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Qu’est-ce qu’une integrated infrastructure initiative ? Rappel FP7 + EURATOM, JRC.

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2 Qu’est-ce qu’une integrated infrastructure initiative ? Rappel FP7 + EURATOM, JRC

3 Coopération, –Collaborative research : l’essentiel de nos participationsCollaborative research –Coordination of national research programmes, ERA net, Article 169Coordination of national research programmes –Joint Technology Initiatives pan-European public-private partnershipsJoint Technology Initiatives –Technology PlatformsTechnology Platforms Idées, –European Research Council (ERC), The ERC operates according to the principles of scientific excellence, autonomy, efficiency, transparency and accountability, and supports investigator-driven projects in ‘frontier research’, carried out by individual teams competing at the European level, within and across all fields of research.European Research Council –Grants for Starting and Advanced Researchers People, –Marie Curie Action Capacities, –Research infrastructuresResearch infrastructures –Research for the benefit of SMEsResearch for the benefit of SMEs –Regions of knowledge and support for regional research-driven clustersRegions of knowledge –Research potential of Convergence RegionsResearch potential of Convergence Regions –Science in societyScience in society –Support to the coherent development of research policiesSupport to the coherent development of research policies –International cooperationInternational cooperation

4 Research infrastructures –Support to existing research infrastructures: (Int. Innov. Infras.) –Integrating Activities - providing a wider and more efficient access to, and use of, the research infrastructures exiting in EU Member States, Associated Countries and at international level when appropriate (including: transnational access, joint research and networking; HO-net –ICT-based e-Infrastructures – supICT-based e-Infrastructures –Support to new/upgrade research infrastructures: –Design Studies – concepts for new research infrastructures with clear European dimension and interest; –Construction of new infrastructures - providing catalytic and leveraging support for the preparatory phase for the construction of new research infrastructures élaboré au sein de European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures (ESFRI) transmispar les délégations nationales ANAEE NOHA

5 –ANAEE Infrastructure for Analysis and Experimentation on Ecosystems »The in situ Long Term Experimental Platforms »The in vitro ECOTRON »The in silico Data base and Modelling platform »LEMAIRE, INRA –NOHA A Network of Hydrological Observatories for Water Resources Research in Europe »This research infrastructure concerns the establishment of a network of hydrological observatories that will contribute to our understanding of Global Change impacts on hydrological systems and that will support water resources research in Europe. »Harry Verecken, Julich

6 HO-net; un projet I3 Pourquoi une Integrated Initiative Infrastructure Faire travailler ensemble des chercheurs européens Pour cela mettre à disposition des outils existants, et des données Appel d’offre 2008, dans la section environnement dédié à: –establishing an efficient network of hydrological observatories, river basin networks and databases, for water resources research;

7 –En compétition avec les 3 autres « environnement –Puis en compétition avec les bottom up



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