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Lord of the Flies Analysis Guide.

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1 Lord of the Flies Analysis Guide

2 Bildungsroman A story where the protagonist comes of age
A sensitive person who looks for answers in a complicated situation. An emotional loss usually leads the protagonist on his/her journey.

3 Deux ex Machina A situation where a seemingly unsolvable situation is resolved abruptly through an unexpected sourcs Technically, “GOD in the MACHINE” Popularized by Aristotle

4 Identify a Christ Figure
Ideas Surrounding: Birth Characteristics Actions Appearance Death

5 Christ Figure: Birth Character is born in a unique manner. Mother is self sacrificing and virtuous. Derivative of the name “Mary” Divine or royal father Name is Chris, Christopher, or initials JC Childhood is vague up until age 30 Character is considered far away from home or out of place

6 Christ Figure: Characteristics
Misunderstood, considered to be crazy or odd Sensitive or sympathetic to others Champions the hungry or desperate Often sees a ‘truth’ that no one else can Surrounded or associated with light

7 Christ Figure: Actions
Performs ‘miracles’ Celibate Possesses a ‘dual identity’ of something mortal and immortal Persecuted or punished for ideals, which are generally associated with justice or truth

8 Christ Figure: Actions
Character represents hope to others Able to converse with the devil or evil force. This force to tempt the character away from his ideals Is betrayed by those close to him, or is denied by others who know him Character has a ‘cross to bear’as emotional or physical issue Surrounding characters utter “God”, “my God”, or “Jesus Christ!” around him

9 Christ: Appearance Receives injury on the forehead, palms, hands and feet, or the breast Appears poor through tattered clothes or barefoot Character is portrayed with arms spread

10 Christ: Death Character dies in a way associated with his or her ideals Unjust death The character is reborn or returns from death-- physically or emotionally

11 Christ Figures: Examples
Superman I, II James Cole from 12 Monkeys John Connor in Terminator Blade John Locke from “Lost” Gandolf from Two Towers

12 Who Needs a Break? Who: used as the subject in a dependent or independent clause Whom: used as an object Titles: all words are capitalized except for articles and prepositions. LIVE IT, LEARN IT, LOVE IT

13 Group Think What are the elements, dangers, and powers of ‘group think’? ‘Group Think’ is when the mob moves relentlessly with limited social norm awareness or morality

14 Group Think Abilene Paradox: a group of people collectively decide on a course of action that is opposite of the preferences of any individual. The individual does not, therefore, raise any objection.

15 Group Think Ochlocracy: Mob rule-- decisions are made by a mass of people

16 Group Think Deindividuation: Individuals loosen or forego their moralities, ideals, and opinions and adopt blindly those of the group

17 Ch 6,7 Questions: Copy them and answer
What is the ‘sign’ from the adult world at the beginning of CH6? Who discovers it? What do they believe they have found? What does Simon assure Ralph, to which Ralph responds, “You’re batty”? WHAT DOES HE MEAN? Describe Ralph’s actions as he participates in the hunt reenactment Who goes to tell Piggy that they will be out past dark? What does this represent about Piggy?

18 CH8 questions:Copy and answer
WHAT HAPPENS that makes Jack form his own tribe? What does Jack do with the sow’s head, and WHY? With whom does Simon have a conversation at the end of CH8?

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