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Civil engineering department Graduation project (part 1)

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1 Civil engineering department Graduation project (part 1)
An-Najah national university Civil engineering department Graduation project (part 1) Construction project management Prepared by: Hibs Alhaj Hala Mahmoud Sabreen Hashesh Safa Qasem Supervisor: Eng. Hussein Abu Znt

2 What is the Project Management?
Project Management is the sum of all activities such as Planning, organising, implementing and controlling a project in order to meet the client’s expectation from start to finish within the planned period, budget and quality.

3 What is the “Project”? processes are guided through five stages:
A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service processes are guided through five stages: initiation Planning Executing Controlling and closing

4 Who is the project Manager?
A project manager goals and objectives project components quality control

5 Case study Al_Itiman company leads the taxes departments at Nablus_Mall At Rafidya. Architectural design was assigned according to the needs of taxes departments. the cost of the project is estimated about 800 thousand shekels. The budgeted cost is about 700 shekels. In the sense that there is a deficit at around 100 thousand shekels.

6 Objective of the project
value engineering works to reduce costs, this research deals with the procedures that reduce the cost of the project. The cost reduction enables the manager or the stakeholders to construct the needed project.

7 The project assumption
The following assumptions are presented bellow for the project: Value engineering should leads to minimize the budget cost 2. Other action also should lowering the cost of the project such as ; cost analysis , quantity analysis, and area reduction

8 Constraints of the project

9 Process of solving our problem
We are going to solve this problem using cost management and the study of value engineering.

10 Project methodology The main objective to enlighten the action how to reduce the budget cost. There are many methods to reduce the project cost . First to repeat the calculation of the project quantities. Second to substitute the specifications which called value engineering. Third cost analysis could make reduction to the cost . Forth area reduction for not necessary area.

11 Project methodology The proposed methodology that should be implied on the research is presented as follows: Scope Management time Management Cost Management Quality Management Communications Management Risk Management Integration Management Procurement Management Human resource management Value engineering (VA) SCOPE MANAGEMENT – Ensuring all the appropriate work within the project scope is completed and only the work within scope is being conducted TIME MANAGEMENT – Schedule Management COST MANAGEMENT – How costs are controlled and incurred costs are paid QUALITY MANAGEMENT – Quality Assurance Plan – How quality control is measured and satisfied HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – Development of the project team, reporting structure, resource capacity COMMUNICATIONS MANAGEMENT – How project communications will be handled to ensure all project stakeholders are informed RISK MANAGEMENT – Risk Management plan to have all project stakeholders in agreement on how project risks will be handled (aversion, mitigation or assumption) PROCUREMENT MANAGEMENT – Procurement process, contract processes INTEGRATION MANAGEMENT – Integration of all areas of project management to develop a cohesive project plan

12 Examination of function
Value Engineering Examination of function product Services By using Systematic method To improve Value Engineering

13 ____ so Quality Value = Cost
Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function ( performance , quality ) or reducing the cost By using VE we have a powerful proven methodology to: - Solve problems. - Reduce costs. - Improve quality. - Improve performance. Maintain intended functions.

14 Cost management The budget Planning Controlling O f Is process

15 Project cost management (PCM)
It is a method which uses technology to measure cost and productivity through the full life cycle of enterprise level projects. In general, the steps of project cost management can consider as: Resource Planning. Cost Estimating. Cost Budgeting. Cost Control.


17 Discussion and conclusion
We know that our graduation project have two parts Part 1 is project of studying basic and main principle of project management that means this part is aproject of information about our case study or engineering problem that is budget control (reducing the estimated cost )

18 part 2 is project of application for all we studied in part 1
Apply the overall cost management methods and tools to ensure minimizing the cost as possible. And Use project management software (like primavera project planner or Ms-project software) as a tool- not as a substitute for effective planning or interpersonal skills.


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