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Waste Disposers.

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1 Waste Disposers

2 The Kindred Advantage Vortex Powered, Permanent Magnet Motors
More Power per Pound than Any Other Disposer Best Warranties in the Industry AMC manufacturers product with the longest warranties by horsepower in the business EZ Mount Installation All Models Available with Power Cords Septic Safe for Properly Sized Systems All Disposers made by AMC & ISE are Septic Safe Explain the Septic Safe properly sized systems. I know ISE has a specific disposer for this. How do we compare? Explain: Best Warranties in the Industry.I am not sure this applies since our Warranty states the following. Less than ½ HP – One Yr. from date of purchase, ½ HP-Five Yr. from date of purchase, ¾ or Greater HP-Ten Yr. from date of purchase.

3 Decibel levels vary depending on type of sink and other factors.
Vortex Powered Permanent Magnet Motor Sound insulated on 3-Bolt Models KWD-75, KWD-75A, and WD-100A. Under normal grinding, Kindred product and ISE product achieve the same decibel levels. Decibel Levels KWD-75 KWD-75A KWD-100A 68-71 db Please, show the Kindred Models. It would also be interesting to see how it compares to ISE models. Decibel levels vary depending on type of sink and other factors.

Motor Performance ADVANTAGES OF THE PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR Much Less Jamming Due to the high speed and torque (twisting power) of the permanent magnet motor, most potential jams are eliminated. When the disposer is used improperly because of food waste being deposited before starting the disposer, it is up to the starting winding to overcome the load on the turntable. This often results in jamming since the starting winding does not have the torque necessary to overcome many jamming situations. Induction motors have a starting winding and a running winding. Induction motors running winding speed is 1725 rpms, regardless of horsepower. The permanent magnet motor reaches full speed on the initial revolutions therefore avoiding jamming situations as mentioned above. PM motors run at 1900 rpms for a 1/3 and up to 2800 rpms on a one horsepower. 1. Can you explain in more detail the Starting and Running winding speeds?

Motor Performance ADVANTAGES OF THE PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR Speed of Performance Kindred disposers are almost twice as fast ( RPM) as the competitors induction (1725 RPM) units. The speed of the motor combined with the design of the grinding chamber results in faster grinding times. This means the consumer finishes the job much faster and spends less time over the sink. Energy Efficiency The nature of the permanent magnet motor requires less electricity than the induction motors. This fact combined with the overall faster grinding speed means that Kindred disposers use less electricity. 1. Explain how Magnetic motors use less water than induction.

Motor Performance ADVANTAGES OF THE PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR Smaller and Lighter Since permanent magnet motors are much smaller (even though more powerful) than the induction motors, Kindred disposers are more lightweight and compact. This not only provides for more space under the kitchen sink for the consumer, but makes the installation a much easier task. Most of the weight in an Induction unit comes from its motor. When I compared the size of the ISE to Kindred or Franke they are shorter, therefore allow more room under the counter. Can your clarify this?

Motor Performance EFFICIENT NON-REVERSIBLE MOTOR Prior to the late 1970s, disposers would jam due to hard food particles or objects becoming stuck between the fixed impellers on the turntable and the grind ring. At that time, the solution used by leading manufacturers was to utilize costly and complicated reversible motors so that if disposers became jammed, they would reverse and de-jam themselves easily. However, to eliminate this problem simply, swivel impellers were developed to swing out of the way if an object became jammed between them and the grind ring. Since reversible motors were more costly and had more complications than non-reversible motors, most manufacturers eventually dropped this, now unnecessary, feature and began using swivel impellers. However, our competitor continues to use reversible motors in their upper end line. Although it does have marketing advantages, the reversible motor only adds to the cost, weight, and complication of those units.

8 Vortex Powered Permanent Magnet Motor
Vs. Induction Motor KINDRED Permanent Magnet Motor ISE Induction Motor RPM Full speed and torque within first turn Modern motor technology (automobile industry and power tools) As load increases so the torque increases No jam key necessary 1725 RPM - all models Two speeds (starting speed with low torque and grinding) 40 year old appliance motor technology As load increases the torque decreases Prone to jam - jam key provided

Disposer Life CORROSION-PROOF DISPOSERS The number one cause of disposer failure among our competitors is corrosion. Corrosion can cause leaks and jams. It also allows bigger food particles through holes enlarged by rusting which can cause clogging of the drain pipes. Kindred disposers use glass-filled polyester for hoppers and glass-filled nylon for drain housings. In addition to stainless steel grinding components for most models, thereby increasing the life of the disposer.

10 Lifetime Warranty Against Corrosion Statement
In-Home Service Warranty Best warranties in the industry Lifetime corrosion warranties on most models Lifetime warranty on model WD-100A 1 Yr less than ½ HP. 5 Yr on ½ HP, 10 Yr ¾ HP or greater Warranty Statement Any model that develops a material or mechanical defect within that model’s warranty period will be replaced in your home free of charge. Lifetime Warranty Against Corrosion Statement Any applicable model that fails to operate because of corrosion will be replaced free of charge to the original purchaser. As I explained in an earlier slide, our Warranty is different. Is it still the best in the industry? Or did we sell ourselves short? No lifetime on the 1HP we made it 10 Years.

11 Quality Anaheim Manufacturing registered to ISO 9001
Major component suppliers have ISO 9001 registered quality systems: armatures, brushes, magnets, protectors, rectifiers, rubber parts and thrust washer. Anaheim Manufacturing has UL, CE, BEAB, Denan, and CQC agency approvals. These approvals allow AMC to sell product anywhere in the world where disposers are allowed. 1. Are their any product certifications other than UL approvals?

12 Customer Service Trained and friendly customer service representatives are available through our toll free number, 7 days a week, to help with any installation or warranty questions. Website - Installation and product information available at

13 Mount Systems KINDRED SERIES EZ Mount FRANKE SERIES 3-Bolt Mount

14 Kindred EZ Mount Product Line

15 Easy Installation Fastest and easiest do-it-yourself installation available in the industry. Installing a Kindred EZ-mount disposer to an existing 3-Bolt flange is easy with the 3-Bolt mount adapter.



Chart needs to be inserted similar to the KWD100A and KWD75A to reflect the disposer info.

Chart needs to be inserted similar to the KWD100A and KWD75A to reflect the disposer info.

Chart needs to be inserted similar to the KWD100A and KWD75A to reflect the disposer info.

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