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CEO – Ballarat Warrnambool 12 th March 2013 Aligning Technology with Inclusive Practices.

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1 CEO – Ballarat Warrnambool 12 th March 2013 Aligning Technology with Inclusive Practices

2 Communication

3 Literacy Literacy and Apps link

4 Learning Literacy and Apps link


6 How can educators: accommodate and provide equity and empowerment for students with different study, organisation, communication and learning needs, using Inclusive Technologies?

7 Differentiation Encouraging students to participate at their level of understanding using the students’:  Skills, strengths and abilities  Preferred learning style(s)  Prior knowledge and experiences  Capacity to be independent learners

8 Students  Meet each student’s individual needs  Cater to different abilities  Promote their skills and talents  Provide opportunities to participate  Provide Apps to explore, experiment, express & engage

9 Provide equitable and sustainable access to:  iOS devices and accessories  Classroom tasks and activities  Different means of expression  Different learning environments and experiences  Prepare for transition to Secondary schooling

10 Learning opportunities What are the indicators?  Relevance  Active participation  Engagement  Empowerment  Ownership  Collaboration  Self discovery  To promote confidence and independence

11 Why portable ICT?  Communication is now more widely and commonly performed by digital devices  Portability allows for freedom of movement  Less static environments create scope for increased motivation and participation  ICT is socially and peer acceptable

12 New Paradigm Digital Devices  Greater prevalence of hand held devices  Increased portability and greater access  More opportunities for communication, data retrieval, news services  Social networking and information sharing  Low cost, discrete yet powerful  Issues of misuse, abuse, theft and non-school content and potential inappropriate usage  Home vs school – is there a difference?

13 Equity of Access ICT affects how students work and learn Access to digital resources have created the ‘have and have nots’ Relevant systems with reliable access and suitable infrastructure Educators need to know how to value-add to ICT Educators should progress ICT support those staff and students who embrace it and model/use it well

14 Alternate Formats

15 With MS Word as a base file format, convert to plain text, large print, Braille, DAISY format, audio (WAV, MP3 or MP4), HTML, PDF, RTF or to ePub or other eBook formats.

16 Text to Speech Text to speech capabilities are built into iOS 5/6 Karen (female) and Lee (male) voices (Turn on in Settings/General/Accessibility) Built in to various Apps with dedicated voices (e.g. iReader, NeoPaul, NeoJulie, NeoKate, Read It)

17 Voice to Text Text to speech is built in to MAC OS and iOS

18 Voice to Text Built in voice recognition (from Nunance) SiriSiri, Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search, Dragon for Email or FlexT9 for Android )Dragon DictationDragon SearchDragon for EmailFlexT9 for Android NOTE: All require internet access – wireless or 3G/4G

19 Voice to Text Dragon Naturally Speaking Dragon Naturally Speaking - Premium Edition - is usually the preferred option for most students for long term solutions, over time.

20 Reading and Writing Tools Pages Abilipad Typ-O HD

21 Note Taking Tools AudioNote, SoundNote) AudioNoteSoundNote abc Notes - Checklist & Sticky Note Application MobileNoter HD

22 Research & Study Note taking tools (Evernote or MS One Note,)EvernoteMS One Note Online data storage (Dropbox, SpiderOak)DropboxSpiderOak

23 Mind Mapping Popplet Popplet Lite Inspiration iThoughts HD MindNote Maptini Mind mapping link

24 What are the advantages of iPads ?

25 Tablet PCs A tablet personal computer or tablet PC is tablet- sized computer that also has the key features of a full-size personal computer.

26 Tablets A tablet computer, or simply tablet, is a complete mobile computer. It is primarily operated by touching the screen. It often uses an onscreen virtual keyboard or a digital pen - rather than a physical keyboard.

27 iPad and iPad2 The iPad models runs the same operating system as the iPod Touch and iPhone - and can run its own applications as well as iPhone applications.

28 iPads  The iPad 1/2/3 is a model of tablet computers designed, developed and marketed by Apple Inc.  It was developed primarily as a platform for audio-visual media including books, periodicals, movies, music, games and web content.

29 Apps There are now over 610,000 Apps for iOS devices alone.

30 There are Apps for:  eBooks and electronic text  Productivity (WP and spreadsheets)  Organisation and planning  Note taking ( with handwriting and voice recognition )  Photography, video, still camera, effects  Mind Mapping  Encyclopedias, atlases  Research and fact finding  Art and Design  Music, composition, tutorials, performance  Science, maths, geography, history  Data storage and retrieval  Communication  News services (TV, newspapers, magazines, Zines)

31 Accessories


33 These may be required for different students Cases and covers - robust for protection against damage Stands Hard case or Neoprene sleeves A stylus – for pointing, drawing or writing External Bluetooth keyboards External Bluetooth speakers Speaker Docks Home key covers (BubCaps)BubCaps Screen protectors (anti scratch, anti glare) Mounts Wipes and sprays

34 Accessories AV Connectors Power lead and charges iPad Camera Connection Kit A Camera connection adds memory card reader and a USB port as well as ability to connect a digital camera Apple VGA connector (to external monitors, projectors and IWB)Apple VGA connector HDMI connector (to LCD, LED or Plasma TVs) Apple Composite AV Cable Headphones (3.5mm connector) External speakers (3.5mm connector)

35 Accessories Apple TV Watch 1080p HD movies. Play YouTube and Vimeo videos. Enjoy music and photos from iCloud. Stream content from iOS devices via AirPlay. Features 802.11n Wi-Fi and Apple Remote.


37 Download the rubric

38 Empower

39 Enlighten

40 Engage To... anytime, anywhere learning....

41 Encourage

42 Participate

43 Online Resources Other reviews, articles and resources: Weally Wonderful Apps V4 Gentle Technology Approach – Implementation of Technology Using iPads for Executive Functioning Using iPads with Students with ASD Using iPads with Students with Intellectual Disabilities iPads in SEN – Some Strategies Nineteen articles on “Universal Access” Weally Wonderful Websites V8 Gerry Kennedy’s Blog articles

44 Other Web Resources _udl _udl

45 Articles, Resources and Reviews Learning in Hand – Apps Evaluation Rubric Apple’s iPad manual Kate Ahern’s list of iOS Apps Tech in Special EducationTech in Special Education – a list of Apps for ASD Ocali.Org’s list of Apps OT iTool Kit App List Bookroom ReviewsBookroom Reviews – Favourite Apps for Autism

46 Sommerville Special School New ZealandSommerville Special School New Zealand - A very useful site in New Zealand where the school shares resources about iPads in this section Sue Larkey, an Autism Spectrum specialist, shares some TOP tips for using Computers and 10 Top Tips for Managing iPads. It is a PDF file.TOP tips for using Computers and 10 Top Tips for Managing iPads The SpedApps2 Wiki space created by therapists but with content relevant to all practitioners who work with students who have special needs. It includes detailed information on apps covering across a number of learning areas.SpedApps2 Wiki space The PLC have created a wiki to share hundreds of Sensory, Musical, Light, Water, Cause and Effect, Numeracy and Literacy Apps assessed and approved as useful by the SEN PLC for iPads headed by Trinity Fields School and Resource Centre. An excellent resource.PLC An excellent resource with useful informationAn excellent resource with useful information from the Apps for Children with Special Needs An article on iPads with children with developmental disabilities Note: Sources of information contained in this presentation include Wikipedia, IBM, Nokia, Motorola, Sony, iTunes and Apple Computer Inc. and Bing Images.

47 Inclusion Should not JUST be a word in a document or mission statement - but be the inherent and evidenced action and philosophy determining a school’s culture and practices.

48 Do at least ONE new thing … Act upon at least ONE new software program or device … soon. Gerry Kennedy IT Consultancy (c) March 2013 P: 03 9894 4826 M: 0411 569 840 E: Twitter: @gkict Blog entries

49 Thank you for attending.

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