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ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 ÖKOKRATT Environmental education project Idea The idea is to increase the environmental.

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1 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 ÖKOKRATT Environmental education project Idea The idea is to increase the environmental consciousness and sustainable lifestyle of Estonian population, especially children. Knowing the environmental situation of our home places, we are able to preserve Estonia.

2 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Mission To explain the principles of sustainable lifestyle To bring forth what the human activities cause to environment (causes and effects – everything is connected with everything) To expand the activities to other local governments in addition the Harju County municipalities To find sympathizers and supporters to environmental education project Ökokratt

3 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Logo and Motto The environmental project Ökokratt has successfully been running since 1999 Since 2000 the motto of Ökokratt has been ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF! And the logo has been an electric bulb that has a fir-tree inside it. The logo and the motto were found as a result of a competition where the school children of Kolga and Kuusalu participated. The author of the logo and motto is Marko Maisto from Kolga (8th grade in 2000). The electric bulb symbolizes our fragile environment that is surrounding and protecting us. The fir-tree is the symbol of everything that is alive. The motto "enlighten yourself" means that people have to know more about the possibilities of how to protect the environment and they have to acknowledge the real situation.

4 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Events Done So Far Activities number of participants in a project 1999 - waste and waste treatment1600 children (total 1700) 2000 - water and water management1600 children (total 1800) 2001 - air and energy1600 children (total 1800) 2002 - spring – legends and folk myths 1600 children (total 1900) 2002 - autumn – hazardous waste1600 children (total 2200) 2003 – soil and geology1600 children (total 2300) 2003 - spring – waste segregation 2200 children (total 2400) 2004 – all over Estonia waste segregation 13942 children (total 14200) 11 counties, 28 municipalities, 92 schools and kindergartens participated in the projects

5 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Additional large projects that have been done Energy saving game in internet - funded by Estonian Energy Participation in Happy tour with environmental consciousness part in 2003 - funded by Environmental Investment Centre + private sector In 2003. teachers’ day dancing party – funded by private sector Environmental tent in an event Grillfest in 2003 - funded by Environmental Investment Centre + private sector FunFair 2003 — an international fair of events and entertainment services in Eesti Näitused fair centre - funded by Environmental Investment Centre + private sector Awarding children – and environmental friendly enterprise AS Tallinna Prügila in December 2003 Organisation of Juku competition (questions on nature and a quiz) Organisation of environmental tents in 2004 for 8 times

6 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Cooperation Partners – Entrepreneurs 2004 Toomas Tross ja Haide Männamaa (clowns Piip ja Tuut) MTÜ Happy Secret Service OÜ Grillfest MTÜ EJKL UAB Viessmann OÜ Allprint Shöttli Keskkonnatehnika AS Balti Spoon Vaania AS Väätsa Prügila AS EMEX AS MTÜ EMI- ECO Tallinna LKS OÜ Hendrikson & KO OÜ Captol (E- Compost) AS Latfood (TAFFEL) MTÜ Veljo Tormise Kultuuriselts TOP TEN Ragn Sells

7 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Municipalities that participated in the project in 2004 Järva County Järva - Jaani; Koeru; Paide town Lääne County Haapsalu town Ida- Viru County Vaivara Põlva County Põlva municipality Tartu County Nõo; Rõngu. Viljandi County: Halliste; Tarvastu;; Suure- Jaani; Viljandi town Lääne- Viru County Vihula, Pärnu County Tõstamaa, Rapla County Kaiu municipality Harju County MUNICIPALITIES Jõelähtme; Harku; Loksa; Kernu; Kose; Kuusalu; Kõue; Raasiku; Rae; Saku. TOWNS Paldiski; Loksa; Keila. Võru County Võru town

8 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 „Save water and prevent its pollution!” The motto for the project Ökokratt in 2005 is as follows: „Save water and prevent its pollution!” One of the goals of our project is to contribute to saving of water and prevention of water pollution and make the explanatory activities by the local government officials among local people more efficient when introducing the EU water directive. The aim is to show the connections with other environmental problems like waste for example. Our goal is to include 50 municipalities and 200 kindergartens and schools, altogether 50 000 young people in the water project.

9 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Project’s Activities Finding of interested people and cooperation partners Planning of Events Training for teachers and local government officials An environmental week carried out in cooperation with municipalities, teachers, entrepreneurs and Ökokratt

10 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Possible activities in cooperation with municipalities Organisation of campaigns to collect old metal Establishment of a waste station in municipalities (a field for containers for collection of segregated waste) Organisation of environmental consciousness campaigns with funding raised

11 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Results The benefit from the project is investment in education and eruditeness. The more conscious are the people the cleaner becomes the environment. Our experience shows that it is possible to influence adults via children to be more environmental friendly because the feedback from parents, politicians, and teachers has shown it. Probably the reaction of a mother, father, grandma, grandpa or aunt or uncle is totally different when they hear from their child that something cannot be done this way but totally in another way. Each adult will remember for quite a long time a remark that he/she received from his/her dear child. The result is significantly better than an inspector’s or official’s lecturing or a fine.

12 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 While implementing the project on a local level we expect Opportunity to create synergies Publicizing the project in local news, town/municipality papers Guidance for local government officials and experts in implementation of the project successfully A contact person from each educational institution (name and contact data) whom our project manager could contact. Organisation of at least one event for adults (a dancing party) Satisfaction of the participants with the results in the end of the project

13 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 Future Plans To develop an environmental consciousness supplementary education system for the staff of educational institutions (schools-kindergartens) and for municipalities in cooperation with Estonian and foreign partners To organise a series of events (a week) of environmental consciousness together with teachers, trainers and local government officials in a way that young people would understand To give an opportunity for young people to develop themselves during their free time (environmental education centre, environmental education portal, eco- camp, cooperation projects with young people from Estonia and other countries and with other similar organisations).

14 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 chorus: so you see, it lies and tip-tip-tip it gries don`t leave it there to die don`t kiss the earth goodbye `cause garbage has a home where it is not alone say, which of you is shit if you don`t give a shit think a bit there was a date aside a like the guys who did love dogs and kids met chicks who said loved flowerbeds “oh romantic, let`s get be frantic” and then they took their chips and beer removed their stylish nylon-wear a lot of staff kept falling down on mother natures holy ground TIT-TIP-TIP Trash Mountain N EURO (Text Marek Sadam, Music Kalev Tilk)

15 ÖKOKRATT Keskkonnaharidusprojekt ÖKOKRATT 2004 MTÜ Ökokratt contacts website : Mailing address: Saluvälja 3, Kuusalu village, 74601 Harju County We hope that our wish to organise environmental weeks in your town’s/municipality’s – county’s educational institutions will grow into a pleasant and continuous cooperation! Viive Abel e-mail: Priit Adler e-mail: GSM +372 51 32 149

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