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Equity and Access: Academic Achievement in an Urban High School.

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1 Equity and Access: Academic Achievement in an Urban High School

2 Speakers Kirk Ankeney, Principal, San Diego High School of International Studies, CA Nirit Cohen-Vardi, College Advisor, San Diego High School of International Studies, CA Sylvia James, AVID Coordinator, San Diego High School of International Studies, CA Tonia Berman, Teacher, San Diego High School of International Studies, CA Alvarez/James/Vardi


4 Research Stanford University—Small Schools Initiative – Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Brown University—Changing Systems to Personalize Learning – Change had grown successfully in these high schools through a pattern of ongoing interaction among students, teachers, administrators, parents, and community members—all with the purpose of improving student learning. To sustain personalized learning, the whole system has to be engaged in an ongoing dialogue about improved student learning (Clarke, 2003). Educational Alliance at Brown University (LAB) Alvarez/James/Vardi

5 Catalyst for Change California Department of Education Grant – Increase the percentage of students who are accessing state grant funds for college Dr. Ann Johns, Professor Emerita – Dept. of Rhetoric & Writing Studies – AVID and San Diego State University partnership AVID focus moved from College Readiness to College Competitiveness Alvarez/James/Vardi

6 Goal and Predicted Outcome To increase the number of students accessing rigorous curriculum. – Vehicle: support classes AVID and IB Support Access + Support = Success Alvarez/James/Vardi

7 Freshman Year Student population—Resident and Magnet Application process – Accept all students that apply within deadline—No Criteria Emphasis— AVID for All – Acclamation to high school – Success in the 9 th grade year Alvarez/James/Vardi

8 AVID Methodology Cornell Notes Time Management Tutoring Socialization Inquiry Method Technology Alvarez/James/Vardi

9 Sophomore Year Increase in rigor – 80-85% of 10 th graders are in advanced classes Continued support through IB Support – Mathemagicians After school enrichment under the auspices of the math department Staffed by 6+ Seniors Tutoring Saturday sessions for GATE Enrichment College awareness—Personal Project Alvarez/James/Vardi

10 AVID Senior Seminar Jr./Sr. Alvarez/James/Vardi College Comparison Chart SAT Prep ACT Prep Essay prompts Presentations Speakers Academics Leadership paper AP US History prep Tutorials Writing Workshops/MLA Socratic Seminar Reflective statements

11 Junior Year Continued Support – IB Support—1 st semester – AVID Sr. Seminar Junior Year—2 nd semester AP US History—80% participate; 71% pass rate College Trip—AVID and AP US History Additional Support – Saturday sessions – Before, during and after school tutoring – Student lead support groups Opportunity for SAT Prep Course – Partnership with Princeton Review Alvarez/James/Vardi

12 Junior Year IB for All – Vehicle: Theory of Knowledge (TOK) for All Access to IB classes – Two year concurrency Students self select IB Diploma or IB Certificate AVID – Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) – Extended Essay (EE) IB tutorials – Teacher or peer directed sessions Alvarez/James/Vardi

13 Senior Year Continued Support – AVID Sr. Seminar Senior Year—1 st semester – IB Support College Applications and Financial Aid Webinars IB Tests – 80-85% are taking one or more IB exams – 77% pass rate Alvarez/James/Vardi

14 Compilation of Support Systems Professional Development Parent workshops – Transcripts and Articulation – College workshop – Financial aid workshop College workshops for students – College essay workshop – Financial aid workshop – Scholarship workshop College Admissions Presentations Alvarez/James/Vardi

15 Mission Statement To engage, enlighten and empower all students to live successfully in a global community. Alvarez/James/Vardi


17 AVID Grade LevelTotalAVID% AVID Senior High AVID15915698% AVID Jr. Seminar1308565.3% AVID Sr. Seminar12210586% YearNumber of IB Candidates Number of Registered Candidates Number of Exams Administered Including TOK and EE Number of Exams Administered Excluding TOK and EE Number of Exam Scores 4 thru 7 Percentage of Exams taken that scored 4 or above Number of Diploma Candidates Number of Diplomas Awarded 20102313845539729276%2917 20092212437732925176%2414 Site Data

18 Alvarez/James/Vardi

19 College Bound 91 out 106 accepted to a 4 year school86% 87 out of 106 will attend a 4 year school 82% 89 out 106 took 1 or more IB exams84% Avg. SAT I Scores: V=531, M=538,W= 547, Total=1620 Alvarez/James/Vardi

20 Acknowledgements Special thanks to Crystal Alvarez, AVID Tutor and Counseling Intern. Alvarez/James/Vardi

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