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Getting along with others Lesson prepared by Ivashko Olena Ivanivna.

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1 Getting along with others Lesson prepared by Ivashko Olena Ivanivna

2 Aims of the lesson: To develop the vocabulary by active using of the words given; To give the definition of the structure “ a true friend” To improve students’ listening skills To develop respect and politeness to others

3 Match the pairs: 1. Dynamic 2.Sociable 3.Helpful 4.Honest 5.Sympathetic 6.Disorganized 7.Reliable 8.Organized 9.Generous 10.Hard-working 11.Insensitive 12.Shy 13.Creative 14.Selfish a)Співчутливий, симпатичний b)Організований c)Неорганізований d)Байдужий, нечутливий e)Товариський f)Соромливий, боязкий g)Корисний h)Динамічний, активний i)Егоїстичний j)Творчий k)Чесний l)Великодушкий, щедрий m)Надійний n)працьовитий

4 Answer the question : What kind of person are you? I think I am…. In my opinion I am….

5 Checking the home task: Answer the questions: Who helped Diana to solve her problem? What does Liz like about her friend? How does Diana feel about her problem now? What do you think about Diana’s problem? Is it serious?

6 To be a true friend means…. You should Be well – mannered Support your friend in any situation Be kind to others Be easy – going Be polite and honest Be helpful

7 Listening activity Pre-listening: he was feeling very sorry for himself he had his leg broken worst of all he was boring things were a little bit better they crowded round his bed to impress

8 True or faulse: 1.Jimmy was feeling very happy in the hospital. 2.It was Jimmy’s fourteenth birthday. 3.Jimmy was in bed and he was boring 4.Jimmy had some cards from his family. 5.The whole Jimmy’s class came to the hospital. 6. Jimmy’s classmates gave him a big cake. 7. Jimmy’s doctor came that afternoon and told him great news

9 Answer the questions: 1.Did Jimmy’s classmates forget about him? 2.What way did they congratulate Jimmy? 3.What do you think about Jimmy’s class?

10 Group work 1.Jimmy was in the hospital because…. 2.He was in bed, so….. 3.Jimmy’s family sent him cards, but…. 4.His doctor came to see him and…. 5.His mother came that afternoon and… 6.His classmates arranged a surprise for the birthday party and…. 7.Jimmy was happy because… 8.Jimmy’s doctor came that afternoon and…. a)gave him a CD player b)there was nothing from his friends c)he felt bored d)his leg was broken e)his friends were with him on his thirteenth birthday f)told him great news g)brought Jimmy a card and some presents h)Saw his cards

11 Homework: write 5-7 sentences about your last birthday Write down all the new words into your vocabulary

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