check how affective this was on my blood sugar and diabetes, I did an experiment. I stopped and went to eating regular food that was supposed to be ok for a diabetic. Within 4 days, I was feeling terrible again. My sugar was rampant, my back hurt, I couldn't stand, I was tired and I knew immediately I had to get back on the program. IMMEDIATELY I got back to my healthy sugar in the 100's and I am feeling MUCH BETTER! I guess this is FOR LIFE for me to stay healthy.” – Nancee

31 “I really have noticed a big difference in my sleeping.” – Ryan B.
My Organic Journey – Client Results “Truth stands the test of experience” - Einstein “I do notice a very dramatic difference in my asthma. I'm so much better! I think I might be sleeping a bit better at night. Definitely falling asleep faster. I've noticed a HUGE decrease in my appetite and absolutely no desire to snack at night. One more thing..... I don’t have leg cramps anymore..... and I get those a lot at night.” – Tracy S. “I really have noticed a big difference in my sleeping.” – Ryan B. “It was nothing for me to eat at least 3 chocolate bars every day and up to 6 or 8. Now I can be in a room with my favourite chocolate bar and I don’t miss it!” – Darlene V.D. “Dana is back on track and the migraines are fewer again. I have to tell you that I have never felt better. I was looking at some pictures from 2 years ago and was shocked at what I looked like. I feel so much better and I know I look better. Karla told me she thinks I look 20 years younger! That made me feel even better! I will be turning 52 this Aug and to know I look like I am 30 again, is amazing!” – Leslie M., VA, USA

32 Nutritional quality of organic foods: a systematic review
Am J Clin Nutr (July 29, 2009) ABSTRACT Background: Despite growing consumer demand for organically produced foods, information of their nutritional quality is lacking. Objective: We sought to quantitatively assess the differences in reported nutrient content between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs. Design: Systematic search of PubMed, Web of Science, and CAB Abstracts for a period of 50 y from Jan to Feb The analyses were restricted to the most commonly reported nutrients. Results: From a total of 52,471 articles, we identified 162 studies (137 crops and 25 livestock products); 55 were of satisfactory quality. In an analysis that included only satisfactory quality studies, no evidence of a difference was detected for 8 of 11 crop nutrient categories analyzed. Analysis of the more limited database on livestock products found no evidence of a difference in nutrient content between organically and conventionally produced livestock products. Conclusions: On the basis of a systematic review of studies of satisfactory quality, there is no evidence of a difference in nutrient quality between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs. The small differences in nutrient content detected are biologically plausible and mostly relate to differences in production methods.

“One problem with the new review is the use of older studies,” says Michael Hansen, PhD, a senior scientist at Consumers Union and a food safety expert. “Nutrients as a whole in the food supply are declining. Newer studies have clearly shown significant differences between organic and nonorganic in nutrient content.“ "The more contemporary studies and higher quality ones do clearly support nutritional benefit for organically grown foods compared to conventionally grown foods," says Charles Benbrook, PhD, chief scientist for The Organic Center. “There’s a lack of focus on polyphenols and antioxidants, which are about 25% higher in organically grown foods.” “Since plants take in nutrients from the soil and because soils vary widely in nutrient content, it’s extremely important to conduct these studies in exactly the same soils. While the FSA did include scientific studies using this “paired” methodology, they also included other types of data, including “food basket” studies where researchers picked “organically” and “conventionally” grown foods from grocery stores.” – Cndn Organic Growers ( ''Our stand is it's beyond scientific doubt that that organic foods are higher in vitamins and important trace minerals and there are far fewer toxic residues in them," says Ronnie Cummins, national director of the Organic Consumers' Association.

34 Think “GOOD, BETTER, BEST”… when it comes to Organic
Organic farmers and processors do not add any substances that have been linked to negative health outcomes to food BUT… Organically grown food is NOT 100% free of genetically modified organisms, pesticide residues or synthetic fertilizers. Unfortunately, on our polluted planet these substances are ubiquitous and often find their way into the food system through air and water currents despite the best intentions and actions of organic farmers. STUDY (Journal Food Additives and Contaminants): 25% of organic produce has pesticides. Almost one-fourth of the organic produce in grocery stores could contain traces of pesticides, including long-banned chemicals like DDT - Cndn Press, July, 2002 "Less is better. Fewer residues and lower levels of residues are better than higher levels of residues and more residues," said Edward Groth, a senior scientist for Consumers Union, publisher of Consumer Reports.

Toronto residents paralyzed in hospital with botulism toxin after drinking organic carrot juice. (Canada Free Press, Oct. 2006) "A study by the Center for Global Food Issues found that although organic foods make up about 1 percent of America's diet, they also account for about 8 percent of confirmed E. coli cases." (The Center for Consumer Freedom, Jan., 2004). Earthbound Farms, one of the biggest organic farms in North America, is also the source of the contaminated spinach that is suspected in three deaths and hospitalized at least 29 others with kidney failure. In total, the poison spinach sickened nearly 200, in 23 states and Canada. One natural pesticide used by organic farmers, pyrethrum, may cause cancer, and another is linked to neurotoxic effects in rats.

36 Canadian Organic Growers
THE BIGGER PICTURE Canadian Organic Growers ORGANIC IS NOT A HEALTH CLAIM – it is an alternative food production system that aspires to avoid many of the problems of modern food production. At its core, organic agriculture is about the soil. Unlike modern agriculture, organic agriculture improves soil quality by nurturing unseen underground workers – the dozens of species of earthworms, bacteria and fungi that function to improve soil quality, to transform nutrients into forms that plants can use and transfer them to the root zones of plants. By fostering this underground army, organic methods work with nature, rather than against it. Organic production avoids much of the environmental tragedy of modern agriculture, including contamination of surface and subsurface water sources, inefficient energy use related to the production and distribution of fossil-fuel based chemicals, reduced soil quality and impoverished and toxic habitat for the species that live above and below the soil.

37 "Epidemilogical Trends Strongly Suggest Exposures as Etiologic Agents in the Pathogenesis of Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, and Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.“ Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 17:3 (July 2009) pp The time course of the increased prevalence rates of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and diabetes mirror the classical trends of exposure-related disease. Chronic exposure to low levels of chemicals through processed foods, water and fertilizers is responsible for the current epidemics of these diseases and the increasing mortality rates associated with them. The increase in exposure plays a critical role in the cause, development and effects of the pandemic of these insulin-resistant diseases. Nitrosamines basically become highly reactive at the cellular level, which then alters gene expression and causes DNA damage. More than 90 percent of these compounds that have been tested have been determined to be carcinogenic in various organs. They are found in many food products, including fried bacon, cured meats and cheese products as well as beer and water. Exposure also occurs through manufacturing and processing of rubber and latex products, as well as fertilizers, pesticides and cosmetics. These overall trends are NOT due to genetics or an aging population. However, the strikingly higher and climbing mortality rates in older age brackets suggest that aging and/or longer durations of exposure have greater impacts on progression and severity of these diseases. While nitrogen-containing fertilizer consumption increased by 230 percent between 1955 and 2005, its usage doubled between 1960 and 1980, which just precedes the insulin-resistant epidemics the researchers found. They also found that sales from the fast food chain and the meat processing company increased more than 8-fold from 1970 to 2005, and grain consumption increased 5-fold.

Nutritional quality of organic foods: a systematic review Am J Clin Nutr (July 29, 2009) "Epidemilogical Trends Strongly Suggest Exposures as Etiologic Agents in the Pathogenesis of Sporadic Alzheimer's Disease, Diabetes Mellitus, and Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. " J of Alzheimer's Disease (July 2009)

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) have joint responsibility for federal labeling of food policies in Canada under the Food and Drugs Act. CERTIFIED ORGANIC: To use this term in Canada, a product must be certified, but the tricky part is you didn’t really know by whom. On June 30, 2009 the Canadian government implemented the Organic Products Regulation to regulate organic certification in Canada for organic products. Details on this new regulation are available on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Canadian Organic Office website (

40 CERTIFICATION BODIES There are many international standards. Many countries have their own standards and negotiate equivalency agreements between countries. Two additional standards of note are International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and CODEX Alimentarius. Several Certification Bodies are intended to be accredited by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to operate under the new Canada Organic Regime, which came into force on June 30th, 2009. This list is currently being updated and is available as a PDF file at

41 Growth Of Organic World market for organic food shows consistent growth for over 15 years. Growth of retail sales in North America is predicted to be 15%-20% per year. Retail organic food market in Canada is estimated at $1.3 billion in 2005 and $15 billion (CDN) in the U.S. Imported products make up over 85% of the organic food consumed in Canada. Majority of Canada's organically produced commodities are exported. 497 certified organic farms in ON in 2005 (Cndn Organic Growers Assoc) Large Scale Commercialization of organic market has attracted big corporate players with lobbying power to weaken organic standards: - If price of organic feed was more than 2x the cost of regular feed then livestock producers could feed their animals less costly, non-organic feed - Allowing “emergency exceptions” for “commercially unavailable” organic ingredients - Expanding list of “benign” synthetic ingredients allowed in processed “organic” foods - Horizon Organic, the company that supplies Wal-Mart, has continually ignored federal organic standards. Their "organic" milk actually comes from factory-style dairy farms where the animals are kept in intensive confinement and have been imported from conventional farms as calves.

42 LABELLING ORGANIC: Any product that refers to the term “organic” must have 95% or more of its ingredients, excluding water and salt, derived from certified sources of organic production that are in accordance with the Standard. CONTAINS X% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Any product that contains between 70% and 95% of its ingredients, excluding water and salt, from certified sources of organic production is permitted to refer to the actual percentage quantity of ingredients contained that have been derived from certified sources of organic production. For example, a product that indicates that it “contains 85% organic ingredients” has 85% of its ingredients of agricultural origin derived from organic production methods. LESS THAN 70% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Any product that contains less than 70% of its ingredients from certified sources of organic production is only permitted to list, on its ingredients panel, the particular organic ingredients it contains.

43 MEANINGLESS LABELS Free-Range/Free-Roaming: keeping livestock and domestic poultry where the animals have “some access” to open outdoor spaces. Not legally defined or regulated. Grass-fed: raising livestock on open areas so animals are free to roam. Does not involve cages or confinement for animals and their diet typically consists of natural grasses, legumes and plants. Animals are “said” to be free of steroids, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and animal by-products. Guidelines and regulations extremely vague. Natural, Natural Food or All-Natural: Often misused and confused with organic. Natural foods are said to contain no additives or preservatives but ingredients may have been grown using conventional farming methods or genetically modified organisms. One of the haziest terms as these products are not regulated and the label comes with no guarantee of inspection. The only way to be sure to know what is in your product is to know the farm and/or farmer or to research the company that has produced the product. Locally Grown: can mean different things depending on who is making the claim. For example, Whole Foods, the biggest retailer of natural and organic foods, defines local to be anything produced within seven hours of one of its stores. Remember too that buying locally does not necessarily mean pesticide-free, so your best bet is to get to know the farmers in your area so you know exactly what you are buying.

Physiologic changes in humans subjected to severe, selective calorie restriction for two years in biosphere 2: health, aging and toxicological perspectives. Toxicological Sciences 52:61-65,1999 Biosphere 2 is a closed self-sustaining ecological system of 7-million cubic feet near Tucson, AZ, containing 7 biomes: rain forest, Savannah, ocean, marsh, desert, agricultural station, and habitat for humans and domestic animals. Sealed inside, 8 subjects maintained themselves and the various systems for 2 years. All organic material, all water, and nearly all air was recycled, and virtually all food was grown inside. On the low calorie but nutrient-dense diet available, the men sustained 18% and the women 10% weight loss, mostly within the first 6 to 9 months. Because this was a tightly closed, isolated environment, the levels of insecticides, pollutants or their derivatives were determined in the sera of crew members. It was found that levels of the lipophilic toxicant DDE and the 'total PCB' load increased with the loss of body fat during the first months inside Biosphere 2, then decreased.

Calorie Restriction in Biosphere 2: Alterations in Physiologic, Hematologic, Hormonal, and Biochemical Parameters in Humans Restricted for a 2-Year Period The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences 57:B211-B224, 2002 The nutritional, health, and blood-response status of crew members during the 2 years of closure, plus a 30-month follow-up period. The low calorie, nutrient-dense character of the diet corresponded to what has been shown to retard aging, prevent or retard the development of most age-related diseases, and extend average and maximum life spans in rodents, as well as other species. We conclude that healthy non-obese humans on a low-calorie, nutrient-dense diet show positive physiologic, hematologic, hormonal, and biochemical changes resembling those of rodents and monkeys on such diets. Significant variations in several substances not studied in calorie-restricted animals are also reported (e.g. androstenedione, thyroid binding globulin, renin, and transferrin). Despite the selective restriction in calories and marked weight loss, all crew members remained in excellent health and sustained a high level of physical and mental activity throughout the entire 2 years.

Organic Diets Significantly Lower Children's Dietary Exposure to Organophosphorus Pesticides Environmental Health Perspectives Volume 114, Number 2, February 2006 Pesticide levels of 23 children were measured before and after switching to an organic diet. After just 5 consecutive days, pesticides decreased to undetectable levels, remaining that way until conventional diets were reintroduced. “In conclusion, we were able to demonstrate that an organic diet provides a dramatic and immediate protective effect against exposures to organophosphorus pesticides that are commonly used in agricultural production. We also concluded that these children were most likely exposed to these organophosphorus pesticides exclusively through their diet.”

(Environmental Working Group: 1. DIRTY DOZEN: Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery*, Cherries, Imported Grapes, Nectarines, Peaches*(9), Pears, Potatoes, Red Raspberries*(9), Spinach*(10), Strawberries WHY? Carry much more pesticide residues even after washing. 2. MEAT, POULTRY, EGGS and DAIRY WHY? Avoid hormones and antibiotics; higher on food chain resulting in higher concentrations of chemicals. 3. BABY FOOD WHY? Children’s developing body esp. vulnerable to toxins; Baby food often condensed, potentially concentrating toxins.

(Environmental Working Group: Breads, Oils, Potato Chips, Pasta, Cereals, and other Packaged Foods (i.e. canned or dried fruit & vegetables) WHY? Although these products may have lower levels of contaminants, they offer limited health value because processing tends to wash away key nutrients. The more a food is processed, the less health value its organic version offers. An organic high glycemic carb is still high glycemic. An organic high fat diet is still high fat.

(Environmental Working Group: 1. SEAFOOD WHY? Whether caught in the wild or farmed, fish can be labeled organic, despite presence of contaminants (mercury & PCBs). Producers are allowed to make their own organic claims as long as they don’t use “certified organic” logos. 2. COSMETICS/PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS (unless it consists primarily of organic agricultural ingredients, i.e. aloe vera gel) WHY? Most contain a mix of ingredients and regulations allow shampoos & lotions to carry an organic label if their main ingredient is “organic hydrosol” (water in which something organic has been soaked). Indiscriminate use of synthetic ingredients and violations of standards. Only 11% of ingredients in personal care products (organic or not) screened for safety.

50 “Organomics” The Economics of Organic
Organic produce can usually qualify for higher prices than non-organic products. These premiums vary with the crop and may vary on whether you are dealing with a grower, wholesaler, or retailer. Higher prices offset higher production costs (per unit of production) of management, labour, and for lower farm yields. These differences vary with the crop. There may also be higher marketing costs to develop markets since there is less infrastructure than for many conventional commodities. Currently, demand is greater than supply for most organic products. “Not to be confused with ‘origami’.”

51 ORGANIC SAVINGS Comparison Shop Liquidation Centres
Discounts on Expiring Products Sales on Discontinued Products Coupons Buy In Season Buy Local Certified Organic vs. Organic Home Delivery & Mail Order Organic Co-Operatives & Community Supported Farms Grow Your Own!

Pharmaceutical vitamins and minerals can NEVER supplement what we lack in our diet because they are not whole food. USP nutrients cannot multi-task because they are not activated by a multitude of compounds only found in whole, organic food. Furthermore, the inert nature of many pharmaceutical chemicals necessitate mega-doses to get any response, which may lead to long-term toxic side effects. Anna Denny, nutritional scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation. “We used to believe it was just the vitamin content of fruit and vegetables that made them so beneficial to health, but now we know that they contain a range of phytochemicals which are just as vital.” PMID:

1. Human beings should get their nutrition from food. 2. But food no longer contains enough of all the essential nutrients our bodies need within the context of today’s environment & lifestyles. Therefore, supplementation is necessary. 3. However, conventional supplementation falls short of delivering the missing nutrients in a form recognizable by the body.

It’s not about one OVER the other, but how each is needed to COMPLEMENT the other? Supplements took the form of FOOD? (i.e. Supplemental Food Nutrients vs. Nutrient Supplements)? Specific forms of certain nutrients or amounts beyond the %DV triggered beneficial “gene switches” (i.e. NUTRIGENOMICS)?

55 The Truth About Vitamins & Minerals in Supplements
Vitamin B6 – Petroleum ester & hydrochloric acid with formaldehyde Vitamin B12 – Cobalamines reacted with cyanide Calcium Carbonate – limestone or chalk. Used in manufacture of paint, rubber, plastics, ceramics, putty, polishes, insecticides, inks. Used as a filler for adhesives, matches, pencils, crayons, linoleum, insulating compounds, welding rods. Calcium Citrate – calcium carbonate processed with lactic and citric acids. It is used to alter the baking properties of flour. Calcium Gluconate – calcium carbonate processed with gluconic acid (used in cleaning compounds). Used in sewage purification and to prevent coffee powders from caking. Thiel R. The truth about vitamins in supplements. ANMA Monitor, 2003, 6(2). Thiel R. The truth about minerals in supplements. ANMA Monitor, 2002, 6(2):6-13.


1. Conclusive evidence of TOXINS stored in everyone’s body fat. 2. Fat Loss is INHIBITED by Toxicity. CLEANSING is not only necessary to remove Stubborn Fat stores, but weight loss without cleansing poses a Health Risk. LEAN INDIVIDUALS may be at an even greater risk. 3. TOXINS have been linked to over 60 Degenerative Diseases. Modern Day Ailments correspond with common symptoms of low-level Endogenous Toxicity. 4. TOXINS place additional stress on body systems, interfering with optimal organ functions and limiting peak performance. CLEANSING enhances athletic performance by reducing stress and rebalancing body systems.


59 U.S. EPA, National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS)
WHY CLEANSE? “Detox programs are not necessary because our body already cleanses itself.” U.S. EPA, National Human Adipose Tissue Survey (NHATS) OCDD (a dioxin) and 4 solvents (styrene, 4-dichlorobenzene, xylene, and ethylphenol found in 100% of samples Total toxic burden of ,350 ng of toxins/gram of fat Another 9 chemicals found in 91-98% of all samples “It doesn't matter where you live, how old you are, how clean living you are or if you eat organic food, or if you get a lot of exercise. We all carry inside of us hundreds of different pollutants and these things are accumulating inside our bodies every day. " - Dr. Rick Smith, executive director of Environmental Defence Canada

60 Toxins INHIBIT Fat Loss
FAT IS AN ORGAN! (Cell, Vol. 116, , January, 2004.) (Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism, Vol. 11, Issue 8 , , October 2000.) 1. “Chemicals appear to cause weight gain by interfering with elements of the human weight control system – such as alterations in hormones, altered sensitivity to neurotransmitters, or altered activity of the sympathetic nervous system.” (Heindel, J. Cellular, Organs, and Systems Pathobiology Branch, Division of Extramural Research & Training, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH) 2. Body protects itself by storing toxins in fat tissue. 3. Although the actual # of fat cells remains constant, old fat cells are replaced by new ones… “Healthy vs. Unhealthy Fat Cells”

Traditional Weight Loss Smaller body means increased percentage of impurities Body senses increased level of impurities and goes into emergency fat production ­ REBOUND! Fat stored to protect from impurities The Set-Point Theory of Weight Control Fat stored to protect from impurities Impurities are released so body sheds fat Better overall health with less fat and more lean muscle Cleansing of Impurities

What about Lean People or “Toxic Recirculation”? Weight Loss without Cleansing, Yo-Yo Dieting, Stress, Exercise, Illness = TOXIC RECIRCULATION ATHLETES… Breath More, Drink More, and Eat More INCREASED METABOLIC DEMANDS equals GREATER STRESS & GREATER WASTE BY-PRODUCTS

63 (American Academy of Neurology, news release, Sept. 9, 2002)
TOXINS create additional Stress for Body during Exercise interfering with Athletic Performance and increasing Health Risks. “An alarming number of healthy young athletes die of sudden cardiac death caused by excitotoxins from food additives and artificial sweeteners such as MSG, hydrolyzed protein soy protein isolate and concentrate, natural flavoring, sodium caseinate and aspartame. The same factors operate in older individuals but their risk of sudden cardiac death is even higher” (Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon & author of "Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills and Health & Nutrition Secrets to Save Your Life.") Researchers have hypothesized that vigorous physical activity might increase exposure to environmental toxins, facilitate the transport of toxins to the brain, increase the absorption of toxins in very slim athletes, or increase the athlete's susceptibility to motor neuron disease through added physical stress. (American Academy of Neurology, news release, Sept. 9, 2002)

Skeletal muscle hypertrophy can occur in fasting animals (Goldberg et al. J Physiol. 1971; 116 : ) Ghrelin drives GH secretion during fasting in man (European Journal of Endocrinology, 2002;Vol 146, Issue 2, ) Serum GH concentrations are increased in fasted human subjects. Two days of fasting induced a 5-fold increase in the 24-h endogenous GH production rate. The effect of a 72-h fast on plasma levels of pituitary, adrenal, thyroid, pancreatic and gastrointestinal hormones in healthy men and women (Journal of Endocrinology, 1989; Vol 120, Issue 2, ) Growth Hormone: helps burn fat, build muscle. Fasting triggers the “growth hormone response” which prevents muscle loss while you fast. The body switches to repair /growth mode to keep you alive.


66 “What Have You Done for Your Liver Lately?”
Without cleansing your LIVER, 3 extremely vital functions can be compromised:   Blood Supply Filtration - your body's method of removing bacteria, allergens, and other undesirables from circulation  Bile Secretion - absorption of fats and certain vitamins would be inhibited  Metabolic Functions - such as controlling hormone secretion, extracting toxins and fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals, together with the regulation of blood sugars would not take place efficiently KIDNEYS?…DIGESTIVE SYSTEM?… COLON?…LYMPHATICS?…

1. Flush out toxins gently without disturbing the body's own natural functioning. 2. Use body's own natural detox systems. Includes bowel, kidneys, urine, skin, sweat glands and liver. Detoxification methods should never be harsh or forceful, but simply support & enhance the body's own ability to release toxins. 3. Cleanse all of the body's natural purification systems at once in a coordinated way. If the detox program were to focus on just one system, such as the colon and bowel, that would create an imbalance. 4. Create a situation in which body's detox system becomes stronger as time goes on; thus the body can detoxify itself more effectively with a little support. 5. Three steps: Preparation, Cleansing and Post-Cleansing strategies. 6. Preparation and Cleansing takes into account imbalances of person at that particular time. Post-detoxification is important because of optimal timing to take elixirs that rejuvenate the body and slow aging. With toxins cleared out of body organs and channels it’s more awake, alert and can utilize benefits of nutrition more than ever.

68 Key Components of an Effective
Nutritional Cleanse 1. Decreases the toxic load. Removes food and beverages that are likely to contain toxins and food allergens. NO Fasting Required! 2. Meets the basic daily nutritional needs of the individual, including all 92 nutrients deemed essential for daily basic cellular functions. From whole organic food & supplemental food sources. 3. Provides increased amounts of nutrients required in biotransformation and elimination of toxins. 4. Provides adequate hydration to promote elimination of toxins. 5. Purification & Replenishing of whole body systems in a synergistic manner 6. Duration: 6 to 30 day cycles with no more than 2 consecutive days of “modified fasting” “A broad-based multi-nutrient formula is essential to support detoxification by providing phase I and phase II conjugators to deal with toxins that are stored in fat.” - Charles Poliquin

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