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Annelise’s Sweet Russo- Japanese War PPT Presentation By: Annelise (Annelise) Myriam.

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1 Annelise’s Sweet Russo- Japanese War PPT Presentation By: Annelise (Annelise) Myriam

2 Here’s a quick synopsis in numbers Total Dudes* Total Fightin’ Dudes* Total dudes that ate it* Japan45000000400,00035,000 Russi a 1360000002,000,000 125,000 * Oddly enough, I, Annelise, have a very southern US redneck accent when I Write

3 BACKGROUND (Not Back-grind) Japan invaded China in 1894 and won control of the Liaotung Peninsula (Sino-Japanese) The European Powers, fearing a balance of power shift, intervened (The Triple Intervention) and pressured Japan to give it back to the Chinese In 1898, Russia had got permission from China into granting it a lease for the strategically important port of Port Arthur (now Lü-shun) In the process, Russia gained rights to extend the Trans- Siberian Railroad across Chinese-held Manchuria to the Russian seaport of Vladivostok, thus gaining control of an important strip of Manchurian territory.

4 BACK-GRIND!!! OH YEAH!!! Oops I did it Again I’m A Slave 4 U That baby baby one That other one that was good Source: My fan club subscription and facebook friends

5 Background to the BACK-GRIND!!! In 1998, a young spritley former Micky Mouse Club “Mouseketeer” burst on to the pop scene and changed the world of music forev…. I, Annelise, would like to apologize to my audience for getting off topic, this is not the first time that the wunderkind from rural Louisiana, USA has invaded my thoughts and strayed me from topic. - Annelise

6 More relevant background Japan felt betrayed Japan was in a large push to industrialize (and were doing so even faster than Russia) Due to geography and geopolitics, Russian forces in the Far East were isolated Guess Which one is me!?!? →→→

7 The War In 1903, Russia chose not to withdraw its troops from Manchuria (as previously agreed upon), Japan decided it was time to attack Japan went in strong and took over most of the peninsula quickly and decisively. Russians were thrown off guard, and reinforcements coming from the east were too slow to get there (both land and sea) Graphic images next…if you are squeamish, don’t look!!!

8 IMAGES of WAR!!!

9 War Ends Military blunders and bad decisions led to the two main ground forces in Russia to surrender without consulting the Tsar The war was never popular in Russia in the First place Political unrest on the home front heightened (Bloody Sunday) in Russia Naval battle near Vladivostok was won by the Japanese Tsar Nicolas II moves for negotiation

10 Treaty of Portsmouth President Theodore Roosevelt of the United States served as mediator - Portsmouth, N.H., U.S. (Aug. 9-Sept. 5, 1905). Japan gained control of the Liaotung Peninsula (and Port Arthur) and the South Manchurian railroad (which led to Port Arthur) Russia agreed to evacuate southern Manchuria, which was restored to China Japan's control of Korea was recognized

11 Effects in Russia “This ain’t no science expirement, Sami…we caint isolate no daggum control group here” Direct editorial quote from Annelise Sparsis. Source: Annelise Sparsis BUT…Within two months of the treaty's signing, revolution compelled the Russian tsar Nicholas II to issue the October Manifesto, which was the equivalent of a constitutional charter

12 Is there a cause and effect relationship here? Total DudesTotal Fightin’ Dudes Total dudes that ate it Japan45000000400,00035,000 Russia1360000002,000,000 125,000 You do the math! Hey, check out my cool graphics! Myriam taught me!

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