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Passrate Improvement Target December 2014 = 50% January 2015 = 60% February 2015 = 70% Action Plan NoNo PlanActionTarget Date PICCurrent Status 1 Offline.

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1 Passrate Improvement Target December 2014 = 50% January 2015 = 60% February 2015 = 70% Action Plan NoNo PlanActionTarget Date PICCurrent Status 1 Offline & Bar Templates Tuning [Implementat ion] SB32a, SB35a, SB53, SB36, SB31 (a) Prepare rack, powerpack, facilities & checksheet Oct 2014 HARIZ / AIDA STC (1)Quick coupler for water already done. (2)Hose reel for hydraulic hose already done. (b) Prepare Bar Template, Stub and CMM Jan 2015 HARIZ/ SAIFUL AMIR (1)Stub (2)Bar Templates (c) Fine tuning and collect data Dec 2014 HARIZ/ SAIFUL AMIR (1)Monitoring Board is now implemented and updates. (d) Standardization / SOP / On-job-training / Manual Dec 2014 HARIZ/ SAIFUL AMIR (1)SOP to do Offline Tuning also done. (2)SOP for powerpack is done. (e) Review result and improvement. Feb 2015 HARIZ/ SYED AMIR -To do a Monitoring Boards for Hourly Monitoring purpose. Updates : 27 Feb 2015 PLAN SB53SB54SB32aSB36SB31 √√√√√ SB53SB54SB32aSB36SB31 √√√√√ Hydraulic Hose ReelWater- Quick Coupler SOP Powerpack √ On-going hot rework & grinding Stub SOP Offline TuningBar Templates √ Done

2 For SB31 & SB36, the barrier is Bar Cannot be fix at the Point-Q. After discuss with Haffizi and Erveen STC, need a major grinding and hot rework. a)Offline start from 10.30am ~ 5pm. b)Technician fill-up checksheet. Actual training has been done on 7 th Jan 2015. 5 Module. 1- Tightening and greasing. 2- Warm-up bending machine by using Powerpack. 3- Checking every item (mechanical, electrical & pneumatic). 4- Do Offline Tuning 5- Put a Green Flag. -Daily updates by technician. Offline Tuning DO a)Stub a)Bar Templates SB53SB54SB32aSB36SB31 √√√√√ SB53SB54SB32aSB36SB31 √√√√√ (1)Bar Templates and Stub (2) Training (theory & practical). (3) Practical Offline (4) Monitoring board Hourly Monitoring Daily Monitoring

3 ModelProblemCountermeasure & Figure SB53 (HONDA 2CT) (1)Bar slunting & stuck when robot loading bar to pusher. (2) Mostly die’s already wear-off. Slow progress of drawing handover. (1)Design review with Mr Amin. Re-design With STC. -Already release new design. Now on fabrication. (5 Jan’15) PVD (6~9 t Jan’15) ; ETD 12 Jan - Trial done without Eye twisted. (2)Already fully handover of die’s drawing only. - Has tried new die step 1 & 2  Done - Has tried new die step 3  Done - Change new bracket Step#1 due to thread loose. - Try die step#6  Done  Have a Coordination Meeting with Azhar on18 Feb. i - Shaft step#1 (clamp) loose due to shaft wear-off. Temporary : Repair and tighten with double lock-nut. Permanent : Do design review with lock-nut. Current Status : Design complete. On detail drawing. ii - Die step#8 wear-off & cannot be replace because solid-block. Temporary : Touch-up & grind die. Permanent : Re-design. Split between die and block. Current status : Design complete. On detail drawing. iii - Re-check all cylinder and hose. Many leaking. To investigate root cause. SB54 (PROTON GSC/ IRIZ) (1)Bar stuck at jig and marking. (2) Die point-Q already wear-off. All drawing still not handover from STC. (1)Use others type of roller. Temporary using Roller SB31 (myvi). Problem solve with 99% passrate but have a marking at eye portion. To coordinate design review meeting with Haffizi on 2 nd Mac’15. (2)Drawing already handover 29h Jan 2015 (but die’s drawing only). IGES (softcopy)still not handover. 3 10.24mm11.21mm Action For Top 2 Model DO Step 8 Bracket step#1 OLD DESIGN NEW DESIGN

4 Schedule Bending Machine SB53 (honda 2ct) (PVD Coating) DO December’14January’15February’15March’15 Current Die Life Stroke (pcs) NoProcessW1W2W3W4W5W1W2W3W4W5W1W2W3W4W1W2W3W4 1Pusher / Stopper Hold : Design review due to design error Act : 13/1 5,550 2Step#1 Act: 23/12 7,052 3Step#2 Act :23/12 7,052 4Step#3 Act :16/1 4,768 5Step#4 Die still OK 6Step#5 Die still OK 7Step#6 Act :30/1 3,691 8Step#7 Die still OK 9Step#8 Die still OK 10Step#9 Die still OK 11Step#10 Die still OK

5 % Data Collection DO Before WEP After WEP % % % % % SB32a (Saga BLM)Passrate drop due to (1)Problem : Eye gap due die wear- off. Countermeasure : Temporary : Yokoten PVD at this model and start to monitor die stroke. Cost saving without Coldset after WEP Program RM % SB53 (Honda 2CT)Passrate drop due to (1)Problem : Pin stuck at Insp. Jig at point-7, 8 & 9. Fine tune with Azhar STC. Step#1 loosen & die step# 8 wear-off. Cannot replace new die because die is solid with block. Countermeasure : Temporary : Fine tune (adjust cylinder stroke) & assisted by Azhar STC. Permanent : To review possible design which easy to maintain by Tool & Die.

6 6 Forging Cost Improvement FormingTrimmingPunchingReforming TopBottomKnifeMatrixPunchButtonTopBottom PVD Coating Stroke 9,361 9,717 19,268 23,53423,5341 PVD Recoating End Stroke 20,072 25,546 30,831 51,274 Cost of Die (RM) 935.001025.00740.001120.00415.00198.00935.001025.00 Cost per piece (RM) 0.0930.1020.0580.0880.0270.0130.0360.04 RM0.457/pc Result : Testing PVD (TiaLN) Coating Model : SB31 (MYVI) ModelSB31SB53SB36SB54SB32aSB35a MyviHonda 2CTAlzaIrizBLM FLXExora PVD√√√√√√ Date Submit to Tohken 3/10/201428/10/201420/11/201419/12/201415/12/201427/12/2014 Start Production 15/10/201410/11/20143/12/201428/12/2014 Awaiting Next Prod Schedule End Production 13/2/2015Still on prod Current Stroke 37,77022,6198,1556,3234,120 Cost per piece (RM) 0.330.561.572.003.10 Yokoten Plan to Other’s model (Highest volume only). Result : Production PVD (TiaLN) Coating PVD = Physical Vapor Deposition. TiALN = Titanium + Aluminium + Nitride Updates : 27.2.2015 # cost per dieset = RM6,393.00

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