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Garde Manger Sausage Charcuterie.

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1 Garde Manger Sausage Charcuterie

2 Sausage Salsus –salted Ancient Rome & Greece
Regional forms develop middle ages Meat, spices, smoke or dry Made Grinding meats w/salts & spices Stuff into natural or synthetic casing

3 Sausage Ingredients Main ingredient Fat
Pork, veal, beef, lamb, chicken, and game Tougher cuts- grinding fixes the though Certified pork – used for uncooked sausages Been treated to destroy pathogens for trig Chart p 236 Fat High 50% now 25%

4 Sausage Ingredients Fat Seasonings & curing agents
70 % / 30 % meat to fat ratio Seasonings & curing agents Salts Dried & cold smoked use nitrates or nitrite-nitrate mixes Hot smoked & fresh sausage do not need Sugar, dextrose, honey, & syrups - mellow

5 Sausage Ingredients Spices Herbs Aromatics Add flavor
Need to be evenly distributed Herbs Dried Aromatics Vegetables – onions, mushrooms & celery Wines Citrus zests

6 Equipment Electric vs. manual Guidelines Good & bad
Equipment in excellent condition Clean !!!!! Sanitized Chilled Right tool for the job Set up grinder correctly

7 Sausage Making Progressive grind Basic grind sausages
Bulk sausage – loose Fresh –pan-fried, broiled, grilled, baked or braised Cooked – poached or steamed after shaping then sliced and cooked Smoked or dried –cold or hot smoked then air dry

8 Sausage Making Sausages not fully cooked in the smoking process need to be cooked for consumption Making sausage Chill meat, other ingredients and equipment Mix the grind on 1 the 2 short time Taste – adjust - shape

9 Sausage Making Dry & semi dry fermented sausages
Fermented by lactic acid Smoked Dried 1 to 2 weeks generally Ingredients Beef or pork - certified Water (60% – 70% of the meat weight) Salt Curing agents- nitrate, nitrite, sugars

10 Sausage Making Dry & semi dry fermented sausages Production
Moisture ratio – water environment bad Salts break down proteins & add flavor Salt has anti-microbial proteins Too much salt slows fermentation Sugar is the food for the fermentation process Production Even distribution of curing agents in product COLD - Sanitation

11 Sausage Making Dry & semi dry fermented sausages Production
Proper stuffing Climate controlled during fermentation Finished sausage Fermentation produces lactic & acetic acid They lower PH 15% to 30% weight lose

12 Sausage Making Emulsion sausages 5-4-3 forcemeats
5 parts raw meat 4 parts fat 3 parts water – as ice Typically poached before smoking

13 Sausage Making Emulsion sausages Process
Cure meat and grind through fine die Grind fat back in fine die Put together ground meat and ice and process until below 30 Add ground fat when it reaches 40 Add nonfat dry milk & seasonings between 45 & 50

14 Garnishing Shaping Add by folding into mix Bulk Casing
Natural & synthetic Intestines & stomach linings Some edible some not Different size casing or same

15 Shaping Casing Preparing casing Stuffing Rewind & store in salt
Rinse before used Cut to lengths if necessary Stuffing Assemble stuffer correctly Pressing Twist into shape Tying

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