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A guide in becoming a “Netizen” e-Access It is about understanding privilege of using electronic information as well as the right in having fair, safe.

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2 A guide in becoming a “Netizen”

3 e-Access It is about understanding privilege of using electronic information as well as the right in having fair, safe and reliable access There are few ways where to get the internet :  Modem  Public Internet Services such as universities  Open and Paid Wi-Fi Wireless Internet Access  Cellular phones and PDAs

4 Instill the Right Attitudes Appreciate the digital facilities Do not misuse the facilities Do not vandalize Internet kiosks Do not overwhelm the bandwidth Be responsible Should not spread incorrect information Do not condemn others in the cyber world Should be sensitive towards other races and ethnics


6 e-Literate Is it the skill in using technology and knowing when and when not and how to use it appropriately. It emphasizes on how online behaviour can produce major consequences offline. Internet enables us to perform various tasks and activities daily via the applications. Different applications can perform different tasks depending on what objective an application is created.

7 How can you trust internet resources?  Check whether the website is from a renown company  Call the company itself to confirm the website  Compared the prices from the website with the company  Make sure the website’s URL begins with “https”  There should be a lock icon somewhere in the website page


9 e-Rule It is defines as governing communication and tecnology use including respect for ownership and authorship. Everything that a man created will have it’s own positive and negative impacts. Same goes to the application of internet. There are various types of crime that can be commited for many reasons with the use of technology, also known as “cyber crimes”.

10 Examples of cyber crimes Internet Banking Fraud 1,191 Internet banking fraud cases detected in M'sia Jan-June ( my/news/story.asp?file= /2009/12/9/business/20 091209142618&sec=bus iness) my/news/story.asp?file= /2009/12/9/business/20 091209142618&sec=bus iness Harassment Man Sentenced for Internet Harassment (http://crime.a nline/a/web_h arass.htm)http://crime.a nline/a/web_h arass.htm Intrusion Russian Computer Hacker Indicted in California ( news/2012/04/13/a _4345165.shtml) news/2012/04/13/a _4345165.shtml

11 Negative Impacts of Cyber Crimes If a company’s disclosed financial information is leaked, it can be used by another party to steal the company’s money from it’s account. Loss of revenue The security together with IT department have to waste their time trying to find and solve security breaches that exists as a result of the cyber crimes Waste of Valuable Time In the Wikileaks case, reputations of many countries were damaged as their private and confidential information /discussion were leaked. Damaged Reputation Companies will have to take appropriate actions to prevent future damage after the first case, thus, the employers will be distracted from their work routine Reduced productiyity

12 Property Infringments and Legal Rights Software piracy – One software is being shared or copied by many users but only one license agreement was paid. Freeware – Can download, copy, pass or use the the software without payment for a license Shareware – It is free for a limited period of time EULA (End User License Agreement) – Can install the software on a computer but prohibited from sharing it with other computer.


14 e-Safety It is about actions and best practices for Netizens to protect their personal safety and the security of their networks. There are many types of threat that can come from the internet. It exists in various forms and may be present without you knowing it.

15 Common forms of Digital Security Breach Identity Theft Three Indicted in Identity-Theft Case (http://www.washingtonpost.c om/wp- dyn/content/article/2009/08/1 7/AR2009081701915.html)http://www.washingtonpost.c om/wp- dyn/content/article/2009/08/1 7/AR2009081701915.html Internet Predator Man arrested in Internet predator case ( 20120326/NEWS/303260038/Man- arrested-Internet-predator-case) 20120326/NEWS/303260038/Man- arrested-Internet-predator-case Cyber Bullying Student guilty in gay cyber-bullying case ( -03-18/us-student-guilty-in-gay- webcam-suicide-case/3895924) -03-18/us-student-guilty-in-gay- webcam-suicide-case/3895924 Phishing Emails Three phishing cases lodged in a day (http://www.mid- Cyber-crime-Three-phishing-cases- lodged-in-a-day.htm)http://www.mid- Cyber-crime-Three-phishing-cases- lodged-in-a-day.htm

16 How to permenantly erase the data from an old computer?  To donate If you wish to donate the old computer to another party, a shredder software can be purchased to permenantly erase the data on the hard drive.  To dispose If you wish to dispose the old computer, first, you need to dismantle the computer. Second, take out the hard drive. Third, physically destroy or damage the hard drive * This is very important to avoid your personal data from falling into the wrong person that may use the information to commit a crime.


18 e-Interaction & Collaboration It is about the exchange and sharing of information using digital systems and the importance of having humility, loyal and respect for others when communicating. Since the internet enables communication digitally without the other person to be face-to-face, there are basic rules that should be remembered when communicating online to preserve good relationship with others. Use the right language Treat people the same as if they are in front of you Don’t encourage a fight if things get heated up

19 Misuse of Technology Case study : Mom: MySpace Hoax Led to Daughter's Suicide (,2933,312018,00.html),2933,312018,00.html Utilising social networking site for the wrong reasons Case study : Blogger faces up to 2 years in jail for critising Russian Orthodox church ( Writing blogs to spread hatred Case Study : Woman who killed toddler in texting-while- driving case pleads no contest ( who-killed-toddler-in-texting-while-driving-/nD5dm/) who-killed-toddler-in-texting-while-driving-/nD5dm/ Jeopardizing safety when texting while driving Case study : Mother works to stop exploitation of child for online hoax ( online/article_0edbe450-6293-5de6-b258-3dfeb5094f39.html) online/article_0edbe450-6293-5de6-b258-3dfeb5094f39.html Spreading hoaxes via text messages and emails


21 e-Enterprise It is about business conducted online using any internet-based application. It is created to enlighten on proper online buying behaviours, channels as well as the policies to perform a secure online transaction. e-Enterprise is just another way of how the internet can ease the human life. Nowadays, all the payments or groceries-shopping can be done online as the banks and companies are coping with the technologies of the 21 st centuries to escalate their business. However, catious must be taken to avoid unlucky incidents.

22 Types of internet transaction Online Shopping Try to acquire the trader’s complete details Use a website that provide secure payment (padlock icon = encryption) Verify with the company after the transaction has been performed. Double-check whether the company has a privacy statement that tells you what they are doing with your personal information. Online Banking Don‘t give away your passwords, card numbers and Personal Identification Number (PIN). Ensure that the page you are performing your transaction has encryption. Use a firewall Make sure that you install and constantly update your security updates (automatic update should be beneficial)

23 Identifying Affairs when Conductiong Transactions over the Internet Credit Card Fraud There are 3 types : theft of the card, counterfeiting and card- not-present fraud. Shred all documents containing informations on your credit card. When paying, give the card straight to to cashier. If your credit card is stolen, immediate report to the police should be done. Avoid giving credit card informations to others. Impulse Buying It is an unplanned or spontaneous purchase. Withdraw just enough money to buy whats needed. Make a list of the needed stuffs only. Do not surf around the mall or window-shopping. Jot down the expenses to observe the money flow.


25 e-Care It is about physical and psychological well-being in a digital world. Having the internet to cater your every need allow you to just sit back and relax in your home while performing all the daily routine (business, shopping, socializing and paying bills) through online. But with that, there are issues that need to be taken care of to ensure the health of your physical, mental and social behaviour.


27 Exercise to stretch the muscles and improve blood circulation


29 e-Accountability It is about the privileges and responsibilities of all users together with ethical behaviors that come with it. It is also includes credibility and integrity of online content and rational thinking about what is right or wrong. Every internet user should understand that they have responsibility to be ethical towards others and also, there are needs to govern the system to ensure that the welfare and rights of the users themselves are well-protected. Thus, laws and legislations are regulated so that objectives above are attained.


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