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› Corsican craft industry  Contents :  -Pipes in root of heather  -Knives  -Pens.

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2 › Corsican craft industry  Contents :  -Pipes in root of heather  -Knives  -Pens

3  Most of the craft pipes, are made in heather, or more exactly in the burl of the rhizome of this plant, which establishes a material presenting numerous qualities.  It resists very well to the fire and the heat it possess a big absorption capacity.  It is a pleasant wood to work, which allows the realization of diverse forms of pipes.  Once the tips are made, it can undergo various finishes intended to embellish its outside aspect, as the sanding and the varnishing.

4  n°1: Straight pipes  n°2 and 3: Half curved stem  n°4 and 5: Curved pipes  n°6-7-8: pipes nicknamed "dust covers" with small stoves and long pipe.

5  Exhibition of pipes

6  Originally, the Corsican knife is a strong knife. Indeed every cutler makes his own knives. The idea is that there is NO Corsican knife but Corsican knives. The only common points of these Corsican knives is that they are conceived to last and to serve every day. Corsica being an agro-pastoral region, everyone has one in his pocket, a knife which will be of use to him as a tool and to eat outside (Spuntinu).

7  The current Corsican knife arises from the Knowledge and the island traditions regarding cutlery industry. Numerous cutlers immortalize the tradition on the island.

8  Those pens are the best in the hand. They are in timber from Corsican maquis, and have a mechanism of high quality. Every pen is composed of various timbers from the maquis used during the manufacturing. The pen can be made in Eucalyptus, in cedar, in locust tree, in olive tree, in cork oak or in root of heather and lots of other timbers. Other materials like certain metals or horn or recently the galalithe can be added to the pens.

9  The galalithe, hard and silky, works manually. It does not grind, it appears in plates of various thicknesses, in sticks, or in tubes. It requires a work of mechanical or manual polishing to arrive at a brilliant aspect. Furthermore, the galalithe is a polymer which is biodegradable

10  Pens in olive tree with inlay of brass and horn, in the foreground pen in juniper

11  Wood of olive tree ivy and polypode Wood and stone



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