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Market Plan Charles EmilyDannaAnna AliceAnne Jerry Bob.

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1 Market Plan Charles EmilyDannaAnna AliceAnne Jerry Bob

2 Executive Summary Brand name: Lavin Coffee Shop Started:2007 Location: Shenzhen and Guangzhou (CBD ) Style: French style

3 Executive Summary Brand name: Lavin Started:2011 Location: Shenzhen (CBD ) Style: French style

4 Target market: the CBD (Central business district) in Guangzhou City 1. 1.White collar who are working in major office complexes near the CBD 2.Local residents 3.College students and faculty Target customers:

5 Work busy, suffer from large pressure, need to relax High salary, high living standard, not price-sensitive Purse healthy and leisure lifestyle Convenient and comfortable place for study or leisure entertainment


7  The most competitive advantage is that these all coffee chain brands received first-mover advantages in china. ----- preempt rivals ----- capture demand ----- build brand awareness ----- boost the competitiveness ----- cost advantages …….  Lead to the increase of scores of other factors

8 AAs a late entrant, Lavin can benefit by observing and learning from the mistakes made by early entrants, especially the rules of the industry. AAnd Lavin can also save the cost of promoting and establishing a product offering, including the costs of educating customers.  To sum up, compared with its competitors, Lavin also has competitiveness. From the table, we can learn a lot that Lavin should pay more attention to build brand image differentiate Itself and board influence range. For instance, Lavin can make good use of PageRank. In addition, Lavin also should focus on the capital operation, ensuring the smooth of the chain of capital.

9 Just 1% of the world's production of coffee is good enough for us to choose from. Products Characteristics Lavin has a coffee chain to control the whole coffee making process from start to finish - we source, store, blend, roast, grind and pour all our own coffee. No one else is involved.

10 The classic series of coffee in Lavin café includes: Espresso, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Con Panna, Latte, Flat White, Mocha, Americano. As well as offering the finest coffee, we have a wide range of alternatives including hot chocolate, Hot/iced teas and juice, iced coffees & coffee coolers. Cocktails and Beers.

11 Different foods are provided in the shop in order to match up with the tastes of coffee. Including sandwich( Tuna/Smoked Chicken/Ham Cheese/Roasted Chicken/Ham Egg), pizza( Smoked Chicken/Tuna/sea food), cakes( Classic Chocolate Cake/Black Forest Cake/ Green Tea Ice Cream Cake /cheese cake/tiramisu/Mousse Cake), muffin( Chocolate, Blueberry, Banana), salad( Vegetable Salad/Macaroni Salad/Fruit Cup/Potato Salad), snacks( Cheese Stick/chocolate/Cookies).

12 Customized Service Customers can customize their coffee for no extra charge just by letting our baristas know and we'll make coffee using any of the following: Decaffeinated coffee, skimmed milk, soya milk. We also offer series of set meals with common collocation. Combo A: Espresso/Tea +Classic Chocolate Cake. Combo B: Latte/Mocha + Black Forest Gateau/Ice Cream Cake/cheese cake/tiramisu. Combo C: Macchiato/Cappuccino + Mousse Cake

13 Special food: (coffee/ green tea flavored) snow-skin mooncakes for Mid-autumn Festival, Special Drinks: peach/mango/mint/green tea smoothie for summer days. With a perfect match of the fresh taste of snow- skin mooncakes and the redolent odour of coffee, Lavin brings you an unforgettable delight of freshness this summer.

14 BARISTAS Every single barista in our café has been professionally trained in the art of coffee by qualified coffee experts at our coffee academy. Take the espresso for instance. Our baristas are trained to make sure their grind produces 30ml of espresso in 20 seconds. If it takes less than 20 seconds, the flavor won't be perfect and we'll start again.

15 On average, each qualified barista has been practiced making at least 1000 cups of coffee.

16 Lavin 1.Staff: well-experienced , warmhearted &helpful 2. Fitment : Italianism & comfortable sofa and chairs,set some Laser equipment[ printing, scanning or duplicating service for free], outlets for each seat SERVICE !!

17 Lavin SERVICE !! SERVICE !! 3. Entertainments: Magazines, Wi-Fi service 4.Delivery service: more than 10 cups 5.depositary: laptops 6.DIY service: make your own dream coffee or cheese cake under guidance.

18 Pricing Strategy

19 for all during the trial operation 20% off We will choose penetration strategy for trial operation. Specific measures: Pricing Strategy

20 Non-price Strategy For Official Operation We will focus on adding the value to our product and service by Creating a warm and relaxing environment. (soft music, free magazines…) Offering free delivery service; Holding some activities regularly: Movie/Music/ Salon (cooperation); Establish the relationship with the regular customers: Set up VIP system; Remember their taste and recommend some new products may be their flavor.


22 Distribution Inside the shop (1) direct selling Advantages: ① the direct channel to avoid dealer markups ② the direct model allows the Company to maintain, monitor, and update a customer database that can be used to shape the future product offerings.

23 (2) take-away we offer online order and have delivery for free. We can save the room in case of the shop to be much crowded. During our customers’ commuting period, our shop can be advertised indirectly.

24 Outside the shop (1) shopping-mall counter We can attract the customers’ attention (2) vending machine It can save our labor cost and increase the convenience for our customers (3) point-of –sale around the shopping mall with this method we can promote our products’ awareness soon.

25 Promotion advertising  Newspaper  TV  Magazines  Internet  Billboards, posters and electric display

26 Sales Promotion 1 、 Point-of-sale displays: As a café, we prefer to give an on-the –spot display (maybe outside the cafe) to s how we make the coffee and the cakes. Steward can make some beautiful Patten of coffee for the customer and attract passer-by, a nd let them to have a try for free.

27 2 、 sample: As Lavin gives an on-the –spot display, it also can give passers- by some sample to show how delicious its food and coffee are. 4 、 trade stamps : We can give customers trade stamps for customers to accumulate and redeem for additional merchandise. 5 trade stamps a cake for free. 10 trade stamps a cup for free. 3 、 group buying( 团购 ): 1 ) 10 cups once 5%discount; 2 ) more than 20 cups once 15% discount

28 6 、 Coupons : 1)the first 10 people every day 12% discount ( each of them is only at best buy two cups. 2) At ordinary time, buy the second cup 5% discount 3) over 100 Yuan consumption 5% discount 5 、 premiums: 1)In first few opening days, customers do some consumption can get some cakes for free. 2)If a customer buy three cups of coffee in one day, he can get a coffee cup as premium (logo and Take-away phone number are printed on the cup. ) 3)We also offer special premiums to old customers every season. It can be a toy, a cup or a cup of coffee.


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