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Basic Kitchen Equipment

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1 Basic Kitchen Equipment

2 Preface Nowadays food preparation technologies are developing rapidly. Hard handwork in the kitchen decreases as new food preparation equipment are being used. Future food preparation workers have to learn how to safely operate food preparation equipment as well as other kitchen utensils.

3 Preface Recent devices have good quality and excellent design. Many of them are of attractive appearance, stable, comfortable to use, have micro processing and control systems. New energy saving technical decisions are being implemented. New technology equipment meets all European requirements and are awarded with an international ISO 9001 quality certificate.

4 Kitchen equipment classification
Vegetable peeling machines Kitchen equipments are devided into the following groups: Vegetable slicers Electric meat grinders Dough mixers Ranges Electric pans, crepes pans Electric fryers Baking oven Microwave oven Cooking kettles Chafting dishes Freezers

5 Vegetable peeling machines
In restaurant kitchens vegetables are selected, washed, chopped either mechanically or by hand. While cleaning mechanically, the vegetable skin is peeled on the rough sides of the processing camera and the surface of the working parts. Finally the skin is cleaned with water.

6 Vegetable peeling machines
The other method is when vegetables are peeled by a rotating disk with knives. Vegetables are peeled with an abrasive or knife disk and washed having been put on a washing disk.

7 Vegetable peeling machines
Onions are peeled with a special onion peeling disk. Greenery is washed and dried in centrifuge.

8 Vegetable slicers Vegetable cutters cut vegetables in various forms or mash fresh or boiled vegetables. The form of cut vegetables depends on the cutting disk and the form of cutting knifes. Variety of performance (from 40 to 900 kg/h). You can choose a variety of cutting blades (chips, straw, grater, cubes and sticks).

9 Students practical training with vegetable slicers, by chopping carrots, cabbages, onions on November 2010


11 Electric meat grinder Meat grinding machines and mechanisms are meant to grind meat. Meat can be ground coarsely or finely. Mixing mechanism is used to mix meat and other products.

12 Electric meat grinder We can use different power and performance (from 50 to 500 kg/h) electric grinder for professional kitchens.

13 Dough mixers Dough mixing machines are used for preparation of various dough. Modern construction of dough mixing machines lets mix dough quickly and efficiently.

14 Dough mixers This kind of dough has an even consistency and is well saturated with air. Mixing machines can have a stationary or pushed up pot. Pot capacity can be from 45 to 340 litres.

15 Ranges Electric ranges are ascribable to the group of utility heating equipment. Electric ranges can have ceramic glass top or cast iron plates. They are produced with oven or without oven.

16 Ranges Classification : Flat-top ranges Ceramic ranges
Induction ranges Iron cast ranges Gas ranges

17 Ranges

18 Electric griddles Griddles are flat plates of metal used for frying, grilling, and making pan breads (such as pancakes, injera, tortillas, chapatis, and crepes). Traditional iron griddles are circular, with a semicircular hoop fixed to opposite edges of the plate and rising above it to form a central handle.

19 Electric griddles Rectangular griddles that cover two stove burners are now also common, as are griddles that have a ribbed area that can be used like a grill pan.

20 Electric griddles 80 or 120 liters converted to gas stations and pans made of stainless steel. You can choose a specially treated stainless steel cooking surface with a manual or electric tilt mechanism.

21 Electric crepes pans Useful for frying various types of crepes.
Cast iron plate (not removable) Stainless steel casing. Thermostat °C. 230 V/3,0 kW

22 Students practice to learn how to fry various pancakes, using electric, gas pans, electric crepes pans on December 2010

23 Electric fryers Electric deep fryers are used to cook in a big amount of fat or oil. According to their construction deep fryers can have one or two fry pots and one or two baskets. They can be portable or floor, various capacities (from 3 to 25 litres)

24 Baking oven Electric baking ovens are used to bake culinary and confectionary products. According to their construction they can be simple and modular sectional.

25 Baking oven Baking ovens have one, two or three compartments. Electric baking ovens may have ordinary heating, convection, microwave and grill.

26 Students practical training in order to learn how to use baking oven, preparing hot vegetable dishes on November 2010

27 Students practical training in order to learn how to use baking oven by preparing hot fish and meat dishes on December 2010

28 Microwave oven Microwave ovens are used to prepare dishes quickly and in high quality. With microwave oven you can defrost products and warm them up. Dishes prepared in microwave ovens are delicious and nutritious.

29 Microwave oven The products don't loose nourishment which is sensitive to high temperatures, nor moisture. They retain flavour, vitamins, minerals.

30 Microwave oven

31 Cooking kettles Catering offices use electric cooking kettles of various capacities. According to their construction they can be stationary, modular sectional.

32 Cooking kettles In kettles you can boil soups, garnishes, sauces, meat products, vegetables, hot drinks, etc. Products boil evenly, do not burn.

33 Students practical training with electric cooking kettles, by preparing various soups on November, 2010

34 Students practical training with electric cooking kettles in order to learn how to prepare and boil vegetable soups on November 2010


36 Freezers Freezers, refrigerators, coolers-are modern kitchen equipment for restaurants and cafes. They are used to keep various food products and raw materials.

37 Freezers Freezers are useble of various sizes (from 2 to 40 kub.m) Assemblies can be monoblock (built into the camera) or a split type (removed on).

38 Freezers Non-slip flooring, you can choose different sizes of doors and curtains, complete with shelves and racks.

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