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1 Finans|Bergen Presentation to master students at NHH

2 Partners: 19.04.2015Fornavn Etternavn, navn@nhh.no2

3 FINANS|BERGEN A partnership between the research group in financial economics at Norwegian School of Economics and financial institutions in Bergen Finans|Bergen is coordinated through the website (accessible for all NHH-people): What’s in it for students at NHH? –Master market –Job market –Access to research, data and networks in general 319.04.2015Aksel Mjøs

4 MASTER MARKET A web portal represents an arena connecting students, institutions and NHH staff. The Master market allows for exchange of ideas regarding topics for master theses and/or access to detailed, company specific analytical data. The financial institutions get access to relevant and professionally conducted analyses. The analyses are done under high level academic supervision which would otherwise not be available. Students get experience in applying theoretical knowledge on practical applications. 419.04.2015Aksel Mjøs

5 JOB MARKET Finans|Bergen also offers a job market for NHH students through the web portal –Summer internships or part time jobs –Separate assignments/shorter projects –Full time jobs Internships generally reduce the risk of permanent hiring –Mutual knowledge between the candidate and the company through master thesis or other work –Job decisions made from better information reduce risk in the hiring process 519.04.2015Aksel Mjøs

6 NETWORKS ++ Access to member institutions in any professional setting –Research data –Jobs and projects –Events Increased access to research seminars at NHH in general The Master market and Job market builds relationships and competence –Strengthens the financial sector in Bergen –Increases the probability that NHH students choose to start their career in Bergen 619.04.2015Aksel Mjøs

7 The Financial Sector in Bergen - Key statistics 19.04.2015Aksel Mjøs aksel.mjos@nhh.no7 Number of financial institutions 113 Number of employees 5 546 Assets under management671 BNOK Total insurance premium income 39 BNOK The financial sector in Bergen is second only to Oslo in Norway and grew by 8 % in number of employees ‘09-’11. The number of employees in the financial sector in Bergen exceeds the sum of those in Trondheim and Stavanger combined.

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