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Anand Krishnan Plappally

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1 Anand Krishnan Plappally
Micro Hydel Turbine Prof. P. M. V. Subbarao Prof.Sanjeev Jain Prof.Santosh Satya Anand Krishnan Plappally IIT, DELHI

2 Mangal Turbine on River Sajnam, Bhailoni Lod Village Lalitpur Dist.
Dr S K Saha ,IAS Reviewing the Mangal water Wheel

3 Objective: VVisits to the different Sites in Gharwal area and
eEstimation of hydro potential of these sites. MMeasurement of geometry and performance of the existing water wheels. DDevelopment of improved design of water wheel to increase the efficiency of the wheel. decrease the cost of the wheel, and increase the reliability of the system. DDevelopment of various utility devices using Hydel Power other than the Electric power. IImprovisation of Mangal Turbine

4 HHISTORY The first reference to its use dates back to about 4000 B.C., where, in a poem by an early Greek writer, Antipater, it tells about the freedom from the toil of young women who operated small handmills to grind corn. AAs early as the first century, waterwheels of the vertical design were replacing the horizontal waterwheel. An early horizontal-wheeled watermill used for grinding grain in Greece was the called Norse Mill. In Syria, the watermills were called "noriahs". They were used for running mills to process cotton into cloth. OThe three distinct types of water mills, The simplest and probably the earliest was a vertical wheel with paddles on which the force of the stream acted. Next was the horizontal wheel used for driving a millstone through a vertical shaft attached directly to the wheel . Third was the geared mill driven by a vertical waterwheel with a horizontal shaft.


6 Applications: Grinding Grains Rural Electrification Irrigation
De Husking Cotton combing Rice Huller Other Agriculture related machines

7 Contact Agencies in India
HESCO is a NGO working on these perennial hydraulic resources in the TEHRI GARHWAL (UTTARANCHAL) for providing electrical and mechanical power to rural public. SIDH is a NGO in Mussorie. CIMMYT (INDIA) , DELHI There are other organizations.

8 Past Experience and Current Work
Design, Fabrication and Erection of 5 kW Horizontal Axis Hydro-Turbo Pump on a small river near Jhansi. Designing , Fabricating and Testing of 3.5 kW Horizontal Axis Hydro-Turbo Pump cum Generator on a Drainage Canal at Sonipat. Design, Fabrication of 3.5 kW Vertical Axis Hydro-Turbo Atta Chakki cum Alternator at Lacchiwala, near Dehradun. Generation of Data Base of various Micro Hydel Resources in Uttaranchal sites. Design of Micro Hydel stations. - Three sites.

9 Specify flow rate and head
Start Specify flow rate and head Calculate flow power Power requirement? Flow or head enough for required power production Yes No Require water storage and P E utilization? Power can be produced Start Turbine Design ` Select turbine speed as per power consuming device No. of vanes to be kept odd Material for manufacture according to availability: (best M, S material) Design for assembly of the system; turbine, power transmission devices, pump or alternator as required Install & stop

10 Comparative chart of Old and Improved Mangal Turbine
Comparative chart of Old and Improved Mangal Turbine Specifications Farmers Version Mangal turbine New Design I Mangal Turbine Weight of turbine 1500 kg 350 kg Outer diameter of wheel 4.0 m 1.26m Wheel speed 13 RPM 70 RPM No. Of blades 24 14 Head 1.5m Water consumption 1800 lit/sec 500 lit/sec Flow turning angle 70o for Big blade 49o for Small blade 110o (One type blade only) Blade width Big blade = 670 mm Small blade = 435 mm 380mm Blade depth Big blade = 235mm Small blade = 100 mm 100mm Gear box 3 stages Gear Ratio 1:125 2 stages Gear Ratio 1: 21.54 Material M.S. Specific Speed 75 RPM 3771RPM Pump discharge 22 lit/sec 19.5 lit/sec Output power 6 KW Efficiency 22.7% 72% Cost of wheel Cost of gear box 80,000 120,000 7,000 14,000

11 Schematic View of Micro Hydel Turbine having horizontal runner

12 Mangal Turbine (Old design)
Improved Design(version-1) of Mangal Turbine by IIT Delhi on River Sajnam,Lalitpur Dist.Bhailoni Lod Village Mangal Turbine (Old design) New Turbine Design

13 Improved Mangal turbine Improved Mangal Turbine
Specifications Improved Mangal turbine Version 2 Improved Mangal Turbine Version 1 Weight of turbine 450 kg 350 kg Outer diameter of wheel 1.5 m 1.26m Wheel speed 50 RPM 70 RPM No. Of blades 15 14 Head 1m 1.5m Water consumption 500 lit/sec Flow turning angle 1290 110o (One type blade only) Blade width 520mm 380mm Blade depth 145 mm 100mm Gear box 2 stages Gear Ratio 1:30 Gear Ratio 1: 21.54 Material M.S. Design Principle Poncelot inlet / Girard outlet Pelton/impulse wheel Poncelet inlet/Girard outlet Efficiency 82% 68% Cost of wheel Cost of gear box Rs10,000 Rs25,000 Rs7,000 Rs14,000



16 Figure Showing Gharat having vertical runner

17 EXISTING DESIGN Grinder adjusting lever Bush Bearing Alternator
Grinding Wheel 6” Pulley 12” Pulley Top Bearing Lower Bearing EXISTING DESIGN Penstock Water Wheel Main Shaft Wooden Base 40” Pulley 18” Pulley Canal

18 New Design Grinder adjusting lever Generator Gear Box Main Shaft Canal
Penstock Water Wheel Main Shaft Bush Bearing Wooden Base Grinder adjusting lever Grinding Wheel 10” Pulley 12” Pulley Gear Box Generator Canal Forbay New Design

19 Dhan Cutter, Alternator
Site visited Head available (in M) Flow Rate (l/sec) Wheel Speed In RPM Output Speed Diameter of wheel In CM No. of Blades Power Output In KW Applications Sangtiyawala 1.40 480 90 1500 106 16 1 Chakki, Alternator Bhogpur Gharat (1) 2.30 889 95 2 Dhan Cutter, Alternator Bhogpur Gharat (2) 645 104 84 29 - Chakki Donkwala (1) 1.50 70 100 30 Donkwala (2) 97 Donkwala (3) 1.25 Naya Gharat ,Lacchiwala 1.85 634 50 107 11 5 Chakki, Dhan cutter, Unnat Gharat 0.6 352 New Design 342 73 3 Chakki, Alternator

20 Specification of upgraded wheel for Garwhal area

21 Gear box arrangement for Micro Hydel Turbine
To Turbine wheel Input Shaft 100 RPM First pair G.R = 3.88 Second pair Output Shaft 1500 rpm Bevel Gear & Pinion G.R = 1 To Alternator Gear box arrangement for Micro Hydel Turbine

22 Computational Flow Anlysis



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