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History of Iowa By:Rylie Gittins Facts.

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1 History of Iowa By:Rylie Gittins Facts

2 Iowa History Iowa became a state on December 28, Iowa has been listed one of the safest states to live in. The Geode became Iowa’s state rock in 1967 to promote tourism in the state. Earthquakes, volcanoes, floods and ice helped form the landscape of this area for over 1 billion years. The past 200 years we have seen settlers coming to Iowa from across the world to farm the land, make a home, and become Iowans.

3 Iowa’s State Symbols Riley Konsor

4 Wild Rose The wild rose is Iowa’s state flower. It was chosen for honor because it was one the decorations used on a silver service. Wild roses are found throughout the state. They bloom from June to late summer. The flower is in shades of pink, it is set off by many yellow stamens in its anter.

5 Eastern Goldfinch The Eastern Goldfinch is Iowa’s state bird. It was chosen as the state bird because it is commonly found in Iowa and often stays through the winter. In late July or early August they build there nests from plant materials and line them with thistles. The blue white eggs of the Eastern Goldfinch incubate for 2 weeks and young birds leave the nest when they are 2 to 3 weeks old.

6 Oak tree The Oak tree was designated as the state tree in Iowa chose the Oak tree because it is abundant in the state and serves as shelter ,food , and nesting cover for many animals and birds. No other group of trees is more important to people and wildlife. Acorns, the nuts a of Oak tree, are a dietary staple of many animals and birds.

7 Geode The geode was chosen as Iowa's state rock in 1967 The Geode was chosen the official rock in effort to promote tourism, in the state .The Geode is the rarest and the most beautiful of rocks and that Iowa is known worldwide because of large number found in the state. Geodes are shaped like the earth and averages about for inches in diameters.

8 Famous People in Iowa By: Rylie Gittins

9 John Wayne His real name was Marion Michel Morrison. Without his athletic scholarship he had to drop out of school and start working in the prop department of a film studio. He started working behind the scenes as a producer and then he became an actor. Some movies he was in was True Grit, The Searchers, and Stagecoach. Although he was enrolled in a cancer vaccine study in an attempt to ward the disease, John Wayne died of stomach cancer on June 11, 1979, at the UCLA Medical center. He died when he was only 72.

10 Herbert Hoover He was born in West Branch, IA. His reputation as a humanitarian earned during and after World War 1 rescued millions of Europeans from starvation. He was the first engineer president. He was the first president born in Iowa and to be born on the west side of the Mississippi River. Since President Hoover was a Quaker he didn’t take an oath of office. He affirmed his presidency. His lifespan was He died at the age of 90 because of internal bleeding.

11 Grant Wood He was born on February 13, 1891 in Anamosa, IA. He taught school near Cedar Rapids, and then took a job in 1913 in a silversmith’s shop in Chicago and attended night classes at the Art Institute. He was the American Painter Grant Wood. He created the mural that hangs in the BV building on the IWCC Campus. He died of liver cancer on February 12, This was the day before his 51st birthday.

12 Bob Feller He was born November 3, 1918 in Van Meter, IA. He was an American Major League Baseball pitcher. He became the first pitcher to win at least 20 games in a season before the age of 21. He was an amazing baseball player. He died December 15, 2010 aged 92 because he had Leukemia.

13 Johnny Carson He was born October 23, 1925 in Coming, IA. He was the host of The Tonight Show and he was a comedian. He received six Emmy Awards and they were the Governor Award, the Peabody Award, the Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, the Television Academy Hall of Fame Award, the Kennedy Center Honors Award, and the American Comedy Award. He performed ventriloquism and magic as “ The Great Carsoni” at Elks, Moose and Redmen Lodges from age 14 in Norfolk, IA. He died on January23, 2009 aged 79 in Los Angeles, California.

14 By: Riley Konsor, Rylie Gittins, Caleb Kingery
Iowa Agriculture By: Riley Konsor, Rylie Gittins, Caleb Kingery

15 Agriculture Iowa has at least 11,000 different kinds of soils that make up some of the richest, most productive land in the world. The average size of an Iowa farm is around 333 acres. Iowa ranks first in the nation in corn and soybean production. Iowa pork producers raise 28% of all U.S. pork. One acre is about the size of a football field without its end zones.

16 Three main colleges By Riley Konsor

17 University of Northern Iowa
UNI’s mascot is a panther. They are in the Missouri Valley conference for their athletics. Their class sizes are small with usually less than 30 students. UNI’s accounting program ranks among to ten universities in the nation for the pass rate of first time candidates on the CPA exam. UNI has consisted been named one of the “best of the Midwest ” in the Princeton Review Best 351 College rankings.

18 Iowa Hawkeyes Iowa’s mascot is the Hawkeye. Iowa university is located in Iowa City. The university is organized into eleven colleges granting and ungranting ,graduate a professional degree. The university is home to the university of Iowa hospital and clinics. There colors are black and yellow.

19 Iowa State University Iowa State is the oldest grant land college. Their mascot is the cyclone and their colors are cardinal and gold. They are in the big 12 conference for their sports. Iowa state is located in Ames . It is ranked among the top 50 public universities in the U.S. and is known for its degree programs in science, engineering, and agriculture. Iowa state is the leader in agriculture, engineering, extension and home economics.

20 Places to visit in Iowa By: Caleb Kingery

21 Clear Lake Clear lake is a city in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Clear Lake has a surface area of about 3,600 acres and measures seven miles long and two and one-half miles wide. The Winter Kite Festival is held on Clear Lake. What you do is go to the frozen Clear Lake and fly colorful kites. There was a bad plane crash that devastated the town it had people on it named Buddy Holly, Ritchie Vales, and the Big Bopper. The town said it was the end of music.

22 Effigy Mounds American Indian culture developed it over 1,000 years ago placing thousands of eastern mounds across the land of what (today) includes part of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. This is a good place to visit there are field trips you could go on and there are tours, public events, and even programs. All the events that you do in public events and programs are fun, you can get some education, you can do this moonlight walk, and the largest one is the Hawk Watch Weekend. On October 25,1949, President Harry Truman signed a proclamation establishing it a National Monument.

23 Villisca Axe Murder The murder happened on Thursday, June 13, 1912 in Villisca Iowa. The titanic happened a couple months before the murder. There was eight people in the house the night of the murder there was 6 kids slaughtered two of them were the kids friends from church sleeping over and the rest was the family. All victims names were Josiah B. Moore, Sara Montgomery (Moore), Herman Moore (11), Katherine Moore (10), Boyd Moore (7), and Lena and Ina Stillinger (12 and 8). The suspects they expected were William Manfield, Reverend George Jacklin Kelly, Henry Moore, Andy Sawyer who was kept by sheriff, and Joe Ricks who was kept in Monmouth, Illinois.

24 Okoboji Okoboji is a city in Dickinson County, Iowa along the eastern shore of West Okoboji Lake in the Iowa Great Lakes region. Okoboji is a tourism area. There’s great stuff to do there like golfing, there’s an art center, and Arnolds Amusement Park. Okoboji has become a recognized around the country from all the sales and products.

25 State Fair The Iowa State Fair is the single most largest event in the state of Iowa. The Fair is located in Des Moines, Iowa’s Capital. The kids can do stuff too, they do this thing called the Blue Ribbon Kids Club for kids 10 and under to explore the fair. You can also see livestock (farm animals). If you never milked a cow well you can here at the State Fair.

26 Things To Do-Four Seasons
By: Rylie Gittins

27 Winter One thing you can do in the winter is play in the snow. You can go cross country skiing. Build snowmen and dress them up with scarves and hats. Get a bunch of people and have a snowball fight. Go snowmobiling with friends.

28 Spring In spring you can plant a garden with your family. Go on a hike in the forest. You could fly a kite on a windy day. Get a butterfly catcher and catch butterflies. Play soccer with your friends in your backyard or at the park.

29 Fall In the fall you could pick apples, and go on a bike trail with your friends. You could have a bonfire with friends and family. You can go to football games. Go and by all your school supplies.

30 Summer In the summer you could go swimming. Invite some people over and have a picnic. Go camping with family and friends. You could have a water balloon fight in your backyard. Go on a summer vacation and go boating.

31 Sports in Iowa By: Caleb Kingery

32 Football Football is a sport played between two teams of eleven with the objective to go to the opposite side of the field without getting tackled by the other team with a ball and get 6 points. The field is 120 yards counting the end zones (touchdown) which are 10 yards. There are 4 quarters that are 10 minutes long. You will need padding for the game. There is shoulder pads that goes over your shoulders, football pants that have hip pads, thigh pads, tailbone pad, and knee pads, and you need cleats and a helmet.

33 Baseball Baseball is a bat and ball sport played between two teams of nine players each. There are nine innings in a game. There are two teams one teams outfield the other is hitting. When the team in the field gets three out they switch to hitting. The baseball field is called a diamond, and on the field there is an out field, an in field, first base, a second base, a third base, and a home base.

34 Basketball Basketball is a team sport in which two teams of five players that try to score by throwing or shooting in a hoop. The positions are two shooting guards, a point guard, and two post. There’s a wooden floor called a court there are lines that tell you how many points it is if you shoot. There are 4 quarters that are 10 minutes long. There are also fouls like slapping the opponent’s hand instead of the ball and if you push the person.

35 Wrestling Wrestling is a sport made up of taking someone down or getting up. There are two people trying to get points. The way to score points is if you take him down (2 points), if you get up (1 points), and if you keep him on his back for 5 or 3 seconds you win. There are three types of wrestling one’s freestyle, the other one is folk style, and Greco. Ancient Bible history says that Adam's two sons started fighting and turned it into a sport

36 Volleyball Volleyball is a sport made up of two teams of six separated by a net. Your goal is to bump, set, or spike a ball over a net and get a point. Volleyball is mostly a girl sport, but boys can play this sport too. There are 2 periods and if you win 1 and the other team wins 1 then you play a 3rd until one team gets to 21 points.

37 Fun / Wacky facts about Iowa
By Riley Konsor

38 Fun Facts 1. Strawberry Point is home to the largest strawberry in the world Crystal lake is home to the worlds largest bullhead (fish) statue Iowa is the only state that starts with 2 vowels Spirit lake is the largest glacier made lake The Iowa capital building has 27 fireplaces.

39 Fun Facts 1. West Okoboji is the deepest natural lake in the state. It’s depth is 136 feet Iowa has lost nearly half of its top soil since the pioneers plowed the prairie Iowa’s first fire department was in Carrol in 1873 and had 20 members. The equipment they had was a bucket Iowa Means “beautiful land” There are 99 counties in Iowa.

40 Fun Facts 1. Ripley’s Believe it or not has dubbed Burlington's Snake Alley the most crooked street in the world Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids is the largest cereal company Cap’n Crunch cereal made in the early 1960’sin Cedar Rapids. 4.The most popular sport in Iowa is college football but , the most played sport is baseball.

41 Rylie Gittins Caleb Kingory Riley Konsor
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