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LibraryLinkNJ 1 On Your Mark. Get Set. Start Planning! New Jersey State Library LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative Spring, 2011.

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1 LibraryLinkNJ 1 On Your Mark. Get Set. Start Planning! New Jersey State Library LibraryLinkNJ, the New Jersey Library Cooperative Spring, 2011

2 New Jersey Library Cooperative Review qualities of a sound plan Work on some of most common goals Implementation and follow-up Measuring success Mission and vision statements/core values Today we will…

3 New Jersey Library Cooperative Compelling Messages?

4 New Jersey Library Cooperative – What are we doing? – Why? – For whom? – Is it what they want/need? – How well? – Is it sustainable? – What should we do in the future? Did you ask the tough questions?

5 New Jersey Library Cooperative 1.Organization and delegation 2.Information gathering 3.Information analysis 4.Plan drafting, editing, approval 5.Plan distribution/promotion Five Basic Phases

6 New Jersey Library Cooperative State-of-the library overview Environmental scan of – National and local trends – Demographics – Social, economic, political, and other issues Review of research Assemble the Plan 6

7 New Jersey Library Cooperative SWOT analysis of library’s performance Goals with prioritized strategies to achieve goals Timeline Measure of success Associated budget, staffing, and facilities issues and costs Assemble the Plan 7

8 New Jersey Library Cooperative Board and staff development Advocacy Funding diversification Facilities planning Technology planning Collection development Program development Plans may include strategies for… 8

9 New Jersey Library Cooperative Customer service Adult and children’s services Cultural diversity Outreach to underserved populations Partnerships and collaboration Branding, marketing and public relations Administration and management Organizational health Plans may include strategies for… 9

10 New Jersey Library Cooperative Core Values are what the library stands for and believes in. Vision is what the library would look like in the future at its best. Mission is the promise the library makes to the community regarding what it will do now and how in general terms it keeps the promise Core Values, Mission and Vision

11 New Jersey Library Cooperative Pique interest/convey uniqueness Pithy/current/active voice/ Generate conversation Short/to the point/2-3 points Inspire, not dampen, enthusiasm Easy to read/say Memorable Focused on “Who is served what” Wins hearts and minds Effective Mission Statements

12 New Jersey Library Cooperative From the business sector The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warm, friendliness, individual pride and company spirit. Sample Mission and Vision Statements Strategic planning is worthless—unless there is first a strategic vision. -John Naisbitt

13 New Jersey Library Cooperative “A basic municipal service, Anytown Public Library provides current information, formal educational support, independent learning opportunities and life enrichment materials to a highly diverse public in a warm and welcoming atmosphere through a highly trained team of individuals committed to quality service. Case Study 1: Library Mission Statement

14 New Jersey Library Cooperative “Anytown Public Library enriches lives with resources and opportunities for life long learning and enjoyment. Our expert staff is here to help you with your information needs.” Case Study 1: Library Mission Statement Revised

15 New Jersey Library Cooperative “ The constant vision of Anytown Public Library is to provide the community with superior library services, to serve as the cultural and intellectual crossroads of our community, and to be a leader among public libraries in a changing world.” Case Study 1: Library Vision Statement

16 New Jersey Library Cooperative “Enhance. Enrich. Educate. Employ. Entertain. Enlighten.” Case Study 1: Library Vision Revised

17 New Jersey Library Cooperative The San Antonio Public Library provides equal and open access to books, information, and technology resources to promote a lifetime of reading and learning, and to contribute to the enjoyment, enlightenment, and economic vitality of our diverse and dynamic community. Case Study 2: SAPL Mission Statement

18 New Jersey Library Cooperative San Antonio Public Library changes lives through the transformative power of information, imagination, and ideas. Case Study 2: SAPL Mission Statement Revised

19 New Jersey Library Cooperative We envision a future in which San Antonio Public Library Provides assistive technologies that enable persons with disabilities to access our buildings, our collections, our programs and our services Provides programs and materials suited to every age group Takes services into the rural communities of Bexar County Takes services to Bexar County residents who are physically unable to visit a branch library Case Study 2: SAPL Vision Statement

20 New Jersey Library Cooperative San Antonio Public Library: is recognized as a premier resource for educational support, self-directed learning, and literacy. provides invaluable tools for building the community’s prosperity. is a forward thinking organization that values creativity and innovation. is a welcoming community gathering place and a cornerstone of family, cultural, and civic life. is a customer focused organization. values its staff and maximizes the potential of each employee. Case Study 2: SAPL Vision Statement Revised

21 New Jersey Library Cooperative Inclusiveness: SAPL makes rich cultural and intellectual resources available to all. Community: SAPL provides opportunities for people to meet, exchange ideas, and participate in the life of their community. Accountability: SAPL is a responsible steward of the public’s resources and trust. Collaboration:SAPL believes that more can be accomplished when partners work together toward a common goal. Respect: SAPL honors diversity, individual perspectives, and the right to privacy and confidentiality. Learning: SAPL promotes learning and literacy in all forms. Case Study 2: SAPL Core Values New

22 New Jersey Library Cooperative “Work smart” concept? Is library best organization to provide the service? Market and brand the library? Practical and actionable? “Best use” of resources? The Litmus Test

23 New Jersey Library Cooperative Address multiple goals? Provide favorable return on investment? Create opportunities for partnerships? Satisfy identified community needs? Align the library with education/lifelong learning? Position the library as central to community life? Litmus Test cont.

24 New Jersey Library Cooperative Building for the Future: Ten Strategies for Enhanced Library Services From Good to Great! A great Community Deserves a Great Library Building Bridges. Sowing Seeds. The Community Speaks: The Library Answers Building on Success The Every Town Library…the Next Chapter Build the plan around a theme

25 New Jersey Library Cooperative Realistic To the point Jargon-free Easy to read Compelling Responds to the community needs and preferences A Good Plan Is Every action is either strong or weak, and when every action is strong we are successful. -Wallace D. Wattles

26 New Jersey Library Cooperative Take too long Not a team effort No external input No allowance for time it requires Not vetted No plan for doing anything with it Unrealistic Why plans are unsuccessful

27 New Jersey Library Cooperative Promoting the Plan Friends/volunteers Community leaders General public/public meetings Website Press conference PR

28 New Jersey Library Cooperative Addresses both customers and non-customers, Has staff support, Gets funded, Is promoted, Is implemented! A successful plan… It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. -Eleanor Roosevelt

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