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By: Richard and Florence Atwater Illistrations by: Robert Lawson.

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1 By: Richard and Florence Atwater Illistrations by: Robert Lawson

2 suitable bungalow regret debris admiral spattered

3 Right for a purpose or occasion; appropriate Ex: That outfit is not suitable for the party.

4 A small one-story house, usually with a porch in front

5 To feel sorry or disappointed about something Ex: I regret that I didn’t call you over the weekend.

6 The scattered remains of something that has been broken or destroyed Ex: After the hurricane, debris was scattered in the streets.

7 A navy or coast guard officer of the highest rank.

8 To scatter or splash something in drops. Ex: The dog spattered us with water and soap.


10 intention spectacle stubborn reluctant idle

11 An aim, purpose or plan Ex: It isn’t my intention to fool you.

12 An unusual or impressive public show Ex: The penguins walking on the street were quite the spectacle.

13 Not willing to change your mind or behavior in spite of urging or requests from others. Ex: Jessie was so stubborn that he refused to wear boots in the snow.

14 Unwilling to do something Ex: We were reluctant to leave before the end of the movie.

15 Not working or being used Ex: The machines in the factory were idle during the strike.


17 cease sympathetic blizzard refreshing sleek fond

18 To come or bring to an end; stop Ex: I thought the rain would never cease.

19 Feeling or showing sympathy Ex: Some sympathetic friends visited me in the hospital.

20 A very long, heavy snowstorm with strong winds.

21 To make someone or something fresh again; renew Ex: Lily looked at pictures to refresh her memory of the trip.

22 Very smooth and glossy Ex: The horse has a sleek coat.

23 Loving or affectionate Ex: The penguins are fond of each other.

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