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Area II Technology Summit Welcome All of the “Techs” in the Districts and Schools are facing the same issues. How you deal with these issues is based on.

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1 Area II Technology Summit Welcome All of the “Techs” in the Districts and Schools are facing the same issues. How you deal with these issues is based on the size of the district and schools, amount of money that is available to be thrown at the issues, and how many are on the tech staff. We hope that this will give you an opportunity to network with and get contacts of your fellow “Techs” and see how they are solving these issues. We hope to provide a smorgasbord of information. Not everyone may need information on every topic but everyone should be able to get some information they need.

2 Introductions Tim Berogan - Technology Coordinator Lee/Ogle ROE47 John Rogers – Director LTC2N – Lee/Ogle/Carrol/ JoDaviess/Stephenson/Whiteside Counties Phil Wasilewski – Director LTC2S – LaSalle/Marshall /Putnam /Woodford/Counties Jerry Johansen – Director LTC2W – Bureau/Henry/Stark/Rock Island Counties Lori Whitman – Director LTC2E Boone/Winnebago/DeKalb /McHenry Counties Paul Cannon -- Technology Coordinator Whiteside ROE 55 Karen Reck – ROE Educational Consultant Jayme Hale - Workshops

3 Agenda 10:00 am – Welcome, introductions and start meeting 10:45 am – Special Guests – Hacking what your students already know 11:30 am – Break and Fix lunch plates / Working lunch 12:00pm – continue with meeting 2:00pm – End meeting

4 Why this Meeting This meeting was created so that you can make contacts with your peers and see how they are addressing and solving tech issues that are effecting all of you techs. Because you have the expertise this may be a little different than most meetings in that I hope to provide a lot of topics that will create the discussions and not dictate how things should be done. Also please keep notes on what topics you would like to have an expanded discussion on, so that we may set up more meetings to address more specific items. I also hope that during the discussions each of you are able to get answers about how to address an issue that you have questions on. I also hope that you are able to find contacts with techs that are in the same size district or school. Let’s All Learn From Each Other LTC Area II 4 Areas (North, South, East, and West) 18 Counties, 171 Districts, 601 Schools

5 5 Areas of Topics 1) “State Mandates” ( Possible consolidation of the DIP/SIP/TIP, E-mail archival and retrieval and Internet Safety Curriculum, Technology proficiency) 2) Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks (Hacking techniques that your students know, Network intrusion, Viruses, Proxy Sites) 3) Equipment (routers, firewalls, projectors, “smartboards” new educational software equipment “websites”, Open source Software) 4) Vendors (who are your techs favorite vendors based on price and service – and bad experience with vendors) 5) Tech Support (favorite tech sites) and Tech Training

6 State Mandates Possible consolidation of the DIP/SIP/TIP Phil – to expand on

7 State Mandates E-mail Archival and Retrieval ISSRA (Illinois School Student Records Act) 105 ILCS 10/1 set seq.) it requires a school to maintain a student's permanent record for 60 years (105 ILCS 10/4(e) and student's temporary records for 5 years (105 ILCS 10/4(f)). Two schools of thought – 1) Backup everything 2) Only backup what’s required for student records as per Illinois School Students Record Act Policy should be established by your Administrators and Legal Team Have a policy in place and follow it to the best of your ability. - Due diligence Students Permanent Records -- Who is taking responsibility for these via E-Mail

8 State Mandates E-mail Archival and Retrieval References ISBE School Code - 23 IL Admin Code 375.pdf23 IL Admin Code 375.pdf Or - IL School Board - IL School Board Journal.pdfIL School Board Journal.pdf Or - Schools Internet Liability Issues - Internet_Liability_Issues_Robbins Schwartz4.pdfInternet_Liability_Issues_Robbins Schwartz4.pdf Network World - Clear Choice Review.pdf Clear Choice Review.pdf Tangent Presentation - E DiscoveryMaster - May 2008.pptE DiscoveryMaster - May 2008.ppt Tangent - http://workshop.datacove.net Username - Password - T226B

9 State Mandates Internet Safety Curriculum New Legislation requires instruction of students 3 on by school districts on internet safety is effective 7-1-09 – Grade specific training -- How are your schools implementing this? New Law - New Law Internet Safety Curriculum.pdf New Law Internet Safety Curriculum.pdf ISBE - ISBE - WEB WISE KIDS -- Simple Assessment -- I-Safe -- Local and State Police Wired Kids - Collinsville Unit 10- Lakeville Area Public Schools On line Safety Resources- EschoolNews - National Center for Missing & Exploited Children -

10 State Mandates Technology Proficiency For Students and Professional Development InForSourceLearning - http://www.SimpleK12.com Alex Markovitch, - 800.393.4636, ext. 243 - Entr`e Computer Solutions - Gale Cengage Learning - Bill Muller - 800.877.4253 Ext 2280 -

11 State Mandates Other Items dealing with State Mandates Emergency Notification System National School Safety Center - Free forTeachers - alertscom.html alertscom.html One Call Now - Global Connect – We Are Closed Today - School Reach - CDW-G - Mass Notification Toolkit web site - Other Issues Cell Phones – Teens Sending un-appropriate pictures and messages - The average age of girls sending nude pictures is 12. - 17 year olds being charged as sexual predators for forwarding pictures of underage girls that have been sent to them. CellPhonePics.avi/CellPhonePics.avi How are you controlling/using Cell phones – Are you banning Cell phones or are you using cell phones as emergency notification outlet?

12 Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks Hacking Techniques that your Students Already Know. Demonstration – Dana Fellows and Students Tom and Doug - Dixon High School. A few Items demonstrated are: Cain & Able - Backtrack - Hotspot Shield -

13 Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks Being Protective or Reactive to Network Intrusion

14 Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks Network Intrusion and Detection Snort – Look@Lan – SecurePoint – Detection/3000-2092_4-10165238.html Detection/3000-2092_4-10165238.html Colasoft Etherlook –

15 Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks IPCop – Dans Gardian – Untangle - Smoothwall School Guardian - Proxy Sites – Bypass Info - Know Proxy Sites - PROXY SITE DISCUSSION ON TECH.docPROXY SITE DISCUSSION ON TECH.doc OpenDNS - Ultrasurf –

16 Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks Viruses Avira Anti Virus – Symantec – HouseCall – AVG - McAfee- Microsoft Defender - MalWareBytes – Avast Antivirus– Avira Antirootkit - LavaSoft Adaware – SpyBot – SuperAntiSpyware - Sofotex RegScrubXP – Glary Utilites - AvastAntivirus –

17 Protecting Networks from Internal or External Attacks Other Items dealing with Protection networks from internal or external attacks Wireless Device Access - Security Temporary Devices on your network - How are you handling these request? Personal Devices on the network

18 Equipment and Software Open Source Software – Open Office, Linux, Google Tools - New Educational Software Collaboration “websites” – PBWiki - FaceBook - MySpace - Twitter - Google Tools - First Class – ThinkQuest - Gaggle - Microsoft SharePoint - Cloud Computing - Citrix Xen Server - Vmware - Notebooks - What kind are best? NetBooks – AsusTek, Eee PC Netbook, Dell Inspiron 1525, Hp Mini Netbook, MSI Computers, Lenovo Group N – Computing - Moodle -, Routers, Firewalls, Projectors, “Smartboards”, Printers, Copiers Wireless projectors and tablets -

19 Equipment and Software Other items dealing with Equipment or Software Student Management Systems – Skyward – SchoolMaster- E-Mail Encryption – BackUPs – How often is your backup tested? Streaming Videos – Learn360 –, Tom Bukowski AIM Education, Inc. - Cell: (815) 409-2170 (Preferred) Phone: (888) 367-6368 Ext. 6035 CCC Video on Demand -,, Cathy Black, Technology, New Dimension Media, 224/595-8935 mobile Discovery Education –

20 Favorite Tech Support Sites TechGeeks Mailing List- Tech republic -- example -- IT DOJO – Experts – Echange – Major Geeks – Bleeping Computers - Google – Eschoolnews - Twitter – ????? Edtech listserver – Petri – MSDN – TechNet – EventID – Microsoft – Geek Police - Tech Guy - 5 Star Support – Unique Computers – Sterling

21 Favorite Vendors Vendors CDW-G - -- Leigh Ann or 877-466-7812 Byte speed - - Anna Archer at or 1-877- 553-0777 CDI Computers - - Sarah Johnston at or 888-226-5727, x3730 ITXchange - - Loren Williams at or 312- 283-0113 ext 224 Illinois Learning Technology Purchase Program -- Iowa Educators Consortium -- Americom Computer Systems, Inc -- Educational Resources – GovConnection - Entr`e Computer Solutions - Apple – Zones – Bradfields from Peoria - Page 1 of 2

22 Favorite Vendors DCS – Acer- Pratt Audio Visual – RK Dixon – HP – Aero Computing – Tiger Direct – Parts Stock – Amazon - Global Gov/Ed – MonoPrice – Cyberguys - Newegg – Old Equipment Recycling Dell - Off Lease Computers and recycling – 1104 Industrial Park Road Rock Falls, IL 61071 – 815-626-0985 Page 2 of 2

23 Tech Training How are you or your Techs getting training? Tech meetings? Tech Feast – NFI – IETC – ICE - SANS - College or Technical School

24 Other items to discuss Expanded Topics for Future Meetings Are you interested on having future meetings? What are your 3 most important items that you would like to have training on or discussions about? Are you interested on being on a planning committee for future meetings?

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