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Clean Energy Resources Teams Clean Energy Projects: Ideas and Examples Will Steger Summer Institute, Thursday, August 11 th, 2011.

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1 Clean Energy Resources Teams Clean Energy Projects: Ideas and Examples Will Steger Summer Institute, Thursday, August 11 th, 2011

2 Our Mission Connecting you and your community with the resources you need to identify and implement community-scale energy efficiency and renewable energy projects

3 What We’re All About Bringing people together to create change: Conservation, efficiency and renewable energy are something most folks can agree upon Everyone can take some action NOW Individual actions can scale up – to businesses, communities and beyond

4 How We Work: Our Teams Steering Committees: one per region; governing body for regional team. Regional Teams: anyone can join, anytime  Team members have broad range of backgrounds, interests, skills  Regions have unique interests based on the energy potential in the region.  All conduct education and outreach around energy efficiency, renewable energy, and how people can make a difference in their own communities.

5 What do we do? Host meetings, workshops, networking sessions Write case studies, project planning guides and people profiles Connect people to technical resources and assistance Provide seed grant funding & connections to funding opportunities Help organizing your community Spur other statewide programs

6 Learn: Online Resources

7 Community Energy Groups Photo from David Abasz

8 Connect… with resources! CERT Seed Grant Funding In four funding rounds (2006- 2010): over 100 projects! Range from community energy efficiency projects to an on-farm oil press and community wind feasibility studies… and EVERYTHING in between

9 Act: VendingMisers By installing a VendingMiser on your machine, you can potentially reduce your machine’s energy usage by as much as 46% and save up to $130 a year!

10 Holiday Light Recycling

11 In the Regions – Metro Neighborhood Energy Service Workshops in St. Paul: Education & an IMMEDIATE sign up for a home visit to receive discounted materials! 1592 homes signed-up; saving avg. of $192/home

12 In the Regions – Southeast Community, community, community: from Winona to Northfield, Mankato to Red Wing

13 In the Regions – Southwest Youth Energy Summit (YES!) involves teams of youth – 8-10 people per team – from local schools and community groups to engage in energy issues and tackle a project of their choice in their home community

14 In the Regions – Central Entrepreneurship abounds: RREAL, Solar Skies, Hunt Utilities Group, West Central Telephone Association, Silent Power

15 In the Regions – West Central “As a farmer in Graceville, near the University of Minnesota–Morris campus, I see the opportunities wind development brings to area farmers and citizens like me when I drive by the wind turbine on the Morris campus.” Chuck Walters

16 In the Regions – Northwest Northern Excellence: seed growers/processors who work together to grow seed… now collaborating to build a biomass gasifier to process waste seed hulls Crookston: Mobile Coldpress for canola and sunflowers to extract oil for fuel and/or food use

17 In the Regions – Northeast Energy Efficient Ely (E3): group of local business owners; engage on energy efficiency. Partner with local utility for commercial lighting rebate program. Driven by collaboration among MMUA, Energy Smart, CERTs and local champions

18 Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon 100 public high schools, colleges & universities From Stephen-Argyle Central High School in the Northwest Corner to Spring Grove Public School in the Southeast Saved 2-3% energy per school, $400,000 annual savings

19 Program Overview What is Schools Cutting Carbon? Three Year Project – July 2008 – June 2011 100 Minnesota high schools, colleges, and universities Engaged student leadership Measurable energy savings and $ expended Why Focus on Schools? Working with future leaders Large potential savings – schools spend as much on energy as textbooks ! 20 % of a community are its students and teachers

20 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – Changing Behaviors: Typically two types of thinking Rational –Methodical –Thoughtful Automatic –Effortless –Simple

21 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – Make the energy wise option the default –Automatic light sensors, computer settings Prompts remind the automatic system Make the rational, energy-saving actions the norm –‘More and more people are carrying reusable water bottles’ Automatic: Cater to the Automatic

22 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – Rational: What is it?  Appeal to Local Benefits  Saving Energy  Saving money  Clean air  Clean water  Wasting less  Healthier people  Healthier ecosystems  Reframe Rational: What is it?

23 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – Audience Know who it is! Appeal to their values –Pride, energy independence, youth empowerment, etc. Avoid making people feel incompetent –‘It’s ok, this is new information for many people. With a little time and practice, it will get easier.’ Avoid making people feel like they’re losing autonomy –‘You’re smart enough to decide which choice is best and here are some great options.’ Audience: Know who it is!

24 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – Give Feedback! Make hidden information visible –Measure and post success –Use Kilowatt meters Give people an opportunity to show-off Recognize and reward participants Give Feedback!

25 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – What Are Schools Doing? What Are Schools Doing?

26 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – What Are Schools Doing? Rosemount: Cooling our Heels Eden Valley Watkins: Carbon Cutting Eagles Ortonville: Local Environmental Focus Team Aitkin: Green Gobblers What Are Schools Doing?

27 Rosemount: Cooling our Heel “Cooling our Heels” will reduce the school’s carbon footprint 11% by June 2011 Total reduction of 332 tons of CO2 MN Energy Challenge 279 team members pledged to save 2.8 million pounds CO2 No cost solutions Behavior changes “Action of the Month” Energy Rangers monitor lights on/off and leave stickers Low cost solutions –quick payback (one year or less) Powerstrips, weather stripping, teacher Moodle training, Papercut software Rosemount: Cooling our Heels

28 Rosemount: Major Activities Action of the Month Vending Misers and KillAWatt Redoubling Recycling efforts Rosemount: Major Activities

29 Rosemount: Cooling our Heel Example: RHS Action of The Month- Irish Pride In Action Hike it or Bike it! Walk, bike, take the bus, rollerblade, skateboard to school Save money, Burn calories, Reduce stress Reduce greenhouse gas emissions Help lower our carbon footprint Rosemount: Cooling our Heels

30 Eden Valley Watkins: Carbon Cutting Eagles A Solar Success Story! Goal to design, fundraise, and implement a solar project YZ7519 YZ7519 1.75 MWh Produced so far! Eden Valley Watkins: Carbon Cutting Eagles

31 How they did it! Fundraising $13,900 in just 2 years from grants alone! Organizing Educating How they did it!

32 Fundraising Goal: Earn the respect of the local business community How? Only asked for donations from business related to their project Asked for material donations NEVER asked for cash donations! Recognition! Fundraising

33 Organizing Lesson Learned: Find interests and get group buy-in How? Creating student led teams organized around their interests 1.Cabinet team (construction, installation) 2.Design team 3.Publicity team 4.Floating team (help stressed out groups!) Organizing Students

34 Educating School Education Efforts Student designed curriculum incorporating the solar system into the classroom Solar Kiosk at the front entrance (TV / website) Public Education Efforts Green Fair –Attended by 80 people –Unveiling of solar pv system and tracking system –Meeker Coop presented on energy efficiency Additional Community Education Events –Two events through out the year on solar and efficiency Educating

35 Ortonville Local Environmental Focus Team Goals improve our environment improve our school’s reducing, reusing, and recycling habits, educate others about recycling and reducing energy usage raise public awareness of our efforts save our school money and reduce our carbon footprint Ortonville

36 Ortonville How? Educating our student body Weekly updates over the school’s PA System Recycling signs around school Presentations to our elementary classes Involving as many students as possible Ortonville

37 Ortonville How Continued! Computer Shut-Down by programming computers to shut down after extended periods of inactivity –free on-line software recommended by our local utility company 667 computers in the school, making sure they were all shut down results in $540 of annual savings Ortonville

38 School Projects: Aitkin Aitkin Public High School’s “Gobblers Go Green” initiatives built off of ERM walk-through include: Energy efficient lighting – in the gym and in exit signs Occupancy sensors Transportation Study – to increase carpooling for students and staff

39 MNSCC WEBSITE – MNSCC WEBSITE – What Can You Do? HomeSchools CFL’s Programmable Thermostat Recycle Compost Energy Audit Aerators Low flow showerheads Plastic over the windows Bike, walk when possible Form an Energy Committee or Sustainability Committee Kill-o-watt meters Recycling Shutting down computers Vending Misers Project Green Fleet Bike/walk to school day Revolving Loan Fund Benchmarking Get involved with CERTs! Example: What Can You Do?

40 Mn Schools Cutting Carbon

41 Connect with CERTs! Like CERTs on Facebook to stay in the loop Follow CERTs on Twitter to get timely updates Sign up for CERTs email updates

42 For More Information Joel Haskard CERTs Co-Director U of M RSDP 612-625-8759

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