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Vegetable Oils Forum AFOA 2013. Brian Engel Tenaska Commodities, LLC Omaha, NE.

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1 Vegetable Oils Forum AFOA 2013

2 Brian Engel Tenaska Commodities, LLC Omaha, NE

3 Distillers (DDG’s) Corn Oil update Rail car situation Renewable documentation Mineral Oil

4 Distillers (DDG’s) Corn Oil Recovery Process Grind corn Cook corn Fermentation Separate solids (centrifuge), liquids, alcohol (distillation) Concentrate liquids (syrup) 30 to 35% solids through evaporators Centrifuge corn oil from concentrated liquids

5 Distillers Corn Oil Specifications AFOA Rule 6.e Online at ain/ ain/

6 Distillers Corn Oil Production 80% to 85% of ethanol plants extracting 2.0 to 2.2 billion lbs of annual distillers corn oil production Yields improving – Anti emulsion process aids – Higher process temperatures – Management focus – Fine grind – Enzymes

7 Distillers Corn Oil next steps Increase yields to 1.0 lb/bu approximately 5.0 billion lbs / year Potential 1.8 to 2.0 lbs of corn oil / bu Higher protein values relative to energy value in feed Continued challenges with changes in processing characteristics Partial refining / bleaching at ethanol plants

8 Rail Car Situation Petroleum companies bidding $1200 to $1500 per month = 1/2 this time last year Petroleum companies taking delivery of new builds – returning short term leased cars Increased safety concerns / costs Increased traffic flows Crude producers like flexibility to markets that rail cars provide vs pipeline LNG competing to replace diesel

9 Renewable Documentation Contracts specifying additional feedstock source documentation – RINS – CARB / CI index – ISCC certification – RED certification Auditing

10 Mineral Oil Specifications European driven – being adopted elsewhere Likely added to existing specifications Not able to detect food grade mineral oil vs non food grade mineral oil Sources – Rail car / metal wipes – Pumps / hydraulics

11 Questions ??? Volunteers for Vegetable Oil Committee Contact information – Brian Engel – – Mobile (402) Time for Biofuels FORUM

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