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SJK Company Overview 2013. About Brand S atisfaction Quality J ust-in-time service K ey-cost offering.

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1 SJK Company Overview 2013

2 About Brand S atisfaction Quality J ust-in-time service K ey-cost offering

3 SJK-ShanghaiSJK-HK  Business Founded- Capital RMB 15,000,000 Shenzhen HQ & Yantai Factory Awarded ' best supplier' from TXC. Joint venture with Anhui, 30% stock share for SMD products Started business of IC. Started Consumer products business( Mobile phone chargers. U Disc) Joint venture with DongGuan factory 20072008200920102011 Milestones 20062005200320042002200120001999199719951993199119901989 R&D 2.0*1.6MM HC-49U ProductsHC-49S & HC-49SMD Ceramic resonator. crystal filter& tuning fork SMD package crystal & oscillator ( Size : 8*4.5,7*5, 6*3.5) 5*3.2MM SMD 5*3.2MM oscillator R&D 3.2*2.5MM Mass production on small size crystal & oscillator  Products R&D 2.5*2.0MM ISO 14001:2004ISO9002:1994  Quality SGSISO9001:2000 DNV Cert.(ISO80000) ROHS.DNV

4 Organization Structure Organization Shenzhen HQ HK Office Yantai Factory ShangHai office AnHui Factory 30% Share 100% Own DongGuan Factory 10% Share

5 Organization Structure C E O FAE MIS QA Engineering Dept International Dept Domestic DeptFinancial Dept Admin Dept IC Dept Consumer Dept Materials Dept International Section 1 Internaitonal Section 2 Domestic Section 4 Domestic Section 5 Domestic Section 1 Domestic Section 2 Domestic Section 3 HDMI Mobile phone U Disc Universal Charger Purchasing Warehouse Accounting Accountant HR Driver Receiption XBD ABD CFO AnHui Factory HK Branch ShangHai Office DongGuan Office Guangzhou Office YanTai Factory

6 Direct & Indirect Labor Phd., Master3 University12 College32 Others18

7 Technics Procedure Wash Blank Plate Electrode Bake Glue Adjust frequency Weld Test Laser Mark Tape

8 Product- Crystals DIP type SMD type Tuning Fork type 6F 6G 7I 6U 7U 7E 7F 6H 6I 7V 7*5 6*3.5 5*3.2 4*2.5 3.2*2.5 2.5*2.0 2.0*1.6 8.0*4.5 5.0*3.2 3.2*2.5

9 6T TCXO 6R 6S VCXO Full/Half 7*5 6MF 6MH 6N 7N CXO Full Half 7*5 5*3.2 Product- Oscillators 7D Crystal Filter ( MCF) HC49U/49T, UM-1,UM-5

10 Product- Ceramic Resonators ZTA & ZTB SMD ZTA&ZTT DIP Sub-MHz to 50 MHz (Service ONLY)

11 Turnover

12 Monthly Available Capacity Shenzhen Headquarters Shenzhen, China 500 Sq. Meter. Yantai Factory Yan Tai, China 1500 Sq. meter. An Hui Factory An Hui, China 5760 Sq. meter. Dong Guan Factory Dong Guan, China. 9600 Sq. meter. Total61.6KK PCS /Month PCS / Month Product/ Factory Yantai An HuiDong Guan SMD Xtal 4KK 38KK DIP600K 2KK 12KK OSC--1KK

13 Quality Control Process IQC – For raw material IPQC-For the products on process FQC – For final quality control online OQC – Before delivery Quality Control Machine : 250B, 350B, KH1200 Etc.. Final Electric test. Temperature Test

14 Finishing Products chart Purchasing Warehouse Production plan Material Arrangement Finished products PackingWarehouse OK IQC FQC IPQC OQC NG Products Manufacture Out NG NG NG NG OK OK OK Contract

15 Blank Flow Chart Measure Angle&Adhibit Cut Lump 6S Process Small LumpMelt Lump6S Process Big Lump Sort Frequency Erode Surface Check Appearance Crystal Bar Enter Warehouse Incise Bar9S Kibble Wafer 9.6S Grind Wafer Adhibit Wafer 9S Grind Big Lump 4S Finish Machining Sort Wafer Process Border Remark : Every process step arranged QC work.

16 X’TAL PROCESS 清洗 wash wafer 老化 aging 加压罐压气 / 吹干 add compress air/blow 测试 test 焊封 weld 包装 pake 打标 mark 晶片 wafe r 入仓 enter warehouse 烘干 bake 镀银 plate elecrode 上片点胶 stick wafer on base 微调 adjust frequency 中检机校对和操作 middle check-system calibrate and operate 烘烤 bake 编带 tape 剪脚 cut leg SMD 成形加工 Smd process SMD 编带 Smd tape 点胶机调校 / 滚胶 adjust machine mix glue 银丝和钼舟清洗 silver and molybdenum boat clean 去离子水制造 DI water 烤胶 bake glue Note : is QC point

17 Quality complaint chart ComplaintConfirmCheck Correction plan Reply Customer Apply Correction plan Follow result Transact NG goods Confirm Mark Prevention

18 NAMEMANUFACTURERQUANTITYPURPOSE X-RayCHINA 3Check Angle IncisionJAPAN 1Cut Multi-swordCHINA15Cut Grinding 9SCHINA 8Grinding Grinding 6SCHINA 8Grinding Grinding 4SCHINA60Grinding RollerCHINA 6Grinding Correct to roundCHINA 1Correct to round Sort frequency JAPAN , CHINA 11Sort frequency Blank Equipment(113)

19 Blank Plant Grinding Machine X-ray Machine Sorting Frequency

20 Crystal Equipment ( 82 ) NAMEMANUFACTURERQUATITY Base-platingKOREA 6 Auto-FixingJAPAN19 Frequency Adjustment CHINA , HK 2323 Resistance WeldingCHINA 9 Laser MarkingCHINA 2 250A frequency-checkUSA 3 250B Frequency-CheckUSA 2 350B Frequency-CheckUSA 1 Temperature-checkUSA 2 KO-3288 check-allHK 4 350B Frequency-testUSA 1 KH-5102 Test machineHK 6 Leak Inspection MachineCHINA 3

21 Frequency Adjust Crystal Plant Coating Laser mark Tape& Reel

22 Applications Computer Consumer Communication Others

23 RF VC-TCXO GSM:26M PHS:19.2M CDMA:19.68M,19.2M Sweep clocks 32KHzCrystal unit/ RTC 32KHz crystal unit for MCU AT crystal unit for High speed interface NFC(RF-ID) 3225 TCXO 16.367667M 5032 XTAL 24.5575M GPS 5032 24M,48M,27M Camera 5032 12M,24M Wire IF(USB) Memory IO/HDD 3225 27M,54M TV Bluetooth AT crystal Oscillator 3225 13M,16M AT crystal Oscillator Crystal Inside Mobile phone Application MTK Soluction(6139) 3225 XTAL:26M for GSM MP3,MP4 5032 12M,24M

24 Dup Div Dup Div Dip PLL LNA BPF (2G) BPF (800M ) PA Mixer PA LNA ANT SAW Filter ( RF ) VC-TCXO/AT Analog Base band IC MIC Digital Base band IC Flash Memory Senso r PGA Lens Flash Memory Displa y Voic e USB Keyboar d Speaker USB Control Unit Battery Crystal Units Application Processor IC IR-cut Filter BPF (800M ) BPF (2G) RF IC 32K crystal Mobile Phone Block Diagram

25 RF Crystal Inside GPS Application Sirf. TCXO 3225 16.367667M 3225 16.369M SAW 2520 1575.42M Nemerix. TCXO 3225 16.368M SAW 2520 1575.42M USB Module 5032 24M,48M MP3,MP4 5032 24M TV module 5032 27M,54M Bluetooth Module 4025 16M

26 GPS Block Diagram

27 Crystal Inside BLUETOOTH Application CSR Solution 5032 24M,26M Transmit Receiver ISSC Solution 3225 16M (9,10,12pF)

28 QA Green policy 1.SJK QA System Introduce 2.2001: ISO9001 Ver. 2000 3.2006: ISO14001 Ver. 2004 4.2010: Toward DNV RoHS Certified of process control. (ISO 080000) 5.Green product, Green earth.

29 Top 10 Customer Name ProductsRemark HC49U/S/SMDFor UPS HC49U/S/SMDTop 4 EMS factory HC49U/S/SMDFor ACS System 6x3.5 SMDFor Touch-screen 5x3.2 SMDAcoustics

30 Name ProductsRemark 49SMD 5x3.2 5x7For Notebook Ceramic filter & discriminator For Walky-Talky ¢ 2*6MM,5*3.2MM For acoustics 49SMD 5x3.2 5x7For Notebook 3.2x2.5 MM SMDFor GPS Top 10 Customer

31 Shenzhen Crystal Technology Industrial co.,LTD Head Quarter: Room 1805, East Wing, Tianan High-tech Plaza phase 2, Tianan Cyber Park, Futian District, Shenzhen,518040,China. Tel : 86-755-8835 2809 or 86-755-8835 2810 Fax: 86-755-8835 2499 or 86-755-8835 3718 Email: Website: Contact Us

32 Question & Answer We are your best partner.

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