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Chapter 5.2 Friction at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

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1 Chapter 5.2 Friction at the Sochi Winter Olympics

2 Friction friction is the force that opposes motion.

3 Causes of friction Surfaces have tiny hills and valleys on both sides. As the surfaces slide across each other the hills and valleys grind against each other.

4 Causes of friction Friction depends on both surfaces.

5 Types of Friction Static friction - friction force that resists motion between surfaces that are not moving.

6 Types of Friction Sliding friction - the friction force that resists the motion of an object moving across a surface.

7 Types of Friction rolling friction - opposes motion of a rolling object.

8 Types of Friction air friction - a force of the surrounding fluid (air) working against motion

9 Types of Friction

10 Motion through water - viscous friction works much like air friction.

11 Effect of weight on friction Adding weight to a sliding or rolling object adds friction between the two surfaces. Which takes more force to push?

12 Decreasing Friction 1. Lubrication - such as oil 2. ballbearings 3. Magnetic Levitation

13 Increasing Friction 1. cleats

14 Increasing Friction 2. Race tires vs Street Tires - Street Tires increased friction in wet conditions. - Race tires increased friction on dry roads.

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