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It’s Time for Beer! (The best long drink in the World) The World of Beer Appreciation Simon Jackson The Beer Academy.

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1 It’s Time for Beer! (The best long drink in the World) The World of Beer Appreciation Simon Jackson The Beer Academy

2 It’s Time for Beer! (in moderation naturally) Preamble Glass half full? Options for the Brewing sector

3 Preamble Recent history Current market dynamics What is the consumers view?

4 Changes in a Mature Market Actual UK beer market: ale & lager Lager has become the most popular beer type at the expense of ale and stout and now accounts for 74% of the UK market Source

5 Changes in a Mature Market Source The UK beer market: on/off trade On-trade - fallen by 50% as take-home consumption accelerates. Off- trade now account for 50% of UK beer sales

6 Changes in a Mature Market The UK beer market: brewery rationalisation Source

7 Changes in a Mature Market Source The UK beer market: the competition!

8 8 Why has beer consumption fallen so dramatically in recent years … Source: BBPA million barrels

9 9 … here and in other mature markets Source: BBPA UK litres per head

10 10 Have brewers lost touch with this generation? Source: National Statistics/BBPA

11 Consumers view Plenty of evidence that consumers are on the cusp of significant changes in their preferences – Pete Browns Cask Report shows that Cask Beer is gaining share and value share – SIBA Industry report underlines this remarkable progress Consumers are interested in choice, variety and innovation – Beer as a natural accompaniment to food and as a naturally moderate drink is creating traction with consumers – The wonderful range of beer styles excites consumers BUT……

12 12 We have failed to communicate the wholesomeness of beer … Source: ComRes Beer and Wholesomeness

13 13 … in a social occasion … Source: ComRes Beer and Sociability

14 14 We need to reconnect with consumers as in the past …

15 15 Good work has started, but we still have a long way to go …

16 SIBA Proud of Beer! What a great film!

17 Beer, the natural choice?

18 18 Key Q: - Will the next generation enjoy beer and pubs? Source: National Statistics/BBPA million barrels

19 Scale of change 1979 - 42 Million Barrels 2010 - 27 Million Barrels – That’s a decline of 36%! – In the last 18 months 8 Million Barrels brewing capacity closed with the loss of circa 800 jobs – Despite wonderful success of local craft beer the total market is still in decline

20 Beer and Pubs If the ‘Pub if the Hub’ – Then ‘Beer is the Heart’ Fewer pubs means fewer on trade beer drinking occasions – So with fewer pubs we need to re focus on the role of beer in pubs and reposition it as the favourite long alcoholic beverage – And as a beverage that suits all consumers and consumer occasions – the wonderful variety of beer styles where there is a beer for everyone and for every occasion


22 Glass half full? – mine is Crikey it’s still a big market! The renaissance of local craft beer is impressive – The SIBA Industry Report says it all! Have other long alcoholic drinks run out of steam? Recent positive examples of marketing built on provenance and human dimensions (Beer brewed by brewers!) demonstrates a shift of marketing approach

23 Green shoots to mighty Oaks There is at this very moment a clear window of opportunity A cross sector determination to highlight the positive beer story is required This is not an ‘of the moment’ strategy – it will need commitment in the medium to long term Beer is beer is beer- one big market, many sub markets and opportunities- there is room for everyone Golden rule – why knock your competitors beer offering when there are plenty of outsiders doing it for far more damaging reasons? Your fellow brewer is part of the solution – not part of the problem – The overall dramatic fall in the total market is a problem for all brewers


25 Options for the sector Get behind a simple message that everyone in the sector uses – What is the new ‘Beer is Best’ strap line? – ‘Proud of Beer’ Work together on non competitive communication with consumers and decision makers Talk up variety, styles, beer & food, beer for every occasion Attract new consumer groups – 52% of the population drink only 12 - 18% of the beer Get behind educational resources that will serve to educate and enthuse consumers – That’s what the Beer Academy does! – The Beer Academy trained over 2000 candidates during 2010 – The Wine and Spirits Education Trust trained 15,000!

26 Beer Academy Industry Training Beer, beautiful beer! Want to learn more about it? How beer is made; what makes it different; how to taste it professionally; how to enjoy it with food; how to present it and much, much more? Well, welcome to the Beer Academy because our aim is to help people understand, appreciate and enjoy beer sensibly - and have fun! We offer a range of courses, tastings and events tailored specially to your needs and expectations. Educate, entertain and enthuse about beer - that's what we do at the Beer Academy. Come and join us! Key words; – Educate, enthuse, passion, celebrate choice and variety, inform, enlighten…..

27 Beer Academy Education 90 minute tastings as various venues – Next few events include It’s time for beer – Meantime Beer! Beautiful Belgian Beers May is Mild Month Old World Ales v New World Ales Uncle Sam’s Ales Half day ‘How to judge Beer’ Course One Day Foundation Course Two Day Advanced Course




31 Conclusions We are where we are- the future is bright if we show combined leadership about the image of beer Talking with one voice is vital Educating consumers is mission critical There is a window of opportunity –those green shoots must not wither It is ‘Time for Beer’ Carpe Diem ! Carpe Hordeum Vulgare !

32 Thank you To Jonathan Neame for material first presented at IBC 2010 Various others for data sources Beer Genie for photographs SIBA for inviting me to speak You for loving beer!

33 Thank you

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