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Rhapsody J/30 Crew J World Adventure or the sinking of Red Heart …. May 18-20, 2007.

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1 Rhapsody J/30 Crew J World Adventure or the sinking of Red Heart …. May 18-20, 2007

2 Rhapsody Crew Members Attend J World Advance Race Weekend May 18-20 2007 Crew Members include (normal Rhapsody J/30 positions): –Bill Kneller (Helm) –Steve Howard (Mast) –Warren McAuliffe (Tail/Grind) –Larry Newsom (Tail/Grind) –Clifford Kurz (Pit and floater as needed) Weather – Raining, 42 degrees, winds NNW 18-20 Kts gusting to 30, water 54 degrees Great Friday morning start – whiteboard session with John Alofson, J World President and accomplished J/24 sailor Eager Crew ready to go! – J/24 “Red Heart” underway 10:30am with #3 jib in Newport Harbor, everyone with full foul weather gear and life jackets –Bill Kneller (Helm) –Steve Howard (Mast) –Warren McAuliffe (Tail/Grind) –Larry Newsom (Tail/Grind) –Clifford Kurz (Pit) –Jared Lazor, J World Instructor Run through basic boat handling, practice some Spinnaker sets & takedowns – the only J/24 out there flying the kite! –A few glitches being smoothed out with sets & jibes, kite around headstay – all workable Return to dock around noon & break for lunch 18 May 2007

3 Rhapsody Crew Members Back on the Water 1pm – suit up again & head back out with Jared, rotate crew positions: –Clifford Kurz (Helm) –Warren McAuliffe (Mast) –Steve Howard (Tail/Grind) –Larry Newsom (Tail/Grind) –Bill Kneller (Pit) Weather – Still raining, 42 degrees, winds NNW 18-20 Kts gusting to 30 –Water temperature 54 degrees Beat upwind & practice tacking. Turn south near middle of Goat Island –Raise spinnaker – and “clean up the boat”, #3 Jib stays up –Companionway hatch closed half way after kite launched for “seating room” –We’re smoking on a broad reach Stbd tack – I mean really smoking! –Plan is to practice drop the #3 Jib, then raise it and drop the kite –Boat is heading SW located between Fort Adams & Ida Lewis YC This is when it starts to get interesting…. 18 May 2007

4 Water fun at J World Wind Gust across Starboard beam Knockdown – port spreader is in the water Crew scrambles to release boom vang & spinnaker –Everyone is standing on the toe rail except Jared who is braced against the stern rail –Red Heart isn’t righting itself…It’s probably been 10 seconds (seems like 10 minutes) and the masthead hits the water –Peoples feet go from the tow rail to stand on the life lines –It’s apparent that Red Heart is turning turtle - people start jumping in the water to get clear of the rigging except… –Jared is still amazingly dry standing on the stern rail. Has the composure to reach in his pocket and grab his cell phone, while leaning over the boat bottom –First call is to Sail Newport to request assistance, then to J World – followed by lighting his last Camel... … Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em! –The crew checks on each other to make sure everyone is ok (they are) – all automatic inflation devices worked fine –Red Heart finally turns turtle enough where Jared finally has to get wet –Everyone is told to hold onto the boat, but to keep clear of rigging and sails 54 degree water is very “refreshing” 18 May 2007

5 Synchronized Swimming With Red Heart turned turtle, the bow slowly pivots clockwise Once the bow rotates about 180 degrees, the wind starts to slowly right the boat The mast & sails slowly break the water and Red Heart rights itself stern heavy with sails luffing The stern slowly sinks and Red Heart continues to float – about 1 foot of the bow can be seen pointing skyward The crew is holding onto each other, floating on their backs and kicking to make way towards a moored catamaran 200 yards away The Harbor patrol & Coast Guard arrive after about 10 minutes with Sail Newport chase boat right behind The “swimmers” are all helped aboard the Sail Newport boat and are brought over to the Sail Newport dock at Fort Adams Warm tea, heaters and dry “Sail Newport” T-shirts are provided – Thanks to Brad Reed, Vinny, and the office staff We’re ready to sail again 18 May 2007

6 Debrief at J World Jared & Clifford reconstruct the event 19 May 2007

7 Water fun at J World Artist’s (Jared) reconstruction of sinking

8 J/24 Submarine Races in Newport 19 May 2007 Some casual sailing in Newport – Note the really tiny sail Oh – that’s just the submarine version of a J/24 sailing in the regatta – Red Heart Rigged for Dive!

9 J/24 Submarine Races in Newport 19 May 2007 J/24 Submarine races un-phased by local merchant traffic

10 Red Heart Surfaces 20 May 2007 Matt Mullan cleaning up wet sails Everything there but the Kitchen Sink! The Kitchen Sink is in the bilge Lifting strap connected to Keel Bolt Eye

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