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GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS ABOUT US GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS help clients successfully execute and manage business process management and outsourcing strategy to.

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1 GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS ABOUT US GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS help clients successfully execute and manage business process management and outsourcing strategy to achieve breakthrough results. As long-term partners in our client's success, we build the capability to execute strategy and accelerate time to results. The outcome - our clients' increased ability to manage business processes effectively and efficiently to better support their strategic business plans, to improve performance, profitability, and shareholder value. We focus exclusively in segments of the market where we can provide strategic, multi-process, end-to-end business solutions and where we can leverage our firm's core competencies to help clients build customer and shareholder value. Our approach is to provide integrated business solutions that benefit the entire organization and our goal is to deliver significant business value to our clients.

2 OVERVIEW GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS helps our clients achieve competitive advantage, through the rapid conception, creation and execution of business process outsourcing strategy. Our approach breaks down barriers and creates synergy, allowing our clients to maximize return on investment with their BPO initiative - leading to increased sales, reduced cycle times, improved service and lowered costs. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS has been established with the primary objective of providing unconventional consulting services coupled with enhanced value proposition that elevates the business profitability of customer. The Organization assures high levels of quality standards in the entire process of service delivery with the desire to go a long way in establishing endue relationships with customers. We ensure you the ultimate value creation with GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS.

3 OUR VISION GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS’s business is based on the belief that: Each client and prospect counts; each person counts; each deed counts; and each contact between a client or a prospect and an associate. Each client and prospect is either prospective future business or a prospective loss…depending upon the quality, reliability, and responsiveness of our services, and associates. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS is committed to providing world-class service levels that exceed our clients' requirements and expectations with solutions that enable them to succeed in their businesses. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS is defining service broadly — from initial contact with a prospect, to product and process quality, to anticipating client needs and preferences, to overall client satisfaction. It requires associates to treat every interaction with a client as an opportunity to enhance that client's perception of GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS is committed to advancing a world-class service vision in the belief that service quality is the ultimate competitive advantage for our business. We see world-class service as a journey where, whenever we approach an identified destination, to increase our objectives and raise our goals in order to become even better. Success is measured by increasing numbers of extremely satisfied clients, higher client retention rates, broader client relationships, higher associate satisfaction, engagement and retention rates, and consistent implementation of our values and corporate philosophy, resulting in ever-increasing revenues, and earnings.

4 MISSION Customer Focus : Harmony between Quality in process and continuous improvement to deliver exceptional services to Customer. Team Work : To be an employer with genuine concern for employees empowering them to learn and excel. Honesty & Integrity : A Customer Open environ with strong ethical values, honesty and consistency in word and deed

5 OUTSOURCING With GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS outsourcing from BPO, your organization receives not only experienced consulting assistance, but our consultants become trusted advisors to your organization. We do have an exhaustive list of clients who have been constantly giving us appraisals and list of new customers and indeed we are of... GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS Outsourcing, a highly acclaimed outsourcing and ITES solutions company, provides discerning talent training services and ITES solutions to the industries. We have a large data bank of experienced talents in various domains that provide us an opportunity to evaluate from am appreciable database of resumes. We do this by constantly increasing our network of professionals in the information technology (ITES) industry and discovering their interests and skills thereby gaining market intelligence. We collate the information and utilize this while researching and consulting with our clients. As our candidates are constantly in touch with us, we are aware of their objectives, strengths and caliber, which allows us to present the aptly suited candidate according to your specifications (in terms of competency, experience, remuneration etc)..

6 OUTSOURCING PROCESS – TO ENSURE SMOOTH TRANSITION AND COMPLETION OF YOUR PROJECT 1. Establish Contact 2. Requirement Analysis 3. Pricing and Contracting 4. Project Initiation 5. Project Steady State

7 OUR COLLABORATIONS We collaborate to succeed We provide services to our customers through our partnered firms V Entry Services – Tirupathi – India. V Entry Services – Bangalore – India. S.V Technologies - Bangalore – India. Each of the business units provide specialized services.

8 OUR QUALITY POLICY GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS executes large volume IT enabled services including data entry online and data entry offline operations, with low turn- around time for the creation of databases, electronic word-processing, in all leading electronic formats. A skilled team of data-entry operators works in shift-operation. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS Data Entry online services include online data retrieval and data entry to scour online resources and enter relevant data from various websites into a database. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS data entry online service matches the global standards and guarantees a high accuracy level of over 99.995% for all its data- entry services.

9 OUR STRENGTHS Our workforce comprises resourceful and proficient data entry operators and forms processors who have several years of experience. As a full-service firm, we have long standing experience in medical forms processing, legal forms processing, and other business forms processing. Our approach to data entry and the technologies we employ not only enable us to deliver the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and quick turnaround, but also address your need for document and data security and confidentiality. GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS can capture data from all types of forms, whether it is handwritten or typed, and convert these forms into electronic formats with maximum data accuracy. We have a number of strengths which we capitalize on and leverage to aid our growth, including: Being in information-based business solutions businesses. Solid, time-tested “Operating Principles”. A strong client service orientation. Robust, powerful and well-controlled operations, production, and communications capabilities. A strong commitment to world-class service, being an employer of choice, and product leadership, A clearly articulated corporate philosophy and set of core values. Well-qualified and experienced professionals, our technical facilities in a conductive working environment. Our most critical special strength, the key element in our success, is our dedicated team of associates. They share “Our Vision” and help us succeed in the marketplace. We have a predictive dialing solution with all sorts of backups.

10 WORKING MODEL 1. Work offered by client. 2. Details analyzed on Commercial & Technical grounds. 3. Based on feasibility, signing of NDA & SLA. 4. Issue of Work Order from the Client. 5. Allotment of the work at one of our Delivery Centers. 6. Training Session. 7. Going Live with Operations. 8. Constant Quality Control checks to ensure Productivity.

11 TRAINING Our goals are to empower & enlighten each employee and make them ever equipped for achieving organizational objectives. This is a must for staying current with changing technologies & practices. We believe that the quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a business. Provide a wide range of high quality, customized training that develop the job skills, knowledge and attitudes of diverse workforce Create a trusting, empowering and supportive work environment that enables our staff to work as a team to assume responsibility, make decisions and take action that best serves our clients Create a self-supporting organization which invests in growth and continuous quality improvement.

12 SERVICES OFFERED INBOUND SERVICES : Answering Service Customer Support Services Help Desk Support Services Toll Free Services Technical Support Services OUT BOUND SERVICE : Appointment Setting Appointment Scheduling Product/Service Promotion Mortgage Outsourcing E- Marketing

13 SERVICES OFFERED BPO SERVICES : Data Entry Data Conversion Transcriptions Services Online Research Form Filling HTML / XMLTagging Scanning Email Blasting

14 INFRASTRUCTURE & TECHNOLOGY At GLOBAL B2B SOLUTIONS, we have an advanced infrastructure and the latest technology in place for preparation, capture, retrieval and utilization of information for any organization. Our accurate, flexible and reliable data processing services and forms processing solutions leave our clients with ample time to focus on their core business and grow their business without hiring additional personnel or leasing additional office space. As a professional data management and conversion provider, our goal is to let you concentrate on your core business, while offering you cost-effective solutions and alternatives to help you achieve your goals. Our process involved high-level QA with necessary double entry and checking of documents to ensure accuracy. Internet 2mbps line 150 Seat with high config : Dual-core,2gb Ram,160gb Hard disk With high end server back-up-200gb Hard disk

15 CONTACT US #518,Flat no:001, 19 th Cross,24 th Main, 2 nd Sector, H.S.R Layout, Bangalore, Karnataka, India-560034. Mobile:+91-9739201005 Mail :

16 THANK YOU ! ! !

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