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IS JUICING WORTH THE HYPE? Tigers Feel Great Jennifer Marshall and Anna Tuttle.

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1 IS JUICING WORTH THE HYPE? Tigers Feel Great Jennifer Marshall and Anna Tuttle

2 Objectives Learn about the pros and cons of Juicing. Learn about the truth behind the Juicing fad. Identify better ways to increase fruits and vegetables in your diet. Acquire the knowledge to make delicious and nutritious smoothies at home.

3 What is Juicing? Became popular in the 1990s Extracting the juice from fruits, vegetables, and herbs Juicers grind food into small pieces that are spun to remove juice from the pulp Juicers range in price from $50 to $400 (and possibly more)

4 Pros to Juicing Increase fruit and vegetable consumption Good snack option Part of a healthy diet Experimenting with different fruits and vegetables Tastes good

5 Juicing cons Removing pulp and skin = removing fiber Concentrated sugar - not suitable for diabetics Lacks sufficient calories Can cause diarrhea – “cleansing” Harmful bacteria

6 Is a juicing diet balanced? Lacks fiber Low amount of calories Vitamins and minerals are lost in the extraction process Small amount of protein and fat

7 Juicing claims Reduces risk of cancer Better for you than whole fruits and vegetables Boosts your immune system Removes toxins from your body Nutrients from juice more easily absorbed Helps you lose weight


9 Truth behind the claims No scientific evidence. Fruit and vegetable consumption can decrease risk of cancer. Balanced diet is important.

10 Alternatives to Juicing Eating whole fruits and vegetables 2 cups of fruit 3 cups of vegetables Smoothies Variety of fruit and vegetables Protein Dairy

11 Steps to making a healthy smoothie 1.Start with a base Water Green tea Milk – cow’s, almond, coconut 2.Add fruit Creamy – banana, mango, peaches Non-creamy – pineapple, apples, grapes, berries 3.Add a filler Oatmeal or quinoa Yogurt Avocado 4.Extras Leafy greens Celery or cucumber Hemp, chia, flax seeds Nut butters 5.Sweeten to taste Honey, agave nectar, maple syrup

12 Naked’s Green Machine Green Monster Smoothie Calories – 200 Protein – 9g Carbohydrates – 30g Fiber – 4g Fat – 10.1g

13 Smoothie King’s Green Tea Tango Regular (20oz)Make it Skinny (20oz) Calories 282182 Fat (g) 33 Saturated fat (g) 22 Calories from fat 28 Cholesterol (mg) 16 Carbohydrates (g) 5229 Sugar (g) 4017 Protein (g) 88 Sodium (mg) 190 Fiber (g) 22

14 Smoothie Tips Rinse, prepare and freeze ripe fruit Freeze spinach and other leafy greens Keep basic ingredients available Be creative!


16 Question 1 Most juices are missing what key nutrient: a)Carbohydrates b)Fiber c)Protein d)B and c

17 Question 2 Which of the following juicing claims has been scientifically proven: a)Juice prevents cancer. b)Juice detoxifies the body. c)Juice boosts immunity. d)None of these have been proven.

18 Question 3 A balanced diet includes fruits, vegetables, protein, and whole grains. a)True b)False


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