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Accent Marks in Spanish

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1 Accent Marks in Spanish

2 manzana hablan problemas
Stress: Vowel, N, or S If the word ends in a vowel, an -n, or an -s, the second-to-last syllable is stressed: manzana hablan problemas

3 Stress: Other Consonants
If the word ends in a consonant other than -n or -s, the last syllable is stressed: felicidad hablar sensacional

4 Stress: Accent Marks inglés habló árbol
If we break the previous rules, we must use an accent mark to indicate stress: inglés habló árbol

5 Practice: Which needs an accent?
carcel camino camino caminamos cancion canciones

6 Accent Marks & Conjugations
Accent marks on verb conjugations are important: escucho ≠ escuchó escuchara ≠ escuchará

7 Accent Marks & Pronouns
When we add pronouns, we often need to add an accent mark: mandar → mandármelo mandando → mandándolo manda → mándalo

8 Accent Marks & Pronouns
But not always: dar → darlo

9 Accent Marks & Homonyms
Pronounced the same, different meanings: de vs. dé el vs. él mas vs. más que vs. qué se vs. sé si vs. sí te vs. té tu vs. tú

10 Accent Marks & Questions
Interrogative words have accents: ¿Quién? ¿Qué? ¿Cuándo? ¿Dónde? ¿Por qué? ¿Cómo? ¿Cuál? ¿Cuánto?

11 Accent Marks & Diphthongs
Diphthongs are two vowels that blend together to form one syllable: hablais bien cuaderno

12 Accent Marks & Diphthongs
Accents break diphthongs into two syllables: país sonreír heroína

13 Notes Accents are only used with vowels.
Accents are drawn from the lower left to the upper right. Not all words need accent marks; words with accent marks will have only one. If a syllable other than the last or second-to-last is stressed, the word must have an accent mark.

14 Notes Borrowed words often don't have accents. For example: Internet and sandwich. Capital letters are often not accented even though they should be. Numbers: "Necesito 2 ó 3 bolígrafos."

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