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Media Technology VITAL – 030318 Umeå Dr. Peter Parnes.

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1 Media Technology VITAL – 030318 Umeå Dr. Peter Parnes

2 Media Technology  The Media Technology Research Group  Research leader: Dr. Peter Parnes  Dr. Kåre Synnes  7 graduate students  Roland Parviainen, Jeremiah Scholl, Stefan Elf, Marcus Nilsson, Johan Kristiansson, Mikael Drugge, Josef Hallberg (soon)  Other people  Johnny Widén, Göran Öberg, Fredrik Johansson 

3 History  Created 1995 as Software Engineering as part of CDT  Long history of working with real-time IP- based communication  mStar – Marratech AB  Changed into formal research area 2002  First PhD 1999, second 2002  (Computer Science – “Datalogi”)

4 Current Research  Human Communication  Always best connected (ABC)  Mobile wearable systems (Borderland)  Context-Aware systems (Alipes)

5 Human Communication  How can human communication via electronic means be enhanced?  Then: Technology view  Now: User view  What does the user perceive as better ?  Different from situation to situation!  Primarily group communication  Scalable media distribution (Rome)  EFamily

6 Scalable Group Communication

7 mPocketPro Mobile E-Meetings

8 Always Best Connected  The user should be able to move between different networks  Shouldn’t need to reconfigure applications/computers when switching networks or network operators  Challenge: Make usage of mobile internet useable  It should just work!

9 ABC Architecture Physical layer Link layer GPRS PPP IEEE802.11 IPv4 IPv6 Mobile IPv6 Network layer Middleswares (Nomadic Architecture) ABC management Profiles Adaptive applications Applications API Session layer

10 Wearable Computing  How to create wearable systems for human communication  Not building new hardware  Combining existing components  User interface issues  Device Interaction, switching screens (handheld to HMD), switching media (text to audio etc).  Application migration

11 Borderland Wearable Computing

12 Context Aware Systems  Systems that are aware of their surrounding  The user “state”  Stressed  How to gather this information  How to present that information to  System  Other humans  How to utilize this information in other ways.  Dr. Kåre Synnes

13 Applied Research in Action!  Scenario driven applied research  Results:  Prototypes (running software/systems)  Good academic results  We want the results to be utilized! It should just work!

14 Future Interest 1. Scalable really high quality media distribution  10Kbps – 270 Gbps  Anywhere, Any device 2. Shared consumption  Consume media at several locations with your friends  Group viewing

15 More interest… 3.Mobile Media Production:  How to produce high quality media “on the go”?  Quick setup  Combination of (remotely) stored and real-time media  Directed reruns based on cached media at the receiver  Events, education, meetings

16 Questions? peppar@cdt.luth.se

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