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The Integrity Project Strengthening public media’s trust, independence and responsibility.

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1 The Integrity Project Strengthening public media’s trust, independence and responsibility

2 Public television’s Affinity Group Coalition Public radio’s Station Resource Group With support provided by Corporation for Public Broadcasting

3 Creating A Culture of Integrity & Responsibility ………………building a culture within their organizations that reflects the values of integrity, accountability and transparency. ………………….from the high-level work of crafting principles and policies to the nuts and bolts of living up to our standards amid the daily grind, what is working and where is help needed?

4 The importance of values within an organization The ways in which an organization manifests its values, internally and to the public Key Objectives:

5 Trust Trust is our most important asset Across a range of challenges, continued trust in our content is essential – Working in a polarized environment – Developing new services and platforms – Asking donors and sponsors for more support – Making the case for tax-based funding

6 Distinctive public position Independent, locally-controlled media Principled purposes – Support a strong civil society – Increase access to culture and knowledge – Extend public education – Strengthen community life Quality, excellence and diversity – Accuracy and integrity – Inclusion that reflects our communities

7 Strong station culture Shared sensibilities – Define and live our values and principles Governance – Commitments to principles and policies that shape a trusted, responsible organization Operations – Instincts about “how we work here” that foster quality, accuracy, fairness, and transparency

8 From talent to a team Capable, committed, high-performing people... but often divided by our different roles A framework that unites – Supporting all of the enterprise – Aligning our efforts – Reconciling our differences

9 Work to date – tools to use Collect and vet issues and controversies Working groups to explore and recommend – Station leaders, media experts, producers – Reports published on the project website Sample guidelines and policies – From stations and networks A model Code of Editorial Integrity – A call for stations to adopt or adapt

10 Work ahead – a local process Each local organization adopts policies that work for you Commit to ongoing work – Review codes and guidelines of other organizations you respect – Encourage broad participation within your organization to foster broad buy-in – Expect to refresh your work on an ongoing basis

11 Next steps for the project Working groups on new issues – eg:Funders and Firewalls- How to develop and manage partnership productions – content and expectations Make our existing work more accessible – Connect with civic/lay leaders – Learn from their wider experiences – Articulate Board and Staff roles and relationships Revise and update the Code of Editorial Integrity for Local Public Media Organizations

12 What we need from you Today: – Tell us about current “hot spots” – At your own shop, right now Later: – Critique our current materials – What works, what doesn’t, what we miss – Tell us what will best support your own process

13 Contact the Integrity Project Co-directors Byron Emeritus Director, Wisconsin Public Broadcasting Tom Co-CEO, Station Resource Group Read all about it at

14 The Integrity Project Strengthening public media’s trust, independence and responsibility

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