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Final Thoughts Hobbit and Hellboy: There and Back Again.

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1 Final Thoughts Hobbit and Hellboy: There and Back Again

2 Main Purpose of this class To encourage you to see your self as a scholar / student who is a Christian Nothing in faith at odds with study All Truth is God’s Truth To apply the tools of study to all works of the aesthetic, especially that of the fantastic.

3 What is the Difference between these two? The Christian artist and the artist who is a Christian? The Christian scholar and the scholar who is a Christian? There is no difference in the heart of the two individuals; the difference is in the audience whom they address. Goal here is to encourage Christian scholars to look beyond the bubble of their world.

4 World View Questions Understanding who was your first teacher What does it mean to follow being a student as a Godly avocation? Coming to realize the importance that God says all is good. Gaining an understanding of archetypes. All truth is God’s truth.

5 The World View of Star Wars Yoda’s Claim – Fear leads to anger, – Anger leads to hate – Hate leads to the dark side (and evil) – Yoda leaves out the first part of the formula. Love, leads to fear—Annakin’s journey to Vader starts because he is afraid of losing first his mother and then Pademe. Buddhist thought (the basis of Star Wars) strives for enlighten disconnectedness

6 Western thought Biblical World View God is love—Love is the most powerful No need for fear since love “casts out fear.” Why? Because we are in the hands of God as are those whom we love. We do not need to fear for them. In the world of Harry Potter, Love is the most powerful of forces (saves Harry’s life) More in line with Christianity that that of Star Wars

7 Finding God’s Truth Where it is Not Expected Christmas Carol—a lot of references to Christ in the actual text. More important, the archetype of loss and reclamation—the journey of salvation is acted out. (Is also acted out in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Coleridge’s Rime of the Ancient Mariner, and in Polar Express.

8 Polar Express Depicts the two greatest inhibitor’s of faith and belief in our word. The worship by many of the scientific, empirical model—Seeing is believing (the narrator). The wounded many who believe but do not believe that the good news applies to them (Billy).

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