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Zoe Rolle, Edrick Robichaud, Hassan Emran, Deniz Divinali.

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1 Zoe Rolle, Edrick Robichaud, Hassan Emran, Deniz Divinali

2  Fossil Record and Evolutionary History  Structures – what makes them unique  Life Cycle & behaviour  Classification  Over 40,000 species classified under Crustacea





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9  Malacostra- crabs, lobsters, shrimp krill etc  Ostracoda- ostracods  Maxillopoda- barnicles  Branchiopoda – brine shrimp

10  A hard exoskeleton  Compound Eyes  Antennae  The abdominal segments have swimmerets (swimming legs)  The circulatory system is open.  The nervous system consists of a primitive ventral nerve cord and ganglia system (similar to those of an earthworm).

11  Open Circulatory System  Lobsters have teeth-like structures in their stomach, which grind partially digested food. The structure is called a gastric mill.  Some species of shrimp are luminescent, meaning they produce a faint light.  Copepods are small crustaceans, between 0.5mm and 5mm in length.  Male fiddler crabs have one large claw, which they wave in the air to impress females when trying to find a mate and intimidate other males and predators. The waving of their claw is thought to resemble playing the Fiddle!

12  Author Unknown.”Crustacean Fun Facts.’’ Anima info6.html Planet. Date Accessed: March 20 th,2014.  “Crustaceans.” Wikipedia Article.  McGill University. “ Crustaceans.”  oulombe, Deborah A. 1984. The Seaside Naturalist. Simon & Schuster.The Seaside Naturalist  Martinez, Andrew J. 2003. Marine Life of the North Atlantic. Aqua Quest Publications, Inc.:New YorkMarine Life of the North Atlantic  Myers, P. 2001. "Crustacea" (On-line), Animal Diversity Web. Accessed March 2014. cea.html.

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