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Washington D.C., USA, 22-27 July Social Protection For HIV/AIDS in Work Place.

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1 Washington D.C., USA, July Social Protection For HIV/AIDS in Work Place

2 Washington D.C., USA, July Introducing ……. Shawn Lee The Young The Advocate The Positive Brand Manager in Unilever SG & Advisory Group Member for GNP+, Y+ Programme

3 Washington D.C., USA, July Is there anyone here suffering from AIDS?

4 Washington D.C., USA, July

5 Washington D.C., USA, July AIDS What is Modern Day Leprosy?

6 Washington D.C., USA, July A pathy Lack of interest/Investment in building HIV related policies/programe that helps PLHIV to improve ×Access to health and medical services ×Special benefits/welfare like time off for medical follows up ×Provide basic education/vocational training/skill improvement There are consequences that will threaten the survival of the company ×Loss of productivity ×Loss of talents ×Cost of replacing workers

7 Washington D.C., USA, July Support – Access medical treatment and care – Provide medical and health policies are in place to treat HIV/AIDS like any other chronic illnesses – offer counseling and support services Protection – Necessary precautions are taken to prevent the transmission or spread of HIV. Unilever company policy standards

8 Washington D.C., USA, July I gnorance  Negative impact to the business and to PLHIV in the company as it creates a unhappy, distress and fearful working environment.  Usually, Employee are ×Ignorant of the risk that HIV/AIDS poses to their well-being, ×as well as ignorant of the ways in which HIV/AIDS is spread, ×or they think that they, for whatever reason, are beyond the reach of HIV/AIDS.

9 Washington D.C., USA, July Workplace Behavior – Reasonable adjustment in the workplace or process any person living with HIV/AIDS (PLHIV) – Sensitive and responsive to co-workers concerns and shall emphasize appropriate education of all employees Awareness – Offer regular program of education on HIV / AIDS – Provide education of Supervisors and managers on HIV & Workplace – Share its expertise in awareness building with 3 rd party suppliers Unilever company policy standards

10 Washington D.C., USA, July D iscrimination  Key concerns of PLHIV in a work place ×Testing of HIV as condition for employment ×Appointment restriction in key roles due to HIV Status ×Confidentiality/Disclosure of the HIV status within the company and third parties.

11 Washington D.C., USA, July S tigma  Another issues that faced by PLHIV in workplace is the “LABELS” ×Social isolation and ridicule ×Experience discriminatory practices, such as being fired from their jobs. ×PLHIV should not be allowed to work ×Rejection from fellow colleagues for being involved in HIV work

12 Washington D.C., USA, July Non-discrimination –Advancement, training, compensation, discharge or privileges of employment. – Based Acceptable standards of performance. – Recognize that confidentiality is of utmost importance and that any employee who contracts HIV will have no obligation to inform the company. –Appropriate disciplinary action Testing –Testing for HIV shall not be done as a condition for employment Unilever company policy standards

13 Washington D.C., USA, July AIDSAIDS pathy gnorance iscrimination tigma

14 Washington D.C., USA, July Companies should work together to join forces to enlighten the private insurance companies to include HIV as part of chronic illness Government should play a part to reach the 3 Zeros, by encouraging local companies and insurance companies to provide universal access for PLHIV in workplace Call to action

15 Washington D.C., USA, July In the past it is leprosy, NOW it is HIV and in the future, it might something else. If we have the right mindset, we can make a difference.

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