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Family and Community Engagement “Reaching Out to Families in Transition”

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1 Family and Community Engagement “Reaching Out to Families in Transition”

2 What is Family Engagement?


4 When Parents are engaged… Students improve Classrooms improve Schools improve Everyone benefits!!

5 FAMILY ENGAGEMENT: SHARED RESPONSIBILITY for STUDENT SUCCESS! School Student Success Community Home McKinney Vento Program

6 Greater achievement benefits are recognized when Family Engagement is active by:  Parents working with their children at home  Parents attending and actively supporting school activities

7 Engaging at School! Encourage parents to: Volunteer in the classroom Volunteer for school projects and fundraisers Be a mentor to new families and make them feel welcomed Follow through with commitments Check the school website for information and updates Attend parent teacher conferences Participate in after school activities What are the barriers?

8 McKinney-Vento Office Engaging Families Our office provides support to families in transition and offers opportunities for them to become involved in their child’s education. In 2014 we served over 2,648 children 0-21 years of age. We held 104 Parent activities for school-age families and 16 for children 0-4.

9 Parent Packs Parents packs are given to each family who is in the program. Information is translated into Spanish and Vietnamese. Other languages are available if needed. Parent Packs include: McKinney-Vento Staff Contacts Parent Teacher School Calendar Parent and Community Support Information Parents Rights Family Transition Cards Community Resources Parent Education Program Calendar How to Help Your Child in School Pamphlet Multilingual Services Information

10 Parent Education Program 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm September 24 October 15 November 19 January 21, 2014 February 18 March 11 April 15 Parent Education Program " Helping children learn through Family Engagement” 301 S. Grove—WATC Parking Lot 973-4670 The PEP programs provides personal development, parent and child activities and resources for parents in the McKinney-Vento Program.

11 Assist parents with conferences and meetings at their child’s school assist with transportation when needed to attend conferences and school activities follow up calls to parent to remind them to attend meeting requested by the school attend IEP meetings expulsion hearings meetings requested by school personnel utilize interpreters and translations to provide information in the families language (Propio Services)

12 Pep meetings are held once a week at the shelters and once a month for all parents in our program. Self – Esteem Workshops Parenting Skills Financial Literacy Book study – “What’s in my Backpack” Resources and Presenters Parent / Child Activities Flyers are sent home with the students, put in parent packets and are called to inform them of Parent Education meetings. Parent Education Program

13 Reflections….. -We can pack the good things to become successful. -Will Power vs Want Power -The book is life changing and uplifting -To never lose hope -This book is one of most powerful kept secrets -Gives me hope for the future -This book is life changing and uplifting -Helps me find positive things I can say about myself. Parent Education Meeting at the Shelters

14 How to get parents to attend meetings…. Location accessible by transit busing Shelters – car pool Provide hands on learning activities that engage parents Nutrition activities that provides a snack for the parents and children Sign-up opportunities for resources and referrals Provide incentives that are needed by the families

15 Introducing Math to Parents of Middle and High School Students Presented by Curriculum Math Coaches Loved the Ahhhaaa! Moments (10 Frames)

16 PEP Meetings Nutrition- Math Snack Math Homework Boxes

17 Distribution after PEP Meetings! Parents fill out reflections before going through the distribution area.

18 Parent and Child Playgroup for Children 0-4 Playgroups held twice a month. Partner with the department of Multilingual Education Services who also serve migrant and refugee families.

19 Engaging families in the Summer! Summer Packets and Summer Program ARTS Camp for Unaccompanied High School Students… Connecting with students in the summer 21 st Century Community Learning Center Camp – Partnership with City Parks and Recreation. Parenting classes and Parent activities held at camp!

20 Blending Resources McKinney-Vento Grant Title 1 funds for Parent Involvement Activities, Parent Facilitator and Social Workers Language Support – Multilingual Services Family Case Manager-Migrant Funding Family Homeless Assistant-Title 111 21 st Century Community Learning Center Grant AmeriCorps Vista – Combination of funding-assist with partnerships and fundraising Donations

21 Community Engagement and Service Learning Provides classes and programs for parents Resources Donations Funding Volunteers Special Events

22 Utilizing Media to Bring Awareness of the Program KWCH KPTS Univision Wichita Spanish Newspaper Wichita Public Schools “Parent Talk” USD 259 McKinney-Vento Facebook page

23 Community Partners University/Community College Fraternities/Sororities Social Work Dept. Engineering Department Volunteers School of Social Work ! Engineering Camp Beta Volunteers

24 Churches Mission Projects Morning Out Mom Programs Pre-school programs Men and Women groups Summer Camp Programs Volunteers Donates snack packs for unaccompanied youth Monthly. Pre-school “kids helping kids”

25 School Groups and Community Learning Service Projects East High Aces Bishop Carrol High School Middle School School group collect donations for service project!

26 School Groups and Community Service Projects Matt Link “Eagle Scout Project” Collected over 1700 pairs of socks. Foster care youth group volunteering and giving donations.

27 Financial Institutions Financial institutions make donations large and small! Some of these are all going throughout the year!

28 Businesses Walmart manager brings items to us on a regular basis and also gives monetary donations and gift cards. Academy Sports donates 200 vouchers a year for school uniforms and gives the program discounts on sports gear for our students.

29 Mel Hambleton Ford Car dealership adopted our program and donated $7.000

30 USD 259 Staff and District Programs Supports McKinney-Vento

31 Help Portrait Family Activity Haircuts, make-overs and family portraits!

32 Organizations Rotary Lions Optimist African American Museum

33 Fax all Enrollment Residency Questionnaire forms to our office if they are not in permanent housing. Please make sure that the ERQ forms are completely filled out and signed. If it is an emergency situation please indicate that on the form. Once verified, student information will be sent to nutrition services. All fees should be waived. This includes: pay to play, art and music. If you have any questions please call our office. If a student has previous fee charges before they enter the program they will still be responsible for those fees and charges. Depending on the situation our program may assist with uniform cost if funding is available. If a student needs assistance with field trip fees, please check with your school to see if the cost will be picked up by other means. Our office will assist with fees depending on the field trip and if funding is available.. We need to continue to surround the families with positive influences and to build relationships that will welcome them to your program. Parents are a child’s first teacher. Even though they are often in survival mode we can help them overcome the obstacles and barriers to help their children success. You can make a difference in the life of a child and their family….. Parents*School*McKinney-Vento*Community = Student Success!

34 Comments or Questions Drawing – “What’s in Your Backpack

35 Cynthia Martinez Wichita Public Schools McKinney-Vento Liaison 201 N. Water Room 530 316-973-4670 Office 316-210-3309 Cell

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