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Welcome! Statewide Real Estate Conference 2013. Real Estate.

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1 Welcome! Statewide Real Estate Conference 2013

2 Real Estate

3 Statewide Real Estate Conference 2013 May 14-15, 2013 Innovative Tools & Techniques for Right of Way Acquisition Project Management

4 W IS DOT REGION/DISTRICT MAP DIVISION OF TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT (DTSD) North Central (D4 & D7) Northeast (D3) Southeast (D2) Southwest (D1 & D5) Northwest (D6 & D8) Spring 2013 Real Estate

5 See full Agenda details in your folder

6 HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS:  Lunch to be provided (free) on first day for everyone!  Light morning and afternoon snacks will be provided during breaks.  Dinner and breakfast will be on your own. Feel free to enjoy hotel buffet and look for discount coupon in your folder.  A hospitality room is available for networking. Use it to meet others, and you are welcome to bring snacks and drinks for yourself or to share.  Have a question? Contact a conference host or speaker.



9 Jeri Krugman Jessie Prien Jim Kuehn Jim Makuski Joel Batha Jim Rawson John Sobotik Kassandra Walbrun Kathy Batha Kathy Curren Kathy Rudolph Kerry Paruleski Kevin Zarem Kristin Schrader Larry Nicholson Larry Stein Maria Krueger Mark Gottlieb Mark Krause Mike Roach Your hosts & key speakers… Alane Stephens Arlin Brannstrom Audrey Demeter Becky Sorensen Bob Duffeck Brent Stella Bruce Enke Carrol Waldenberger Cindy Michalski Connie Bruns Craig Andersen Curt Van Erem Dan Grasser Dave Selissen Dawn Van Oudenhoven Derek Zwart Drew Kottke Ernie Peterson Jacob DeCleene Jay Viste Nancy Cohen Nelson Catellanos Norman Pawelczyk Paul Vraney Randy Vraney Randy Schwarz Rick Dickson Robert Ballweg Rod Key Ron Borree Sara Beachy Sherry Miner Shirley Bradley Tanace Matthiesen Teresa McClung Tim Pope Tracey Johnsrud Troy Stapelmann

10 Just ask whenever you have questions

11 Come in, find a seat and make yourselves comfortable… THANK YOU FOR COMING! RE 101

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