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NashFIT Adventure FREE DEMOS this THUR at 9:15 & 5:30 nashFIT Adventure.

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1 nashFIT Adventure FREE DEMOS this THUR at 9:15 & 5:30 nashFIT Adventure

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3 Prepair2Perform Participants biggest mistake is late or lack of prep. Do not attempt show up and throw up technique it isn’t worth hurting yourself over nashFIT Adventure

4 nashFIT Adventure Social Facebook & nashFIT microsite Organize runs Training & nutritional tips DNCtCY&feature=player_detailpage DNCtCY&feature=player_detailpage Workout of the day Connect with other participants Coming in April 2013 nashFIT Adventure

5 Tools of Adventure Race Training Program: a failure to plan is planning to fail – Participate in a running mileage program This is the limiting factor to success for most participants Connect w local running program or endurance athlete – Obstacle Program Indoor Phase 1 & Outdoor Phase 2 nashFIT Adventure

6 Age Predicted Adventure HR Chart (Scientific Zone Training) Heart Rate Monitoring Zone 1 (55-65%) – This isn't so Tough Zone 2 (66-75%) – I can Tough this out Zone 3:(76-AT%) – I've seen Tougher Zone 4:(AT – 90%) – This is Tough, but I am Tougher Zone 5: (90-100%): – I am a Tough Mudder nashFIT Adventure

7 All clients should monitor & progress intensity (use HR monitors) AGE Max HR Zone 5 100%  91% Zone 490%  83% Zone 382%  76% Zone 275%  66% Zone 165%  55% nashFIT Adventure

8 Tools of AdventureFIT Training Hills or Equivalent Eccentric plyometrics and downhill running What goes up must come down. Eccentric plyometrics and downhill running are essential for success A lot of people go up the Gouse Grind, very few come back down. Why – it hurts. Breaking barriers = Success nashFIT Adventure

9 Tools of Adventure Training We ights, Logs & Stuff If training on location use heavier implements like KB’s & DB’s will be carried & lifted If training off-site use lighter tools & what is available to you (logs, monkey bars, rocks, sand, mud) nashFIT Adventure

10 Tools of Adventure Training Bodyweight TRX Manual Resistance Participants as base of support nashFIT Adventure

11 Tools of AdventureFIT Training Monkey Bars & Ropes Grip & pull-up strength will come into play on numerous occasions Using towels and ropes, as well as naturally occurring walls to climb over should be a major part of preparation nashFIT Adventure

12 Tools of Adventure Training Cold Therapy / Artic Enema – u must practice / build tolerance running w wet ft + recovery tubs nashFIT Adventure

13 Tools of Adventure Training Race Day Gear & Tips Dry layer Full length spandex or dryfit pants, shirt, socks. Weather appropriate Best to have layers Gloves nashFIT Adventure

14 Race Day Gear & Tips Camera & electrolytes in sealed plastic sand. Bags Old but stable running shoes / trail runners Travel roller Ample food & bevies nashFIT Adventure

15 Building Team Comradery FIT nashFIT Adventure Mottos – This is Tough But I Am Tougher – Cultivate, Dedicate, Motivate – When I say nash, you say FIT nashFIT Adventure

16 Building Team Comradery Organized off-site training sessions – Grouse Grind – Crescent Beach stairs – Playground Competitions against other SNSC’s & trainers inside each SNSC watch?v=x-3hvRHixeI nashFIT Adventure

17 FIT Getting Registered for nashFIT Tough Mudder Reg. Rumour has it that is TM Sat is almost sold out Join our MX group nashFIT Registration Demos this Thur – contact PT desk to book your time Talk to a or your trainer for times & opportunities to join a group Tough Mudder Reg. Team name: Steve Nash Morgan Crossing Password: stevenash Sat 10:20am (this does guarantee that clients will get this time) Same applies for other events as well. You will be provided a link to manage your group ster/groups/login.aspx?event= ster/groups/login.aspx?event= nashFIT Adventure

18 Adventure Personal & Group Training nashFIT Adventure FIT PT Pkg’s – ARE YOU nashFIT 6,12, 18, 24 & 36 session pkgs avail Set sm gp & 1 on 1 pkg price includes: – team t-shirt – 1 on 1 training also receive a 2 sessions coupon – Sm gp includes 1free PT session coupon & Dotfit samply pack FREE DEMOS this THUR at 9:15 & 5:30

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