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Michelle C. Braun, SuperStar Careers How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Yoga Classes 1.

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1 Michelle C. Braun, SuperStar Careers How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Yoga Classes 1

2 2 About Me Michelle C. Braun  18 years teaching management & leadership development in Fortune 100 companies  CEO of  Yogi

3 3  SuperStar Careers helps mid-career professionals position themselves for extraordinary careers.  We provide Career Management tools, training & career coaching to help people enjoy the careers of their dreams.  Help organizations maximize their potential & improve the bottom line through Management & Leadership Excellence

4 4 Agenda  Getting to Know You  Why Facebook?  Business vs. Pleasure  Post This!  Resources

5 5 Getting To Know You Bonus Modules

6 6 About You 1.Full name 2.Why you teach 3.Expectations / Questions 4.Your comfort level with self-promotion (1 = I hate it…….10 = I love it.)

7 7 Consider This  It is your obligation to share your unique gifts with the world.  If you don’t share your talents, you’re stealing from those that can benefit – and be healed – by your skills.

8 Intention 8

9 What’s Your Intention w/ Facebook?  SuperStar Careers:  Educate, Entertain & Inspire  Vital Yoga Center  Build Community & Enlighten 9

10 Why Facebook?  Users base is growing  890 million daily active users* - globally  745 million mobile daily active users* - globally  4,545,100 NC Facebook users** - (47.9% penetration rate)  Superb ability to target customers  Easy  Sticky 10 * As of 12/2014; ** As of 3/2011

11 11 Business vs. Pleasure Bonus Modules

12 12 Don’t Make it Personal Personal ProfileBusiness Page 5,000 “ Friends ” maximumUnlimited “ Fans ” Cannot target Friends with FB adsCan target Fans with FB ads Cannot leverage business “apps”Can leverage FB business “apps” Cannot personalize URLNeed 50 page likes to customize URL Cannot create Offers /EventsCan create Offers /Events Cannot schedule posts in advanceCan schedule posts in advance About page is indexed by search engines

13 13 Post This! Bonus Modules

14 14 Goals  Get your info in their newsfeed  Drive engagement

15 15 Karma Ratio is 5:1  Provide 5 Super Valuable things before you make 1 ask  Drives engagement  Builds loyalty

16 16 Engagement: More Than a Ring  Like  Share  Comment

17 17 Pay to Play Boost PostPower Editor SimpleIncreased capabilities & complexities Analyze which posts are popular and promote those Great analytics Warns you about total budget spend BEFORE you finish boosting Works best in Google Chrome browser Organic Reach is down!

18 18 Post Types 1.Text Only 2.Photo only 3.Text plus photo 4.Links to articles with images 5.Links to videos 6.Offers/events

19 Batch & Schedule Your Posts 19

20 20 Resources Bonus Modules

21 21 Facebook Groups 1.Yoga in Charlotte Rocks! 2.Yoga Teachers in Charlotte and surrounding areas 3.Pranakriya Yoga 4.Yoga Teacher Training Schools 5.Yoga Studio Owners Kula 6.Yoga Studio Owners Strategy Group 7.Yoga Studio Owners 8.Black Yoga Teachers Alliance

22 22 Facebook-specific Resources 1.Amy 2.Online Marketing Made Easy easy/id ?mt=2 easy/id ?mt=2 3.FB Ads Policy & FB Grid Measurement tool for 5.Canva (Graphic development https://www.canva.com

23 23 FreePaid Asheville Yoga CenteriStock Okra Y2 Yoga Recipe SuperStar Careers Facebook page SuperStar Careers Inspiration Station Yoga-specific Images

24 24 Questions & Answers Bonus Modules

25 Q & A / Open Discussion

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