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The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV Executive Master’s Program Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Ft. Worth.

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2 The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV Executive Master’s Program Lockheed Martin Aeronautics – Ft. Worth

3 The Mustang Monthly The Official Newsletter of SE-IV January 2005 From the Class President Fellow Classmates- It’s an all new year and a fresh beginning. There is where I should say something inspirational, but the truth is…I just don’t feel very inspiring today. ☺ Remember to try to encourage co-workers to get into the SMU program. You will receive a $50 gift certificate for each referral that matriculates. Be prepared for class this weekend. Try to be on time and only half-asleep not fully asleep…aahh, the joys of early morning lecture. Should you have any questions, concerns, or ideas feel free to contact me. Until then, I remain Sincerely Yours, Johnathan Foster SE-IV Class President x32679 Upcoming Events Not much other than class!! November/December/January Birthdays Dec 6 – Travis Pipkin Jan 2 – Alicia Kacel

4 October Profile One: Wendy Schreier Wendy Marie Schreier was born on 27 August 1967 in Wausau, Wisconsin. She has one brother who is one year younger than she. Her father died at the age of 46; her mother remarried and she and her step-father are living. Wausau is located in the center of the state with diverse geographical landscapes. It is internationally known for its various outdoor sports competitions including kayaking and cross-country skiing, and nationally well-known for the arts. In 1983, it was voted the “All America City”. Culturally, Wausau is made up of various peoples from all over the globe. Wendy grew up the only female among four boys (imagine – a total of only FIVE children in a neighborhood!) in a swamp approximately 12 miles south of Wausau. She spent much of her free time training/showing/ grooming dogs and horses, painting/drawing and selling her artwork, shooting pool and reading/writing. An outdoor enthusiast, she rivaled her brother and friends in archery, target practice, baseball, swimming, ice-skating, skiing and most any other sports, plus spent a great deal of time camping, backpacking, hiking, biking, horseback riding, white-water rafting and fishing. Wendy learned about the mechanical workings of cars, etc., from her self-taught brother who had been able to fix car motors since he was five years old. She also drove mini-bikes, go-carts, tractors, ATV’s and cars beginning at age six and was racing by age 10. Many of her uncles and cousins were race-car drivers. After being given a telescope with some star charts for her sixth birthday, Schreier started her journey into astronomy, physics and mathematics and hasn’t looked back since. While other kids were outside at recess, she, along with another like-minded friend, stayed indoors playing chess, solving logic problems or lapping up the latest happenings in the sky. Wendy graduated high school in 1985. She studied architecture for a year and a half at a technical college. Her math and physics instructor convinced her that she was in the wrong area – she was needed in the field of math and physics, not being bored to death by drawing room layouts. Wendy quit the program, moved to San Diego, CA, and had a blast. She lived on a yacht in Harbor Island, sailed, cliff rappelled,

5 October Profile One: Wendy Schreier mountain climbed and biked to her heart’s delight. She lived 20 minutes from the beach, 40 minutes to the desert, 45 minutes to the mountains and 30 minutes to Mexico. Being near Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo (five minutes away!), she was able to draw and paint a global variety of animals and people. Portraitures, especially of people, became her forte. Unfortunately, after years of living it up, she received the news of her father’s terminal illness. She moved back to Wausau to care for her father until his demise. While doing so, she started going to the University of Wisconsin and discovered she was well-suited in math and Physics. She became a member of the Society of Physics Students and participated in many community events designed to enlighten public awareness that “Physics is Phun”! (Many of the events were televised.) Her favorite class was Quantum Mechanics, which turned out to be the easiest, most understandable of all her physics classes. She also excelled in Electromagnetics, Optics, Relativity, Solid State and Nuclear Physics. Her favorite math classes are Topology (especially Chaos and Knot Theory), Abstract Algebra and Complex Variables. Miss Schreier discovered a passion for studying religion and philosophy as well as literature, particularly British Lit. While attending college full-time year-round, she worked a variety of jobs including tutoring and teaching K-College (she TA’d many courses); operating a Greenhouse; running the Biology, Physics and Geology Laboratories; giving horsebackriding, ice skating and dog training lessons; and mentoring a half-dozen pre-teen to teenage girls. In addition, the last two years found her in the Solid State Ionics Laboratory working intently on her research. She graduated May 2000. Unfortunately, the day of the graduation ceremony, she became ill. Her doctor discovered a tumor in her back which was subsequently removed the following day. Miss Schreier was to be laid up for an entire year to recover. In September of 2000, Wendy received a phone call out of the blue (odd, since she never heard of the company, never sent a

6 October Profile One: Wendy Schreier resume, and she still does not know how her name got thrown into the mix) from a company called Lockheed Martin. They asked if she’d like to come down for an interview as they felt she was aptly suited for a position they needed to be filled. Three weeks later, after a five-minute interview, she was hired on the spot. Wendy began working as an Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (EEE, EME, EMC or EMI) Engineer on the F- 16 Program in December 2000. The position covers many responsibilities – requirements through testing and troubleshooting active, in-the-field aircraft – with one goal in mind: the life and safety of the pilot and ground crew. Lightning effects, precipitation static, shock hazards, electrical conductivity/bonding, arcing/sparking/shorting (especially in fuel areas), susceptibility, radiated emissions, etc., all must be considered (requirements) and properly incorporated into the aircraft designs to minimize or eliminate serious in-flight and ground problems. Wendy became the F-16 Electrical Bonding Lead in the Fall of 2001, as her published research in Solid State Physics made her an ideal candidate. This unique position opened a variety of potential doors as the Lead interfaces with Upper and Middle Management, top government officials (national and foreign), military brass, ground crews, designers, installers, customers, pilots, test engineers, avionics and harness/wiring prime groups, etc. (There’s no better way to study Systems Engineering than by being a Systems Engineer!) Miss Schreier transferred to the F-22 Program in December of 2004 to the Maintainability, Reliability and Human Diagnostics group. A description of her new duties includes parts availability, analyzing field data and working field issues.

7 October Profile Two: Jeremiah Stoker Jeremiah Stoker was born and raised (Editors Note: I thought you reared children and raised cows??) in Waxahachie, TX. He graduated high school in 1997. While in high school, he played the saxophone in band and jazz band. Jeremiah ranked fifth in the state (jazz) for tenor saxophone his junior year. In his senior year he played in the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Montreaux Switzerland. Jeremiah attended Texas A&M University and graduated in December 2001 with a degree in electrical engineering. He came to work for Lockheed Martin in March 2002. His goal is to transfer to work abroad (he is currently applying for jobs in UK, Chihuahua, Pakistan, UAE). Currently, he plays the saxophone in and attends church at Cathedral of Praise in Arlington. He also desires to learn flute and clarinet. Jeremiah would like to have a Golden Retriever or two. He has recently been involved with a lot home improvement driving his desires to learn carpentry and more automotive mechanics. He claims to have gained much knowledge on the market and has traded (demo) on the FX market. Jeremiah would like to get back on an intensive work-out schedule (such as I was on in high school and college). Jeremiah and his wife have saved up money to take a missionary trip to Africa this summer. His current favorite getaway is the Rusca B&B in Natchitoches, LA ( His next destination to visit is New York City during the Christmas season.

8 October Profile Three: Walter Storm Walter was born in Pennsylvania and grew up on a mountain in Tunkhannock. He started his path in Engineering by working for a local electric company where he got to set up telephone poles by blasting through rock with wicked explosives. After spending some time in the field, he went on to design printed circuit boards for the US Army at Tobyhanna in the Poconos. With his Engineering Apprenticeship completed, he went to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to get his B.S. in Aerospace Engineering. Walter worked full-time in the Information Technology industry while attending ERAU. He also co-oped with Ford Motor Company as a test driver in Sterling Heights, MI. Although he initially had his heart set on getting in with Visteon's Formula-1 Jaguar racing team, he found it nearly impossible without being "in the family". So he declined his offer with Ford and decided to come to work at Lockheed Martin. Walter started work at LM in 2000 on the T-50 Program, a supersonic trainer for South Korea. In May of 2002, Walter was nominated for the Engineering Leadership Development Program (ELDP). After submitting several essays and completing numerous panel interviews, he was selected for the program. Since then, he has had the opportunity to work on several LM programs including the Block-50 and Block-60 F-16, C-5, ADP, and his latest assignment, F-35. On the personal side of all of this, Walter and his buddies used to race a 1990 VW GTI in NEPA autocross competitions. He was always into martial arts and is a quasi-hardcore gamer. With his keen ability to attract female psychopaths, his relationship history was always quite shady. This turned around when he met his future wife during college orientation at ERAU. Now, one needs to recognize, pilots and engineers always had quite a rivalry at Riddle, and since she was a Pilot and he an Engineer, things were always exciting between them. Needless to say they dated for a while and then decided to cool things off a bit as they enjoyed the college experience. During the cool-down period, they remained best friends and hung out together quite often. During a trip to Tampa some years later (their senior year), they were sitting out by the pool talking about past relationships that ended in events like "the Spanish armada". So eventually the question arose: "why aren't we together?" Well, on April 1, 1999, they were engaged. (I hear there's an interesting story behind that date, but that's another bio.) They were married on April 21, 2001, and had their first child, Chloe, on October 11, 2003. And so Walter continues on his life's quest as he completes his Master's Degree at SMU...

9 October Profile Four: Ryan Underbrink Ryan Underbrink was born on February 27, 1979 in College Station, TX, the youngest of two siblings. His father worked in agricultural engineering research at Texas A&M University. When he was 3, his father decided to move out of the research field and decided to begin farming and doing various engineering projects on the side. Ryan went to high school in Kingsville, TX, where he (in an obviously skinnier, more athletic form) played basketball and competed in UIL computer and math competitions. He started college in 1997 at Texas A&M University-Kingsville, pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering. After three semesters and an annoying programming job, he changed degrees from Computer Engineering to Electrical Engineering. During college, he worked at the Natural Toxins Research Center, working on a control system for a herpetarium which held 300 venomous snakes for research. It was here that he met his future wife, Sarah Thurston, who was doing research. Two weeks after graduation in 2002, he took a job with Lockheed Martin in System Safety Engineering. Currently, he is working on software safety for JSF Mission Systems. In April 2003, he married Sarah Thurston, who is currently finishing her degree in Biology. After graduation, she plans to either sell pharmaceuticals or teach chemistry and work toward teaching at a college. On Ryan’s off time, he is a movie buff, enjoys playing golf (albeit extremely poorly) and racquetball, is a movie buff, and enjoys frequently dragging his kicking-and-screaming wife to see the Dave Matthews Band. He is also an avid Cowboy fan. He and Sarah currently are the proud parents of both a dog and a cat.

10 Team Questions Can we reschedule the first three summer classes? Sorry...there is no possible way to change our class dates. With the increasing number of executive classes, the resources and dates just aren't available to put us the way we want. SMU tried to give a few 3 day weekends to each class. There are some unfortunate souls that must go on every Saturday of off-Friday weekends. They worked around Memorial Day and July 4th for us, so I guess we have to appreciate that. What can I expect in the upcoming newsletters? The February issue of the Mustang Monthly will contain bios on David and Rie. Faculty information as always is available on the website but nowhere can we find information on our administrative directors. There will also be information regarding class rings. Other upcoming issues will talk and the path to graduation, upcoming SMU announcements and decisions, the Executive Student Handbook and self/career development training and awareness. Stay tuned for the February issue! If you have any questions you would like addressed for the next newsletter, please submit to one of the people below. If you have ideas for social gatherings, ideas for spending out monetary allotment, or want to volunteer for social events or newsletter work, let Johnathan know. Thanks. Johnathan Foster SE-IV Class President X 32679 David VonZurmuehlen Director of Marketing SMU School of Engineering 972-473-3475 Jeremiah Stoker SE-IV Vice President X 78821

11 The Lockheed Martin Star, the Lockheed Martin logos, F-35 JSF, F-22 Raptor, ADP Skunkworks, and F-16 Falcon are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, some in the US Patent and Trademark Office. All rights reserved. All product graphics are courtesy of the Lockheed Martin Corporation (so I think) and may not reflect or fully represent actual product deliverables. The SMU Mustang and SMU logos are trademarks of Southern Methodist University. All rights reserved. Disclaimer

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