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UPAABC 2014 AGM and Christmas Party

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1 UPAABC 2014 AGM and Christmas Party
December 6, 2014 PUBLIC

2 A little bit of history…
The Pioneers: Ruben Verzosa Fita Eloit Toonen Bert Quibuyen Aurel Muego Ching Muego Soc Brosas Caloy Brosas Ron Laglagaron Delia Laglagaron Danny Isaac Emma Mamisao Ben Pires Laila Pires Butch Jorge Danny Jorge Vic Ingco Frank Villanueva Ed Venegas Bobby Varona Nanette Varona & many more… (raise your hands and be recognized) 35 Founded in 1979 PUBLIC

3 UPAABC is growing 416 members
+ 4 Philippine Consulate officials who are all UP Alumni + family and friends Note: our membership dues have not increased PUBLIC

4 Your membership dues go a long way
What kept us busy in ? Your membership dues go a long way Continuously supporting 2 scholars at UP Diliman Marc Francis Labata B.S. Chemistry, 3rd year Kim Ivan Mendoza B.S. Microbiology,3rd year PUBLIC

5 Our Networking and Community Outreach efforts brought positive results: Launched the “Iskolar ng Bayan” Scholarship Program Drake Meddox offered to give one scholarship (free tuition) for a Health Care Assistant Diploma Course UPAABC launched the competition and provided book allowance and mentoring > Juliet Cabrera won the competition, now working as HCA in a facility Sprott-Shaw College also offered one scholarship(free tuition and books)for a Health Care Diploma Course for a caregiver affected by Haiyan UPAABC provided the first level selection process and mentoring > Nenita Yap won the competition and now studying; offered by Sprott Shaw for a nursing scholarship PUBLIC

6 2014 We learned new things: Professional Development 2013
Wellness and Tax Filing for Seniors Tax Planning Seminar with PCTC Kapihan with Seniors Field Trip to Water Filtration Plant Self-Employment and Personality Development Workshop 2014 Water 101: Field Trip to Water Filtration Plant Fund-Raising Strategies Dual Citizenship Forum “Inner Calling” Seminar PUBLIC

7 We are part of the Community
Joined the One Philippine Alumni Association (OPAABC) and Usapang Pinoy to tackle Filipino youth at risk Jammed with the Ateneans Active participant in the Philippine Independence day Celebrations Joined ANCOP walk and show Fund-raising for Haiyan Co-lead in the Human Trafficking Forum with UBC Liu Institute Participated in Ministers’ round-table discussions on issues affecting the Philippines Participated in discussions on immigrants’ issues PUBLIC

8 We empowered our “kababayan” newcomers to Canada
received a Vancity grant of $4500 launched the Options and Opportunities Seminars to help newcomers to Canada in their job search strategies 6 Options and Opportunities Seminars in Greater Vancouver and Victoria assisting 350 participants Featured 10 success stories during the seminars Launched the UPAABC Mentoring Program PUBLIC

9 We tested our physical limits
Vancouver SUN RUN Grouse Grind Challenge PUBLIC

10 We had FUN and SUN Birch Bay Annual “kwentuhan”
Dwelling Annual Picnic Jamming sessions and despedida parties (Con-Gen Ampeso, Labatt Bernie, Consul Melanie PUBLIC

11 And we continue to Raise funds $$$$ Silent Auction
Grouse Grind Challenge T-shirt Sale Membership dues: please pay, please etc, etc, e.g Vic Ingco’s Birthday challenge, Eric’s Grouse Challenge, and many more PUBLIC

12 Internally, we maintain
UPAABC Website Facebook Group Yahoo Group Membership List PUBLIC

13 We need to work on Membership collections (416 members)
20 Seniors – 4.8% 28 Lifetime – 6.7% 37 Current Paid – 8.9% 79.6% past due/unpaid Our membership information Only 48 updated their records – 11.5% PUBLIC

14 And, we have more FUN Annual Christmas Party and AGM

15 Financial Report Balance Sheet Assets Cash on Hand 4, , , Term Deposit Scholarship Fund Vancity Membership Paypal Balance , Accounts Receivable , Total Assets 5, , , Liabilities Accounts Payable , Total Liabilities , Total Funds 5, , ,243.26 PUBLIC

16 Income Statement Revenues 2013 and 2014 Membership Collections 1, Vancity Scholarship 4, Scholarship Collections 4, Haiyan Collections 1, UPAABC T Shirt Interest Total Revenues 13,277.98 PUBLIC

17 Income Statement Expenses 2013 and 2014 Summer Picnic Workshops 4, Operational Expenses AGM and Xmas Party 1, Scholarship Payments 2, Haiyan Disbursements 1, UPAABC T-shirts OPAABC Total Revenues 12, Excess 1,269.44 PUBLIC

18 2013-2014 Income Statement In Event Amount Collection Expenses
Vancity Grant 4,500.00 Scholarship Donations 2,559.83 4,850.00 2,290.17 Membership Collections 1,840.00 UPAABC T-shirt 545.00 865.00 TOTAL IN 8,579.83 Out Collections 2014 Summer Picnic 185.00 550.20 2013 Summer Picnic 0.00 465.81 2013 AGM and Xmas Party -1,228.60 25.00 1,253.60 2014 AGM and Xmas Party -90.19 481.00 571.19 Workshops -4,391.53 4,391.53 Administrative Expenses 211.96 Other Expenses 775.00 1,197.68 Haiyan Initiatives 1,520.00 OPAABC 200.00 357.40 TOTAL OUT -7,333.37 TOTAL 1,246.46 PUBLIC

19 And, we have more FUN Annual Christmas Party and AGM

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