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Day 6 Time to Spread Your Wings 6 Days To Core Confidence Worksheets.

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1 Day 6 Time to Spread Your Wings 6 Days To Core Confidence Worksheets

2 Listen to the audio Day 6 and come back to this worksheet after the audio is complete

3 SUMMARY: Beware of getting pumped up when doing a program… and then losing that “magic.” We reviewed over the topics that we have gone over the last couple of days. Feel free to contact us: and (our personal Facebook) Do your best to surround yourself with similar, like-minded, positive and ambitious people who will lift you up. This is very critical. THIS IS A NEW CHAPTER IN YOUR LIFE. Cultivating confidence has a snowball effect. The more confident you become, the easier it will be to take action --- thus leading to even more confidence

4 SUMMARY: Most people are their own critic. Once you start taking action… your life can actually start getting better than you first ever imagined. As you developed your confidence, you will enlighten the people around you to be more confident and happy themselves. We believe in you.

5 Continued Growth

6 We invite you to join our core-confidence Facebook group to also further connect with us and to connect with other individuals who have also gone through this program! Here’s the link:

7 There is no exercise for the final day, but instead we have a bunch of AMAZING bonus materials for you to get more perspective on core-confidence from other masters of confidence!

8 Check out the bonus materials we have for you: Skype Interview with Steve Pavlina (Number 1 Personal Development Blogger on the Internet) Video interview with Freddy Fairhair (YouTube pranksters & Luke’s former partner on whatever) Skype Interview with Shogo Garcia (Founder of the SocialGeneration and men’s coach) Zan Perrion’s Speech from Morten Hake Summit. (One of the most powerful speeches on dating and how to connect)

9 Now you should have internalized the concepts behind True Core Confidence! What you have learned over the last 6 days will give you UNIMAGINEABLE results over your lifetime. We wish you the best of luck living your dream life! Morten & Luke

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