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About Nike Grind.

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1 About Nike Grind

2 Nike Grind History Nike Grind was created to reduce the amount of waste resulting from the production and use of athletic shoes. Since the early 1990s, more than 25 million pairs of shoes and 30 thousand tons of manufacturing scrap have been recycled.

3 Surfaces with Nike Grind
6 premier surface partners install premium athletic flooring containing Nike Grind. To date, thousands of surfaces containing Nike Grind have been installed around the globe. Locations include: Manchester United track (UK) Lebron James’ home (US) Ricardo Montalban Theatre (US) Ayers Rock (Australia) Kusunoki Park (Japan)

4 Nike Grind Partners 4

5 Processing & Components


7 Nike Grind Foam Granulated foam material produced from athletic shoe mid-soles is used in constructing: Synthetic basketball courts Tennis courts Synthetic soccer courts

8 Nike Grind Upper Mixed fibers created from the athletic shoe’s upper fabric is used in: Padding under hardwood basketball floors Equestrian surfacing materials

9 Nike Grind Rubber Granulated rubber from athletic shoe outsoles and manufacturing scrap is used in the construction of: Rubberized running tracks Fitness room flooring Playground safety surfacing Infill for synthetic turf fields

10 High-Profile Installations

11 Home of LeBron James Regulation-size outdoor basketball court installed at James’ home. King James logo featured at center court. 100-sq foot playground surface also installed.

12 Montalbán Theatre & Barry Farm
Barry Farm Recreation Center Outdoor Basketball Court Washington, D.C. Ricardo Montalbán Theatre Community Rooftop Court in Los Angeles, CA

13 Miami Children’s Hospital
Playtop installed a new indoor play area at Miami Children’s Hospital. More than 5,500 pairs of recycled sneakers were used to create the flooring. Hospital staff pushed for the Nike Grind flooring and the children are loving the new room.

14 Nike 6.0 Warming Hut Nike 6.0 Warming Hut featured Training Ground with Nike Grind on Mt. Seymour in Vancouver. Nike Grind and Training Ground received tremendous international exposure due to high volume of traffic from the Olympics. Training Ground was selected for its toughness and durability.

15 Julia Reimann Field Field created at Ainsworth Elementary in Portland in memory of 10-year-old Julia. First field using 100% NG infill >22 tons Field unveiled at a dedication ceremony on Sept. 8, 2009.

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