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Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Company Overview Corporate Philosophy Company History The Main Equipment Business Performance & Products.

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1 Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Company Overview Corporate Philosophy Company History The Main Equipment Business Performance & Products

2 Company Overview Name Address Tel Fax Foundation Establishment The Capital Employees CEO Main Customer Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Headquarters 2-5-62 Minami-Tamiya 088-632-1056 Tokushima City Japan 088-632-5764 1961 1981 \10,000,000 30 YOSHIHIKO MATSUURA JTEKT Corporation/NHK (Nihon Housou Kyoukai) Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd. works on conforming of the quality control system for International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In September, 2000 the International Standard of the quality management system (ISO9001: 2000) is acquired to our company. The system has been operated as the main quality control system since then.

3 Corporate Philosophy All the machines are supporting our daily life. They are the tools that are needed for everyone to spend vividly daily life. All the staffs are doing their business with the universal idea in their mind every day. Our company works on the metal mold design & process, equipment design & process, FA (Factory Automation) system development, and also develops the broadcasting support system. Today, the technical improvement is very fast developed; every member of us is learning the new technology every day in order to correspond with the developing ages. For customer of the ordering and using of our products, also the families of our staffs always feel richness of the life. That is the wish of our company.

4 Company History It was established as personal business that works in metal fitting to tools, precise processing by Mr. Shinyichi. Matsuura since 1961 at North Tamiya Tokushima city. The name of the company was Touhou Kikai Seisakusho Co. In July 1981, the company was moved to 2-5-62 Minami-Tamiya Tokushima City 770-0004 。 As a corporate business the name was changed to Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co. And the CEO is Mr. Yoshihiko Matsuura. In the May 1991, one more factory ( Oujing Factory ) was established at 63-5 Oujing-Cyo Tokushima City. And the design and the assembly department are established. In October, 1992, It changed the name to Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co. Ltd. In September, 1997, The DNC communication software which is made by our company Is certificated by creation law. In September, 1999, the moving relay system is certificated by creation low. In September, 2000, "ISO9001" Certification is certificated for our company. In October 2000, the Tokushima new business grand prize; Communication Technology Prize is received by our company. In June, 2003, Industrial Prize was received by our company from Tokushima Newspaper. In May, 2006, "Thesis prize" was received from Japan Design Society.

5 Main Equipment NameQt ’ yMaker NC turning machine3 Okuma MC 3Toyoda Cylinder grinding M/C 1Toyoda Wire cutting machine1Mitsubishi Cylinder grind machine 2Toyoda Sucyoda Inner grinding machine3Ymada. Forming grind machine1Okamoto Flat surface grinding3Okamoto Drilling machine1Yoshida Milling cutter1Ymazaki Circularity Measuring 1 Tokoyo Seimitsu instrument Shape measuring instrument 1 3D /CAD/ Instrument1Mitsutoyo Co., Ltd. 3 D measuring machine1Mitsutoyo Co., Ltd. Jig grinding machine1Waida Co., Ltd.

6 Business content In the Matsuura Kikai Seisakusho Co., Ltd., from the technology section to each project, design, and manufacture section, the accumulation of the technology practice and experience are done repeatedly every day. We hope that all the products are made by our company for the customer with the high quality and safety performance. We consider that the equipment is the same as food. For the customer's various requests, we do the best design with flexible and wide view consideration. Mechanical design, Manufacture, Part processing

7 Business content In order to pursue the advanced technology is easy to be used, our company executes all the flow procedures of machine manufacture that is dealt with to processing of parts, the design of the main body of a machine and construction of a producing system. In the part processing technology which influences the performance of the machine, the precision and correctness are always noticed. Since the machine assembly is related with the productivity we are continuing to improve the tact time shorter in 0.1 second unit. Moreover, the laborsaving machines have been offered not only in Japan but also to overseas. Some of them are exported to North America, China, France, Czechoslovakia, Thailand, and Malaysia etc.. Mechanical design, Manufacture, Part processing

8 Performance & Products News car one-touch transmitter control system Delivery place :NHK Tokushima, Kitakyusyu, Hiroshima, Okayama, Matsue, Yonago, Shimonoseki, Saga, Fukuyama, Tottori, Maebashi Altitude data is added to a Japanese map and a transmission point is discovered quickly. The antenna angle can be rectified smoothly with an inclination sensor according to the calculation of the theoretical electric field intensity and the received electric field intensity. The optimal transmission point of the car can be registered with the GPS, speed sensor, and a gyroscope.

9 Performance & Products Transmission-via-satellite navigator Delivery place: NHK Technological bureau The azimuth and elevation angle of communications satellite can be displayed on the monitor in real time from the present relay vehicle. The most optimal position and direction of the relay vehicle can be understood. Moreover, the place of the relay vehicle can be shown on the displaying map with the prospect map function according to the skyscraper or geographical feature data.

10 Performance & Products Urgent image sending-out equipment Delivery place: NHK Oita This is sending-out equipment that can transmit the static picture and movie that are taken by mobile phone with HDSDI. The exclusive software is requested for the past format memory since the difference form of portable career. But this sending-equipment is different from the past portable career, the picture of the data list in memory can be red and shown on the monitor directly by easy operation. The Hi-Vision can be attained with HDSDI output.

11 Performance & Products InputOutput-4ch A/D board The DC motor system is controlled with the microcomputer and A/D board that is developed by our company. The processing speed and control are improved by compact size and precision measurement sensor. The azimuth of the antenna platform is controlled independently and automatically without the outside PC.

12 Performance & Products Helicopter auto- trailing antenna platform FPU antenna direction automatic adjustment system Delivery place: Private sector television

13 Performance & Products 2. Heavens top camera control support system 3. Relay navigation system In addition, many communication facility control software have been developed. Delivery place: NHK Kitakyusyu, Fukuoka, Oita, Maebashi The control system is used not only by sensor and PC control but also by A/D board in order to make it easy to use and become more compact. 1. Moveable satellite capture support system

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