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OXFORD Sebastián Erazo Lorena Pérez 4ºB. POBLATION Oxford is an old English university town located in the county of Oxfordshire, England. Its population.

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1 OXFORD Sebastián Erazo Lorena Pérez 4ºB

2 POBLATION Oxford is an old English university town located in the county of Oxfordshire, England. Its population of over 200,000 inhabitants. This iconic city is known as' the city of dreaming spiers ", a term coined by Matthew Arnold to describe the harmonious architecture of the university buildings.

3 Oxford Street

4 CLIMATE The weather in Oxford is varied but most of the time the city is clouded as it is situated in the center of England. In the winter months it's cold and raining. But during the year the weather is very variable and does muchísmio summer heat. On the right you will see the time of Birmingham, a town near Oxford

5 River Cruises.

6 Historical monuments Tom Tower is a bell tower in Oxford, England, named for its bell, Great Tom. It is over Tom Gate, on St Aldates, the main entrance of Christ Church, Oxford, which leads into Tom Quad. This square tower with an octagonal lantern and facetted ogee dome was designed by Christopher Wren and built 1681–82. The strength of Oxford architectural tradition and Christ Church's connection to its founder, Henry VIII, motivated the decision to complete the gatehouse structure, left unfinished by Cardinal Wolsey at the date of his fall from power in 1529, and which had remained roofless since. Wren made a case for working in a late Gothic style — that it "ought to be Gothick to agree with the Founders worke" ] — a style that had not been seen in a prominent building for a hundred and fifty years, making Tom Tower a lonely precursor of the Gothic Revival that got underway in the mid-18th century.Wren never came to supervise the structure as it was being erected by the stonemason he had recommended, Christopher Kempster, of Burford. In 1732-34, when William Kent was called upon to make sympathetic reconstruction of the east range of Clock Court in Wolsey's Tudor Hampton Court Palace, he naturally turned to the precedent of Tom Tower for his "central ogee dome with its coronet of pilaster-like gothick finials The tower of Dunster House at Harvard University is a direct imitation of Tom Tower, though its details have been Georgianised, and stones from Christ Church are installed in one of the house's main entryways. It has been pointed out by many Pembroke College students that the best view of Tom Tower is from their porters' lodge, off St Aldates.

7 Tom tower

8 BALLIOL COLLEGE. Balliol College is one of the largest schools that comprise the University of Oxford. It is named after John I de Balliol and was founded in 1263. Balliol was a wealthy man of nobility who decided to give scholarships to students of Oxford. Then he built a house university, the future Balliol College. The main entrance is on Broad Street Balliol, and you can visit the campus. In front of the entrance, there are many guides that offer a full tour of the universities of Oxford. Balliol College is the most popular, in terms of the number of people who apply each year for their courses. Many international students exchange go there. The student is perhaps best known economist Adam Smith, who determined the laws of the invisible hand that regulates the market and economic exchanges. A within the school grounds, find a great library, but also entertainment, two bars and lounges where students can gather annually, tennis, hockey, cricket...


10 Typicals food “fish and chips” (fish and chips served with mushy peas, salt and pepper)

11 time to eat Breakfast is known for being rich and sumptuous and mainly consists of bacon, sausage, black pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, half a tomato and scrambled eggs, but the main ingredients can vary depending on the region. Tea time in England during the mid-afternoon, is something that people never lost. With the infusion of hot tea (served with lemon or milk), enjoy a feast butterfly cakes, cookies and snacks. The tradition of serving sweets with afternoon tea is native to imperial Britain. Besides the typical English dishes, England, is famous for the production of a wide variety of cheeses. Derived from cow's milk cheese produced in the country is very hard, one of the most common types is the Cheddar cheese. Other Cheshire cheese varieties include hot and salty taste as Caerphilly, Sage Derby, Double Glouchester, Wensleydale and Red Leicester. The traditional English dinner on Sundays is popularly known as the Sunday roast. It usually consists of roast beef, lamb or chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables. The food is served with sauce and Yorkshire pudding.

12 Cauliflower Cheese Cauliflower Cheese is another main dish, made ​​with chunks of boiled cauliflower with a milk base and a layer of Cheddar cheese. Grated cheese, mixed with breadcrumbs, is also used as ingredients for the dish.

13 Famous from Oxford. British politics who served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990

14 DAVID CAMERON is a British Conservative politician and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from May 11, 2010

15 ALBERT EINSTEIN Born March 14, 1879 Ulm, Württemberg, German Empire Died April 18, 1955 (76 years) Princeton, New Jersey, USA Residence Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic), EE. UU. German (1879-1896) Stateless (1896-1901) Switzerland (1901-1955) Austrian (1911-1912) German (1914-1933) American (1940-1955) field Physics

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