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Nursing Program Open House Tea Class of 2013 May 17, 2010 3-5pm.

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1 Nursing Program Open House Tea Class of 2013 May 17, 2010 3-5pm

2 Introduction of Faculty/Staff  Karen Jensen RN, PhD  Kaleen Cullen, RN, FNP  Laura Newton, RN, PhD  Colleen Nevins, RN, MSN  Beth Williams, Administrative Support Coordinator

3 Introductions and Ice Breaker  Introduce yourself to group with an alliteration sentence based on your first name:  Example:  “I’m kooky Karen. I like kissing kittens”  Pattern: I’m adjective Name. I like action-ing noun.

4 Congratulations !

5 Tips for Student Success  Kaleen Cullen RN, FNP Assistant Director Nursing Program CSU Channel Islands

6 Characteristic of nurses  Think Critically  Responsible  Caring & sympathetic  Emotional stability  Detail Oriented  Open minded and flexible  Sensitive to the diversity in others  Excellent interpersonal, communications, and math skills  Life long learner

7 Overview of the Curriculum  Based on Neuman conceptual framework  Framework defines Environment, Health, Nursing  Program objectives (p 9-13 handbook)  Completion of level I objectives after completion of the second summer session

8 Required Curriculum & Advisement pp 24-26 handbook  Table I, II, III point out which courses must be completed at a C or better  CSUCI advisement nursing courses – nursing advisor  CSUCI advisement general education advisement center  IMPORTANT: June 14 4:30-7pm accepted students; June 17 4:30-7 alternates

9 Important Reminder All Program requirement forms (Medical, Background Check, Immunizations, CPR Due to the Program Office by July 16, 2010  Keep your own copy of all requirements of the program in a binder (i.e. Health appraisal, Student Health Insurance, CPR card, Fire Card)

10 Requirements of the Program – Health Appraisal /Physical Examination

11 Criminal Background Checks  Must complete a request for criminal background check and drug screening  Through Corporate Screening  Price $106  Directions will be sent in an upcoming email

12 CPR  Current CPR card for Healthcare Provider BLS with AED Must include: Adult, infant and child One and two person AED

13 Uniform  Dove uniform  Suggestion 2 tops 2 pants 1 jacket 3 patches Name tag  First, last Student Nurse  Order by 7/16/10  Patch right upper front of uniform

14 PDA  PDA Required of all students See specifications for PDA on page 43 of the handbook. You will not need to purchase a PDA if you already have one but they must meet the specification in the handbook In addition required to purchase software for PDA which includes: Drug Reference, Signs & Symptoms & Lab Manual to load on the PDA these will be available in the bookstore for the spring semester

15 Student Health Insurance  All CSUCI –will need to have proof of student health insurance 

16 Mandatory Fire Safety Class  August 27, 2010  9am-3:30 pm  $20  Bring cash or money order – no checks  One hour break for lunch  Location: Broome Library

17 Important Policies to Review  Criteria for program continuance, LOA, exiting program p 31  Grading Practices p 33-40  Clinical Absence Policy p 37  Pregnancy p 45  Need for reliable transportation

18 Important Policies Continued  Clinical lab signup p 47-48  Need to identify EOP students before clinical signup  Scholarships  Judicial process p 52-56  Extracurricular: Committees, Volunteers 4 You! P 59  Awards upon graduation p 60

19 Other Information  Complete Photo ID release and get your picture taken before you leave  Students with Spring Courses in progress get transcripts to us by June 15, 2010  Volunteers 4 You! Fundraiser Stethoscopes

20 Questions?

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